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Mule deer hunts usually start at about $2,000, and more hunts are offered under $5,500 than over. Some mule deer hunting offers on BookYourHunt.com that go over $10,000, but they are usually a package deal in combination with hunts for elk, antelope, or other species Management Mule Deer Hunt: $2000 Management Mule Deer / Antelope Hunting Combo: $3500. Our need is your opportunity. To keep in line with our Quality Deer Management philosophy we offer management mule deer hunts which allow us to cull bucks of any age with poor or undesirable genetics Premium Mule Deer Hunts Under $2000 in Nebraska Now is the time to start planning and booking your 2012 hunts to ensure you get the best dates and guaranteed tags. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, we have the trophy quality you are looking for and prices everyone can afford

Price: Around $2,000. South Dakota Mule Deer. Not only is there an abundance of mule deer in South Dakota, but there's also an abundance in public land, and with reliable populations and relatively light hunting pressure, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get a mule deer without breaking the bank. Why It Made the Lis A moose hunt for under $2,000 is impossible, right? Wrong. Be flexible on antler size and hunt the Last Frontier. Hunt #4: South Dakota Mule Deer. Solid muley bucks certainly exist in South Dakota, and there is abundant public land, relatively light hunting pressure, reliable populations, and decent trophy potential.. • Mule Deer and Elk Rifle Combo Hunts: $7,500 (7 days, Unit 11, 22, 23) • Late Season Cow Elk Hunt: $2,000 for 3 days of guided hunting, must draw tag. April 1st deadline to book and apply, includes meals and lodging. Hunt in October and November texas deer hunts under $2,000. You can Hunt Aoudad Sheep on a Mule Deer Hunt but there is a 2500.00 Harvest Fee. We maintain a strict quality management control program to ensure a large quantity of healthy bucks, so you can have a successful hunt here at our ranches in Texas. Aoudad Sheep Hunts: $3500.00 plus $1500.00 Harvest Fee If you prefer a great hunt on tens of thousands of low fence acres, a nice deer camp, and good food then we're your place. Any low fence deer we have is priced below $2000, and we have so much acreage there is a great one hiding out there that is for you. Whitetail deer hunting, in our opinion is a ritual to be celebrated

Deer Meadows has 20+ years of Sandhills mule deer hunting experience. Our unique year-round management and knowledge of deer movement results in bigger deer and higher success rates. Along with mule deer hunts, Deer Meadows also offers Whitetail and Antelope hunts 4 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt $6,495.00 Per 6 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt $7,795.00 Per. Bag Limit: 1 Mature Mule Deer Buck. 1 Javelina. This hunt will be timed to target the rut in early January after the regular season has closed. You will use a special state issued tag and not the one on your license for this hunt 2nd Rifle Season - Mule Deer. (Mule Deer tag by Draw Only) 1st 5 days of season: Oct.30- November 3, 2021. $5500. $2000. 3rd Rifle Season - Combo Hunt. (Combo Hunt by Draw Only) 1st 5 days of season: November 13-17, 2021. $6000 The mule deer grow quite large, and it is not uncommon for a deer to exceed 325 pounds in weight fully dressed out. Our Guided Mule Deer Hunts. Our mule deer love the high country! Given the size and range of the mule deer in our area, using horses and mules is a must to cover ground and access the best habitats Estes Park Outfitters offers a wide range of opportunities to hunt quality mule deer bucks. For the do-it-yourself kind of person that likes to rough it try one of our drop camps. Either location offers excellent hunting opportunities! Unit 29 is easy to draw your deer license every year

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Rattlesnake Hills Camp Hunts Click here for detailed information about these hunts. Trophy Mule Deer Hunts: Archery or Rifle - 5 full days: $4,500.00: Trophy Pronghorn Antelope Hunts: Archery or Rifle - 3 full days: $2,000.0 Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Antelope, Elk, and Turkey . WYOMING ANTELOPE.....$2000. WYOMING MULE DEER...$2000. WYOMING WHITETAIL....From $1200 for Party Hunts. COMBINATION MULE DEER/ANTELOPE..$2400. CALL OR EMAIL FOR DATES...LIMITED DATES. AVAILABLE . ALL HUNTS ARE CONDUCTED BY 4x4 AND FOO Alberta -- Mule Deer. Trophy archery mule deer in our south camp in mid to late September at $6225 with all licenses, tags and taxes included. Can add Whitetail for $500 and Black Bear for $400. Trophy rifle hunts for mule deer in our trophy only zone in mid to late November at $7225 with all licenses, tags and taxes included Mule Deer Hunts; Mule Deer and Antelope Combination Hunts, 4 Day Hunt $2800 2x1 Guide Service. CALL NOW WITH YOUR DATES. GET YOUR HUNT BOOKED TODAY!! CALL US TO GET IN ON THESE HUNTS FOR 2019 AS AVAILABILITY IS VERY LIMITED!! 406-490-607

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Re: The best hunting rifle....for $2000 - 05/02/10. If buying new I would get an FN stainless classic M70 fwt and an Edge compact for it. I would even have enough left for a VX-3 2.5-8 on top. If you prefer older, find a nice Pre-64 fwt M70 in 270 or 30-06 and do it up the same. That's exactly what I use Premium Mule Deer Hunts Under $2000 in Nebraska. Now is the time to start planning and booking your 2012 hunts to ensure you get the best dates and guaranteed tags. Whether you are a begi.. 5 Day Archery Mule Deer / Antelope Combo - $6000 2×1 and $6850 1×1. 4 Day Rifle Hunts - $4250 2×1 guided or $4550 1×1 guided (mid-Nov.) 4 Day Muzzleloader Hunts - $3975 2×1 guided or $4275 1×1 guided (Dec. 1 -31) Can also be done as a mule deer / whitetail two-buck hunt for $8500. See Hunt #37-MDWD

Kiowa's ranch provides you the opportunity to hunt for and to take 300 B&C class bulls. This ranch consistently produces this quality of bull. Kiowa provides hunts on this ranch for archery and rifle. Colorado offers across the counter licenses for archery hunt. In 2020 we had a 100% draw for all hunters that booked with us on the second. $2,000. Select Does. $250 * Based on Boone and Crockett calculations * All prices are subject to change * Based on Boone and Crockett calculations * All prices subject to change. Hunter Packages & Fees. 3- or 4-Day Hunt. This is our top-of-the-line South Texas deer hunting package. For $1,500, this option includes cozy accommodations, hearty.

Whitetail Deer Trophy Fees. Whitetail Management Buck: $2,500 Trophy Fee is in addition to $250 per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. Non-hunting guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $100 per day which covers lodging, meals and amenities as well Buck Horn Outfitters has been providing quality guided Idaho Elk hunting for generations. Our Elk and Mule deer hunts are done from our remote back country camps. We ride horseback from Yellow Pine Idaho to prime hunting areas. Our Bulls are everything from a spike to a 7 by 7 , most of our hunters come home with a large 5 by 5 or 6 by 6 bull Booking a Hunt. A $1,000 deposit is required on all hunts. All deposits are non-refundable except in case of subsequent death or incapacitating illness/injury of client prior to hunt. Balance due 30 days prior to hunt date if paying by check. Cash or cashiers check accepted on arrival

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  1. Hunters who can shoot well, and are in good physical condition usually harvest their elk the first morning. Cost of this hunt is $2000 plus license and tag costs of $390. The second hunt takes place near Paradise, UT on the West Canyon Ranch. This is a guaranteed hunt that takes place on a 3,000 acre high fenced ranch
  2. MULE DEER HUNTING PRICES. We share your passion for New Mexico Big Game hunting and offer these services: • Semi-guided 2 day New Mexico Mule Deer hunting (Affordable for any budget) - $2,000. • Fully guided 5 day New Mexico Mule Deer hunting with base camp options starting - $3,500. • Full Service 5 day New Mexico Mule Deer hunting
  3. g Mule deer hunts require a $2,000 deposit, combo hunts require 3,000, with the balance due upon arrival. License drawing deadline is May 31, after this date, deposits are non-refundable. If for some reason you are unsuccessful in drawing a license in WY, your deposit will be fully refunded
  4. Deposit: $1,500 of the total hunt cost including taxes is required with a signed contract at time of reservation ($2,000 deposit for Unit 76 hunts). Deposit is non-refundable. Final balance and all completed paperwork are required 30 days prior to scheduled hunt start date
  5. g Pronghorns Is One of the Most Affordable Hunting Trips in the U.S. Colorado and Wyo

3 day/4 night hunt for $2,500, includes guided hunt on 25,000 acres, lodging, meals, transportation to and from the field, and assistance with field dressing and caping. Archery mule deer hunts are $2,000 and the state archery deer tag is a guaranteed draw. Archery white-tail deer hunts are $1,500. Folan Ranch We offer some of the finest elk and deer hunting in Northwest Colorado. 2021 Trespass Hunt Fees. 2nd Season 10/30-11/07. $1700 per hunter. 3rd Season 11/13-11/19. $1700 per hunter. 4th Season 11/24-11/28. $1100 per hunter. Antelope. Varies . We have limited openings for Trespass Hunts during the 2021 Seaso The Hunt: On your Montana Mule Deer hunt you can expect to see 20-30 mule deer a day under normal weather conditions. The rut peaks about November 10 and lasts through the season. Guide/Hunter Ratio: All mule deer hunts are guided on a 2 or 3 on 1 basis unless special arrangements are made prior to your hunt Book a D-I-Y Cheap Hunting Trip with Pre-Screened Hunting Guides and Outfitters. Antelope Hunting. Cheap Self-Guided Whitetail Deer Hunting - We offer a great selection of Cheap Semi and Self-Guided Whitetail Deer hunts, 12 in total. Cheap (price relative to guided hunts) Whitetail Deer hunts from reputable whitetail deer guides and outfitters in Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Ontario. The current price for this license is $25 for residents (Annual Hunting) and $75 for non-residents (5 day non-resident hunting). IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A HUNT WITH NO HIDDEN FEES WHERE YOU CAN JUST COME AND ENJOY THE HUNT, NO MERCY IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! These Hunts are from elevated stands or blinds over feeders or spot and stalk

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Hunting will be done on foot from all spike camps but with a call to the wrangler for a pack out. Guided trophy Mule Deer hunting in Unit 68 Colorado, the Rio Grande National Forest, and La Garita Wilderness. Unit 68 is a sleeper unit for great mule deer. From high country bow hunts to 3 rd and 4 th season trophy rut hunts we have you covered. Broken into two 4 day hunts October 30th - Nov 2nd and Nov 4th - 7th $3,500 4 day bull hunt $4,500 4 day bull/cow combo hunt $1,600 4 day cow elk hunt $2,000 4 day deer hunt only $1,300 4 day bear hunt if animal taken 3rd Season Elk Over the Counter License November 13th-19th $5,200 7 day bull hunt $7,700 7 day elk/deer combo hunt $2,000 per person (2nd Rifle Season) $1,900 per person (Archery, Muzzle & 3rd Rifle Seasons) Guided Hunting: Our mountain guides are knowledgeable hunters and are very committed to providing you a successful hunt. You will be provided with a horse, game packing, and guide service for a five day hunt Elk. Mule Deer. DIY Drop camp Hunt. Rifle Elk, Deer, and Bear Combo Hunt / less than 4 hunters, price per hunter $2,260. Rifle Elk, Deer, and Bear Combo Hunt / 4-6 hunters, price per hunter $1,965. We offer the best hunting and fishing guide services in Idaho. Our Idaho hunting guide services and Idaho fishing guide services allow you to make.

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Trophy New Mexico Big Game Hunting Outfitter - Since 1992. Thank you for visiting our website! Successful New Mexico elk hunting begins when you choose your New Mexico big game outfitter. Since 1992 H&A Outfitters, Inc. has been specializing in professional New Mexico big game hunts for elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, mountain lion and black bear Lobo Outfitters offers a range of big game hunting adventures. Elk, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Big Horn Sheep, and Turkey. Pagosa Springs, Colorado. or Mule Deer. More on NM ELK. $2,000 per person Our hunting territory encompasses steep, rugged terrain. On average hunters can expect to ride up to 5 hours in the saddle and hike 10 miles per day. However, hiking and riding times will vary with each hunt. For example, hunters after mule deer may spend 7 to 10 hours riding if we lack the snow to push them down from the mountain tops We have partnered with Eastern Plains Outfitters to provide guiding services to our hunting guests. They have exclusive access to guide on over 25,000 acres of BLM as well as Bar Star Ranch's private land. Eastern Plains Outfitters has a true passion of helping guests achieve the opportunity of taking a great Colorado elk, mule deer, or antelope


OHIO TROPHY WHITETAIL HUNTS ARCHERY GUN MUZZLELOADER on PRIVATE PROPERTIES. $1,500.00. Free local pickup. or Best Offer. 39 watchers. Watch. WV deer hunting lease for 2018 season. Tons of deer, black bear and wild turkey. $1,200.00 Below are our current rates for our Texas Whitetail Hunts. Daily Fee is $250 Per Day- All inclusive Guide, Lodging, and Meals/Drinks. Hunts are 1x1 or 2x1 Guided, depending on group size and hunt. We Specialize in Corporate and Group Hunts. We can work with you to meet whatever needs you have

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  1. Youth Only Hunting Opportunities in New Mexico: New Mexico offers some of the very best opportunities for youth hunters (under 18) to enjoy the experience of hunting a trophy mule deer, elk, antelope or free range oryx, ibex and even bighorn sheep. These are special seasons for youth hunters only, and are often at the best time of the year.
  2. One Whitetail doe or spike buck, one turkey hen, and unlimited wild hogs. $1,250. The Whitetail buck harvested on this three day fully-guided hunt is decided by your guide. Typically it will be 7 points or less, and is inferior to the gene pool of our trophy Whitetail. $2,250
  3. HnH Huntin. Whitetail. 6000 acre Low Fence Ranch in Menard County. 1 Mature Whitetail Trophy, 1 Cull Buck,2 Does includes meals, guides and lodging. $3250.00 per man. $300.00 to add a spouse or child and they may shoot off of your package - kids under 16. Management Hunt
  4. g and the largest pronghorn antelope outfitter in North America. We lease more than 750,000 acres of the best big game habitat in Wyo
  5. g guided hunting trips and contact us for more information. Antelope Mule Deer Black Bear. Mountain Lion (Cougar) Elk Whitetai
  6. Colorado Elk Camp Offers Elk Hunting Trips, Guided Archery Elk Hunts, Mule Deer Hunts and More! Inquire Today By Calling 970-560-3746
  7. You will hunt during the rut and experience big bulls as they charge in responding to bugles and cow calls. Exclusive hunt on all private land. This is a 5 day hunt with 2 days of travel. Hunter may choose to add mule deer, antelope, and black bear to the hunt. Archery elk hunting is the very reason this outfitter founded his guiding business

I live in Wyoming, grew up in Eastern Oregon, and will do various backpack-style mountain hunts with this rifle. I also wanted to make sure it was a lighter-weight setup while retaining shootability, preferably weighing in around 8 pounds scoped. Lastly, this rifle needed to stay under $2,000 fully scoped and modified in a sub-MOA guaranteed. There are more than 1.3 million licensed hunters in Texas who welcome a great opportunity to hunt big games like White-tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Javelina, and Alligators throughout the year. Most of the hunting leases provide leverage to the hunters to bring their dogs for hunting rabbits, hares, squirrel fur bearing animals, predators, and game. Hunting Trips . Drop Camps. Rates. Two hunters: $2000.00 per person. Three hunters: $1800 per person. Four or more hunters: $1600.00 per person. Base Camp Guided Hunts (two on one) Elk or Mule Deer. Rates. $5000.00 per person. Combo Elk and Mule Deer. Rates $6000.00 per person (Additional hunt days $300.00 per day

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Elk and deer guided hunts with lodging. We offer amazing guided-hunts for elk and deer with lodgings included for less than some D.I.Y. hunts. Our rates include: • Guided Hunt For a 2 on 1 Hunt is Only - $1295 per person. • Guided Hunt For a 1 on 1 Hunt is Only - $1695 per person Fallow Deer Hunting All-Inclusive rates: Weekday Hunting Package $1,000. Weekend Hunting Package $1,250. Additional Non-Hunting Guests $300/night. Our All-Inclusive Fallow Deer Hunting Package Includes all of the Above as well as the Following. * 3 days/2 Nights of Lodging (additional nights $500/night mule deer hunt 5 days. From $2,000.00 to $3,500.00. Foothill Rd • We are constantly looking for the toughest of all deer hunts, the California Blacktail Deer. We have just added the 37,500 acre Dye Creek Preserve to our lineup. Dye Creek offers a late G-1 season typically opening in late October and running 9 days through the first.

Once a year I would pack up my gear and hunt the Wyoming Rocky Mountains for mule deer. The point here is that I needed a flexible rifle that could do the work of both open country and timber style deer hunting. I should add that my age I have hunted whitetail deer for almost 70 years to date, I shot my first deer at age nine with a captured WW. Rifle Elk Hunts in New Mexico. Our private land or public land rifle elk hunts offer opportunities at 300+ trophy bulls with 350+ bulls a possibility. Hunters should be comfortable at shots from 200 to 400 yards. The hunting consists of spot and stalk or ambush hunting from blinds. Our seasoned guides know every inch of the terrain and will do. However, I told them that area has a history of producing nice bucks, the rut may go, and we are driving 1500 miles anyway. I wanted to be in the game. The pre-rut was well under way once we got there, and we were seeing a bunch of 4x4 bucks. I tagged an elk day one, then I took a 5x6 mule deer on day 3. Maybe the mule deer of a lifetime

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Elite Outfitters. Deer, Bear, Elk, Moose, Sheep, Mt. Lion Hunts. From $3,000.00 to $6,000.00. Utah, United States • We love the outdoors and the thrill of a Black Bear hunt, especially when following a pack of well trained hounds. We have been raising and training hounds for Black Bear Hunting for over 20 years hunting 2018 Trophy Whitetail Deer buck Hunt PA Guided. $500.00. Free local pickup. or Best Offer. 24 watchers. Watch. 1700ac. private land hunting Durango Colorado. Season or year leases. $500.00 HUNTING SEASON DATES AND RATES. Drop camp hunt prices range from $800.00 to $2000.00/client. Guided Oregon elk and mule deer hunt prices vary. The are dictated by tag availability, number of hunters, length of hunt, and physical difficulty. Hunt prices may be eligible for a discount depending on number of hunters in the party

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IMB Outfitters classifies the hunting of whitetail deer in five categories which include Nonrut Archery, Prerut Achery, Rut Archery, 1st Gun, 2nd Gun, and Late Muzzleloader. Crossbow hunting is also allowed in these States during archery and firearms season. All archery hunts are 5 days long, while firearm hunts are generally 4 days long Picking Up The Best Deer Hunting Rifle Under $2000 There are plenty of articles on the internet talking about the types of deer rifles. Hunters have come up with their numerous questions on the best rifle for hunting deer available in the market or the different types of it DONATION: 6-day mule deer, whitetail, and bear hunt for 1 hunter in Southern British Columbia. Elk can be added, contact outfitter for additional pricing. DATES: 2021 or 2022 September or October. ADDITIONAL HUNTERS: $10,000. ADDITIONAL NON-HUNTERS: $2,000. AMENITIES INCLUDED: Food, bedding, towels, Wi-Fi, cell phone/landlines, and satellite TV

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Under the Sportsmen's Rights Act (Parks and Wildlife Code, §62.0125), harassment of hunters, trappers, or anglers is punishable by a fine of $200 to $2,000 and/or 180 days in jail. Hunter Orange Hunter orange is recommended for hunter safety but is not required while hunting on private property Colorado mule deer poachers guilty and face $24,000 fine. The mule deer buck that was poached. Photo courtesy: Colorado Parks and Wildlife. A Moffet County outfitter and two nonresident hunters from Mississippi have pleaded guilty to poaching a trophy mule deer during Colorado's third rifle season. The men were linked to the illegal activity. One 4-5 day Mule deer or whitetail deer hunt on private land south of Rushville Nebraska right on the deer super highway called the Niobrara river which is a high traffic corridor for deer year round but hunting the November rut we need street lights to stop the deer so no hunters get run over is $ 2000 reduced down to an unheard of price of $1395 Buffalo Basin. $4995 per hunt. Mule Deer. 2nd, 3rd Seasons. 4 day hunt. Combo Deer/Elk - $8500 (3rd Season Only) Unit42. No Meals or Lodging Included If you are hunting alone you are responsible for the size of deer that is killed. One thirty to 140 class deer are $2000. One fourty to 150 class are $3000. One fifty too 170 deer are $4500. 170 Class Whitetail and above when available are individually priced. They start at $5000 Tips are not included but appreciated. Please call

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Pricing TROPHY BUCK HUNTS . Trophy buck hunts - $2750 (1-4 Hunters) $2500 (5-9 Hunters) $2000 (10 or more Hunters) A buck of the Hunter's Choice and 1 management doe (October and November hunts do not include a management doe), and 1 turkey (if available). (All animals included in this package must be taken by single trophy hunter Predator Hunting. UnGuided Hunt. $150.00/Hunter/Day. Whitetail Deer Scoring 140+ Boone and Crocket will be accessed a $500.00 trophy fee. Mule Deer Scoring 150+ Boone and Crocket will be accessed a $500.00 trophy fee. Contact us for Custom Hunting Packages on All Types of Hunts. Prices May Vary Depending on Size of Group and Days Hunted World Record Class Sambar Deer Hunt - $8950. World Record Bongo Hunt - $35,000. *Trophy Fees are in addition to $250 per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. Non-hunting guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $100 per day which covers lodging, meals and amenities as well. To Book your Hunt, Please call us at (830)367-7611, or. We believe we have access to some of the best ranches to in Sonora for Desert Sheep, Mule Deer and Coues Deer in Sonora. Island hunts are available on an extremely limited basis. Hunting season in Sonora runs from November 1 - mid-February for Deer, and through March 15 for Desert Sheep. These hunts are very limited and generally booked up to.

We can hunt mule deer anytime from Sept 17 to Nov 30 and we have chosen the best dates, Sept 17 to 30 and Nov 8 to 30. Either hunt can be great with weather probably being the biggest factor. In most places the rut really is the best time to hunt but in our area the September hunts can be just as good, surprisingly some years it is better than. Additional days available as season permits for $600 per day per hunter ($700 per day for Unit 76 hunts). Deposit: $1,500 of the total hunt cost including taxes and a signed contract is required at the time of reservation ($2,000 deposit for Unit 76 hunts). The deposit is non-refundable 2018 Fully Guided Rifle, Muzzleloader & Archery Trophy Mule Deer Hunts on Private Property with Guaranteed Landowner Deer Vouchers. 2021 Colorado Unit 33 Unit Wide 3rd Rifle Season Landowner Deer Vouchers, Price $2,000 each, 3 available. Contact Land Manager: Ben Brown Cell # 801-499-4986 All hunts are five days unless noted otherwise. Arrival is the day before the hunt and departure is the day after the hunt, for total of seven days. Hunt Provisions: Hunts include elk and mule deer (all mule deer licenses are drawing only). License fees are not included. One guide per two guests, unless otherwise requested 3900 +/- Acres. Great Mule Deer hunting ranch, one of the best in this area. Good deer numbers, good trophy Desert Mule Deer, Blue Quail and Javelina. We saw over 40 head of mule deer in less than two hours while on this ranch. Lots of nice terrain on this ranch with some nice smaller mountains with deep draws and arroyos, to some level areas Western Mule Deer Hunting, Cattle. View this farm for sale with 201.6 acres by Bledsoe in Cochran County, Texas 79371. Contact Monty Edwards of M Edwards Realty and Land to learn more about this farm. FARMFLIP #27810