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The Study of Ancient Egypt - Drama. Subject: Drama. Strand: Drama to explore feelings, knowledge and ideas, leading to understanding. Strand Unit: Exploring and Making Drama. I will be teaching three Drama lessons on Ancient Egypt over a period of three weeks, one lesson of duration one hour each week. I will develop the lessons structurally. Drama: Ancient Egypt - Akhenaten. This exemplar outlines a lesson John Fines taught to a class of Year 3 children. He was visiting them for the first time to do some drama work. The children already knew a great deal about the Ancient Egyptians and were also used to learning through drama This is a creative Drama lesson drawing on the factual knowledge of ancient Egyptian culture and beliefs. The lesson includes various musical suggestions to enhance the Drama. Key Drama skills are occupational mime, mantle of the expert, ritual, improvisation, suspense and tension, group work For Ancient Egypt: These are original lesson plans, classroom activities, interactive activities, review activities, and concluding activities and projects written by us and by other teachers for ancient Egypt. Our Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities for Ancient Egypt: Daily Life: Stump the Audience, 1-2 class periods, group activit

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Ancient Egypt - KQ5 Part 2 - After-life lesson KS2 Understanding the Book of the Dead: from page to stage Using simple drama techniques to make a very old document come alive, this lesson involves pupils becoming the characters in the pictures of the Book of the Dead so that they can personalise what is going on Lesson(s): 1 Topic: Introduction to Egypt and unit IRP Connections: A1, A3 Learning Outcome: - To have students begin to inquire, explore, and discuss more about ancient Egypt Activities / Tasks: Hook: - Play 20 Questions (use Egypt or a related word such as pyramid or mummy Share Pie Corbett's Ancient Egyptian adventure story with your KS2 class, then follow his lesson plan for developing English skills. Using the activities, you'll develop vocabulary, explore synonyms and deepen children's comprehension and understanding of the author's intent 399. $3.00. PDF. Ancient Egypt Potato Mummy Lab Activity by Miss Middle School Teacher This is a great lab to use in tandem with a lesson on ancient Egyptian mummification, as an introduction to the mummification process, or as an extension activity for students needing enrichment opportunities. The ancient Egyptia Ancient Egypt for Teachers. Activities and Projects for Ancient Egypt. Lesson Plans and Units for Ancient Egypt. Vocabulary Lists and Interactives with definitions. Videoclips, Cartoons, Documentaries about Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt Free Presentations in PowerPoint format. Games: Free Interactive online for Kids to learn more about Ancient Egypt

Creative Drama lesson about social and laborer. If the lesson is intended to support a specific Social Studies curriculum, I make sure the prominent social roles of that society are represented, and that I am aware of those roles which will be especially difficult to conceptualize. (For example, ancient Egypt had slaves, kings, teachers. Lesson plans and classroom resources for KS2 introducing the Ancient Egypt topic. This Egyptians history lesson is free to download and is part of our popular planning unit of 10 lessons for primary schools Year 5 and Year 6 children learn about the Ancient Egyptians and the historians who discovered and studied them in this UKS2 topic. Study the Pharaohs, their pyramids and their mythology. Understand how the Nile allowed the Ancient Egyptian civilisation to flourish, and examine daily life, comparing it to our own Ancient Egypt Scheme of Work (plus resources) This is a set of plans for an Ancient Egypt unit. It's taught in Year 4 at our school. I've uploaded as much of the resources and plans that I can without infringing on copywrite - I've had to leave out various videos (which can be purchased/replaced with something - lots were from a 'What the.

Teaching Ideas for an Egyptian Day! Learn about Ancient Egypt by having an Egyptian Day in your classroom! Our post has plenty of cross-curricular ideas to try with your children. View. 5 - 11 Our lesson plans come with a collection of supplementary materials and useful links on the subject, as well as downloadable handouts, assessments, keys and much more. Ptolemaic Dynasty in Ancient Egypt. We have prepared one lesson plan including classroom activities... Lesson Pack Ancient Egypt teaching resources Lesson 1 - Ancient Egypt Homework Project (give before holidays) Lesson 2 - Ancient Egypt Terminology Lesson 3 - Ancient Egypt Timeline Lesson 4 - Why the River Nile was Important Lesson 5 - Online Activities on Ancient Egypt Lesson 6 - Comparing Anglo-Saxons and Ancient Egyptians Lesson 7 - Comparing Ancient Egypt and Modern Britain Lesson 8 - Hieroglyphic

Drama. Graphic Arts. Instrumental Music. Music. Visual Arts. Vocal Music. This Ancient Egypt printable activity can be used after the completed lesson was taught about ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. The PowerPoint lesson and guided notes that go along with this assessment have everything you need to teach about the first Egyptian pharaohs. ANCIENT EGYPT Lesson Plans for Teachers. Sponsored by the Detroit Institute of Art, the site offers elementary and middle school teachers cross-curricular lesson plans for enriching the study of Ancient Egypt. Students can write their names using hieroglyphs, construct a canopic jar, create an equation quilt, participate in an Egyptian market. Teacher in role (TiR) is an invaluable technique for shaping the dramatic process and developing students' learning. Simply put, the teacher or facilitator assumes a role in relation to the pupils. This may be as a leader, an equal, or a low-status role - whatever is useful in the development of the lesson. The teacher [ Egyptian Gods and Goddesses: Ptah. For Students 5th - 6th. In this social studies worksheet, students describe four aspects of Ptah, Egyptian God. Students draw a picture and include information about who he ruled and why he was important to the Egyptians. Get Free Access See Review The civilizations of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome are among the most engaging of teaching themes. This week, Education World presents five lessons for teaching about those ancient cultures. The lessons challenge students to use and translate hieroglyphics, solve math problems using Roman numerals, learn about gods and goddesses, explore the.

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plan (528K) Setting: Ancient Egypt, 1500 B.C. Activities: Students use their knowledge of gods and goddesses to make trading cards in Egyptian Trading Cards, and create a picture postcard with hieroglyphics in Postcard to Your Mummy. Related Episode: Tut Tut. Ancient Babylon Lesson Plan (588K) Setting: Babylon, 580 B.C Well, these Egyptian activities can assist you in planning exciting and immersive history lessons for KS2. A fascinating topic, your children will love learning about the pyramids, the pharaohs, and the gods of Ancient Egypt. These activities encompass these exciting topics. From crafts and colouring pages, to teaching packs and board games. Luther. Snippet Lesson Plan for the Sale of Indulgences in the Middle Ages Using Two Film Clips from the Movie Luther (World/Middle Ages; Religions/Christianity) [12+; Two clips from the film lasting about 12 minutes

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  1. Greek Pots lesson plan, classroom activity. Greek pottery freebie for download - FREE. Olympic Games Urn - printout activity, have students put their favorite sport on their vase (can also be used for daily life) For Teachers: Ancient Greek Drama, Music, Theatre, Literature lessons and activities. Ancient Greek drama and theatre lesson plans.
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  3. e the elements of drama to develop an appreciation and understanding of the genre. In this lesson students read, analyze, discuss, and review a dramatic selection. Get Free Access See Review
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  1. Mr. Donn's Daily Life in Ancient Greece includes a few Ancient History Lesson Ideas by Mrs. Donn for elementary school students and Lesson Plans by Mr. Donn which include a simulation which asks.
  2. The Egyptian Cinderella Literacy Pack £3.99 The Egyptian Cinderella Literacy Pack contains a complete unit of wor k for Years 3/4, with full lesson plans and pupil resources based on the book 'The Egyptian Cinderella' by Shirley Climo.. The ten lessons in this unit aim to give children the opportunity to read and listen to the story of The Egyptian Cinderella a number of times in order to.
  3. Our Ancient Egypt lesson plan introduces and summarizes Ancient Egypt and includes an overview of the culture and its impact on future civilizations. Students will be especially interested in the pyramids, daily life, hieroglyphics, and other aspects of the Egyptian culture. During this lesson, students are asked to tell the difference between.
  4. This K-2 unit begins with a look at the physical geography of Egypt, specifically the Nile River, as well as the culture and beliefs associated with the ancient Egyptians. In the Ancient Egypt unit, students learn that in ancient times, Egypt depended on the yearly flooding of the Nile. The Nile valley provided abundant resources that allowed.
  5. This lesson provides an overview of ancient Egyptian civilization. Objectives • To be able to identify some of the historical contributions of ancient Egypt. • To be able to describe the way of life in ancient Egypt. • To be able to describe the importance of the Nile River. Suggested Grades 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade . Excerp
  6. Ancient Egypt. This list consists of lesson plans, activities and ideas to support the teaching of science through the topic of Ancient Egypt. It contains ideas for how to link science to the topic, tips on using the resources, suggestions for further use and background subject knowledge to support teachers in delivering the science objectives through this topic
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Teaching Ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations KS2 Ancient Egypt Outstanding Lessons. Our Y4 pupils loved the lessons this year (July 2020) The lesson helps to cover a range of aspects of the topic including pyramids, the afterlife, gods and pharaohs. And pupils will love working out what the mystery object is Egypt Lesson Plans Lesson plans/activities on Ancient Egypt - A thematic unit for elementary students. Exploring Ancient World Cultures This site has informational resources on the ancient cultures of the Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greeze, the Roman Empire, the Islamic World, and Medieval Europe 1.) Introduction / 2.) Idea / 3.) Preparation / 4.) Playwriting / 5.) Rehearsal / 6.) Performance / 7.) Post Mortem / Appendix 1--Brainstorms / Appendix 2--The Play. How the Fourth Grade and I Wrote a Play Matt Buchanan. Introduction I recently had an experience with my students that I think is worth sharing with other teachers Farming in ancient Egypt. A simple PowerPoint to introduce and discuss, using wall paintings as evidence, followed by a worksheet for children who need guidance in presenting what they have learnt. Report this resource to let us know if it violates our terms and conditions Drama can play a spontaneous part in lessons, be a focal element in part of the course, or take the central role in a topic. It can be done by groups or the whole class. Drama works best if it is set in a specific historical context. There are three strands involved: the identity/roles of the people involved in the situation; the time and place.

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Download this Ancient Egyptians KS2 topic for Year 3/4 packed full of ancient Egypt activities and projects to immerse your class in the history of Egypt An introduction to Ancient Egypt. Travel back in time thousands of year to the banks of the Nile, where you can learn all about the amazing people and places of Ancient Egypt This lesson introduces students to the writing, art, and religious beliefs of ancient Egypt through hieroglyphs, one of the oldest writing systems in the world, and through tomb paintings. Hieroglyphs consist of pictures of familiar objects that represent sounds. They were used in ancient Egypt from about 3100 BCE to 400 CE Ancient Egypt Timeline. Here is a timeline beginning c. 3000 BC when the city of Memphis was founded. It's covers all important events in Ancient Egypt ending in 1922 when Howard Carter found King Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt Get students excited about ancient history with these printable worksheets for Mythology: The Gods, Heroes, and Monsters. Use a lesson that provides students with an opportunity to compare and contrast by observing and analyzing. Test students' knowledge of ancient Greece with this multiple-choice history quiz

From map worksheets which detail famous cities and landmarks of Egypt to social triangle activities designed to expand students' knowledge of ancient Egyptian society, we have everything you need to deliver a comprehensive lesson to your Year 3-6 primary children. Plus, all of our worksheets are easily printable A Pharaoh was the most important and powerful person in Egypt and was considered to be half-man, half-God. They were the political and religious leader of the Egyptian people. Facts about Egyptian Pharaohs for children:Pharaohs built themselves elaborate tombs as they believed it would help them live will in the afterlife.Only Pharaohs could make sacred offerings to the gods, and. For Teachers. Concluding Activity: Alexander the Great and Johnny Appleseed (classroom activity and lesson idea to transition 6th grade units, from Greece to Rome) To emphasize apples and the Greeks, close class with the Greek myth: King Tantalus Forehead Facts: Concluding Activity or Test Review: First, brainstorm with your class things that made them think of ancient Greece 4th Grade Social Studies and History Lesson Plans Resources. Students will understand how latitude and longitude are used to identify places on a map. After introduction to a family tree website, students are inspired to research their own family histories. Explore the negative and positive sides of conflict, and discuss with your students how.

Ancient Egypt Unit . Module #4 . mdaleysavo@klschools.org . Estimated time for this lesson 3-4 class periods of 60 minutes each . Introduction: This lesson is part of a larger module focusing on Egyptian Writing and literature. Prior to this lesson, students will have been given background information on the development of Egyptia It also is an entre into a study of Alexandria, Egypt, second only to Rome in its importance to the Ancient world. TWM's Lesson Plan on Ancient Alexandria, Hypatia, and the Decline of Greco-Roman Civilization — using the Film Agora will help teachers bring out the film's strengths and correct for its weaknesses Teachers.Net features free social studies lesson plans and lesson plans for social studies teachers. Discover printables, worksheets, thematic units, elementary lesson plans. Free teaching materials and educational resources for elementary teachers This is a rich teacher resource about ancient China. It contains 15 background information sheets; 11 lesson plans for whole-class discussions to introduce particular topics; four inquiry grid worksheets for gathering information; and nine follow-up lesson plans for activities that extend the content. The staff room resource.

Lesson 1 - Journey To Mali By: Mary Alice Liscomb, Returned Peace Corps Mali Volunteer, Third Grade Teacher for Page County Public Schools Standards of Learning History and Social Science 3.4 (2015) - The students will describe the oral traditions (storytelling), government (kings), and economic development (trade) of the early West African. Drama in the Renaissance East Meets West in Renaissance Literature Ancient Egypt - Gods and Pharaohs Ancient Egypt - History Egypt - Geography Italy - Culture Lesson Plans, and Worksheets Back to School Graphic Organizers Alphabet Worksheets Sight Words Math Worksheet

Ask the student to use his or her feet to pull himself across the room on the chair. Point out that the student puts his feet in front of himself and pulls them back to move forward. Ask the students how weight would impact the pulling (for example, if you put a stack of books on top of the student). Explain that this is how people row boats Some of our courses are designed to cover a wide range of grade levels, while others are geared toward a specific grade. If you feel your student is not ready for a particular subject or is too advanced for something that is offered, please refer to our Grade Level Chart to explore all the courses available on SchoolhouseTeachers.com and the grade level designated for each Unit 5: Ancient Greece. Ranch View Middle School / Teams/Departments / 7 Arctic Wolves / Mrs. Carson's Social Studies / Unit Handouts & Materials / Unit 5: Ancient Greece. Here is where you can find resources, assignments, and activities we have done to learn about Ancient Greece! WARM-UPS. You are responsible for making up warm-ups Rivendell Educational Archive has moved its resources Some of the sections have been taken offline because they no longer provide useful information, while others have been updated, expanded, and moved to separate sites

1. Familiarize yourself with the INSERT technique and symbols using the INSERT poster.Another recommended resource is the book Guided Comprehension: A Teaching Model for Grades 3-8 by Maureen McLaughlin and Mary Beth Allen.: 2. Access the School Specialty Intervention Lesson Pack: Ancient Egypt and King Tut's Tomb and read the passages on The Great Pyramid and Mummies Use this Twinkl Move Lesson Pack to teach children how to create a range of shapes and three and four-point balances to represent icons from ancient Egypt. The pack contains a lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation, assessment material and videos, which have been designed to support and develop a range of gymnastics skills Ancient Egypt. Ancient Greece. Ancient Rome. Aztecs. An Gorta Mór / The Great Famine. Titanic. World War I. World War II. Literacy (defined reading comprehension strategies) Ethics and education. English language learners. Early childhood education. Drama lesson plans and resources for the primary years. Religious education. Cultural diversity.

Find Classroom Lesson Plan. Search a wide range of information from across the web with smartsearchresults.com A you-tube clip of the song 'Walk like an Egyptian' by the bangles. Teaching Ideas: The children could do Egyptian poses at the start of a drama lesson. The children walk around the room- to music 'Walk like an Egyptian'. Children must pose when the music stops in a suitable 'Egyptian Pose' The mystery of Howard Carter and the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen gives the study of Ancient Egypt a brand new twist. Legend has it a curse was bestowed upon Carter and his expedition, leading to mysterious illnesses and early deaths You see, back in ancient Egypt, the Israelites had been slaves for nearly 400 years, and now it was time for them to leave and go to the land that God had promised to give their ancestors. So, God sent a messenger to the ruler of Egypt Pharaoh. God sent Moses (his handpicked and trusted messenger) to tell Pharaoh, Let my people go As can be seen in the sources and resources section of this lesson plan, numerous sources exist on the history of beauty and many of these sources could be described as contemporary publications. seventeenth century, eighteenth century, nineteenth century, and twentieth century in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Near East, Ancient Judah, Ancient.

Lesson Objectives: Students will: 1. Participate in brainstorming what they already know about life in ancient Rome and what they think would be interesting to learn. 2. Take part in a discussion about Roman social classes and create a graphic organizer illustrating each social class and its characteristics. 3 Ancient Egypt is a fascinating subject for children, who love to learn about the Sphinx, the pyramids, the tombs, and mummification (and all the gory details of how it was done!) You will find many ideas to explore the theme below, as well as printables to use in your school and home projects, and links to keep the kids amused when you have run out of Activity Village activities

Ancient Greece, and raises a great army. ï ï ð . Alexander defeats the King Darius III, the powerful Persian King, and claims control of the Persian Empire. the world's greatest library there. ï ï î . Alexander conquers Egypt in North Africa, and has himself proclaimed son of God and 'master of the universe' by the Egyptian Priests Plans; Courses Courses. Lesson 13 - Ancient Egyptian Architecture: History, Characteristics & Influences Lesson 2 - Japanese Literature, Art & Drama of the 9th-10th Centuries Take Quiz. Earth. Suggest that the students plan a clean up day once or twice a month of the school yard, or if possible to participate in a gardening project. This will allow the students some extra time to spend outside. Other ways to get outside and learning are to plan a walk to a nearby park or trail area, or even around the block Welcome to Walk Through the Ancient World™! This program is designed to allow your students to actively participate in a rich retelling of ancient history. Through storytelling, games, and drama, history will come alive! Discover Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome through an imaginary tour of the ancient civilizations

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Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities by teachers - Designed for elementary, middle school, and high school. Each activity can be adjusted for any grade. Ancient China, 6 lessons, designed for grade 2 but great ideas for grades 2-6, free download, Core Knowledg Pirate Archaeology. International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Pirate Unit Plan. Pirate Theme Unit Suggested Songs. A-Z Kids Stuff - Pirates. Pirates, Pieces of Eight, and Pacific Nights (yale) Online - Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stevenson. Free Presentations about Pirates in PowerPoint format. Free Clipart

Drama/Stagecraft/Stories. Literature Circles. Library Lesson Plans. Reading Skills. Book Reports. Graphic Organizers. Free Reading Hour Lesson Plans & Activities for Tots, Toddlers, Preschool. Free Clip Ar The social structure of ancient Egypt can be sorted into a social pyramid. At the top of the social pyramid was the pharaoh with the government officials, nobles and priests below him/her. The third tier consisted of the scribes and soldiers with the middle class in the fourth level. Peasants were the fifth tier of society with slaves making up. Ancient Africa Lesson Plans (multiple lessons and days, plans for the entire unit) Colonial Africa - The Scramble for Africa - Simulation. European Imperialism, The Scamble for Africa - lesson, video. African Craft Ideas for Kids. Paraphrasing - Timbuktu in Your Own Words- interactive lesson Ancient Mesopotamia: Translators Needed: Apply Within (Cuneiform Lesson Plan) Ancient Egypt: Stump the Audience, 1-2 class periods, group activity, Daily Life. Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh's Fun House Concluding Activity. Ancient Egypt: Egypt Bingo Review game. Ancient Greece: Ancient Greek Olympics Mini-Unit: A Simulation for the Classroom (3-5 days. Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, China, and Japan are only a few places where slavery had once been legal. As European explorers discovered new lands in the fifteenth century, they gathered treasures in the forms of spices, minerals, goods, and people. Find more lesson plans and activities like these in our History Category

Lesson Plans Fairs Historical drama in Roman Egypt of philosophy and math professor, Hypatia of Alexandria R 2009 A sci-fi film about discovering a planet whose inahbitants speak a variation of Ancient Egyptian and worship the god Ra PG-13 1994 Classic Films Rating Yea Ancient Egypt and the Middle East 7 Lessons include over 40 engaging activities. Ancient Greek drama tells us about the society at the time. 328. Lesson 29

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FAST FACTS. Area. 386,662 square miles, just over half the size of Alaska. Cairo is the capital and largest city in Egypt. Population. 84.5 million (U.S. is 308.7 million) Two-thirds of the world's Arabs live in Egypt. Large share of the population is under 30. Jobs Drama/Stagecraft/Stories. Literature Circles. Teaching Economics Using Literature. Story Elements. Library Lesson Plans. Other Literature Lesson Plans. See Also: A-Z Index by Book Titles (Presentations) Free Clip Ar Ancient Calendars. Birthday Cake Cones. Here's a great birthday party idea for home or school. Make a cake recipe as usual. Fill ice cream cones 3/4 full with the cake mix. Bake per directions on the cake mix. Decorate with icing or however you wish. For Teachers Birthday Lesson Plans & Activities. Birthdays Mini-Unit. Birthday Lesson Plan with.

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Unit 6: Ancient Rome. Ranch View Middle School / Teams/Departments / 7 Arctic Wolves / Mrs. Carson's Social Studies / Unit Handouts & Materials / Unit 6: Ancient Rome. All assignments and activities for our Ancient Rome unit can be found by scrolling to the end of the page This lesson plan explores Marvin Thompson's 'The Fruit of the Spirit is Love (Galatians 5:22)', which won first prize in the National Poetry Competition 2020. In this resource, produced by Teacher Trailblazer Noor Wafa, students are encouraged to think about how we form an identity, and what it means to belong, in the context of race and. Teach Starter offers a range of time-saving, educational teaching resources for primary school teachers. Download unit and lesson plans, educational posters, classroom games and activities, worksheets and more A comprehensive collection of History teaching resources. This collection includes a large selection of educational resources such as posters, worksheets, lesson plans, assessment pieces, inquiry tasks, comprehension texts and more! Within this History category, you will find resources that support the teaching of American history, Ancient history, including Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome. Share My Lesson is a destination for educators who dedicate their time and professional expertise to provide the best education for students everywhere. Share My Lesson members contribute content, share ideas, get educated on the topics that matter, online, 24/7

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Growth in the West The Nation Grows World War I, The Great War The Roaring 20s The Great Depression World War II Slavery in America Segregation for Kids - Civil Right Music. Ancient China for Kids. Archaeologists unearthed a flute in China that is about 8,000 years old. Music has always been a part of the ancient Chinese culture. Music in ancient China was used for pleasure, religious ceremonies, announcements, dance, entertainment, and to match or blend with the sounds of nature American Industry in WW1, converting civilian production to war goods, lesson plan (Donn) Wilson's 14 Points, lesson plan (Donn) The Treaty of Versailles, classroom simulation, group activity, roll playing (Donn) Lesson Plans & Units for Teaching WW1 by other teachers - Can you stop the war?, Using Primary Documents, and mor (PDF art lesson plans are added to the club, inside bundles, every month of the year.) Bundles are inspired by Artists, Art Periods or Themes and feature curriculum connections to science, nature, history and cultural studies.Not only that, our lessons require only easily accessible materials and are designed to be used with a wide range of ages, from 5 to 12 years The Prince Of Egypt film premiered in 1998, with a voice cast which included Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Stewart, Helen Mirren - and more. This new stage adaptation of the film originally premiered at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley (where it won the 2019 Regional Theatre Tony Award) and.

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Learn about mummification and explore objects from ancient Egypt, including a worker figurine and amulets that would have helped to provision the deceased for the afterlife. From our collection This Egyptian shabti is from 380-342 BC, a small human figure representing a person who would perform a given task for the deceased in the afterlife The Peloponnesian War. The Greek victories over the Persians in the fifth century before the Common Era led to an expansion of Greek culture we now call the Golden Age of Greece. During this period of political stability, democracy flourished in Athens under a revered leader named Pericles. The Greeks also made advancements in art, drama, poetry and philosophy Remembering God's Awesome Acts Vol. 1. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings. ( 2 customer reviews) $20.00 - $35.00. Volume 1 of Susan Mortimer's Create-a-Notebook Series: Adam to Moses. • Study history to understand the Bible! Ur - Sumer - Egypt. • Study the Bible to understand history

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Resources for Instruction. SOL Institutes - Presentations & lessons available for 2017, 2016 and 2012. History and Social Science Standards of Learning Crosswalk Between the 2015 and 2008 Standards. -This is a Word document. (Word) - Provides detail on additions, deletions and changes included in the 2015 History and Social Science SOL

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