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  1. istry. YWAM Lakeside Debriefing Ministry continues to serve missionaries in many different organizations, pastors.
  2. In YWAM: YWAM Foundational Value #10 is to function in teams. At YWAM Orlando, students and staff are encouraged to ask difficult questions, present doubts, hold leadership and peers accountable to Biblical standards of living, and put forward creative solutions to problems. 2
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  4. An Exit Interview is a form of debriefing mostly used when someone is leaving service with one YWAM centre, or the mission entirely. It has twin uses in that it helps bring closure for the staff member but it also can be very helpful for revealing hidden problems or potential at the centre

Re-entry orientation (debriefing before leaving YWAM) The time for evaluation, tying up loose ends, and gaining perspective of their time with YWAM is crucial to the way the missionary leaves. Questions for Interviewing Returning Missionaries. One of the things we can do to help a returning missionary is to be available to listen as they. No matter what you're teaching, every learner can benefit from asking reflective questions at the end of their journey. We have a list of 15 here that are pretty much the only ones they'll ever need. If you know about Solution Fluency, then you know all about the 6Ds— Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver, and of course, Debrief

The DTS is a five month long course with two phases! During the Lecture Phase, students spend time in lectures, worship, intercession, local evangelism, and many other activities. Our staff and the campus community help students to develop discipline in their personal prayer lives and their study habits. For the second phase of DTS, students. Finding your Place after your Short-Term Mission Trip. You've just taken a huge step of faith. You've spent two months in a completely different country and culture. You've eaten who knows what, said Hello and Good-bye in a new language to unforgettable faces, ridden buses that formally would have been considered sub-standard, and had the. We are physically located in France, only 15 minutes from the Geneva, Switzerland airport: 2067 Route de Tutegny. 01170 Cessy, France. Tel: +33 (0)450.28.03.81 Week 1: Called to a Body, YWAM Family and community ACTIVITY / CONTENTUnderstanding YWAM / DTS. Community living and practicing one another passages. Right and healthy relationships as we live and learn together. Importance of ownership and personal responsibility in one on ones, personal growth. At the end of your outreach, you will return to YWAM Salem and debrief for one week. Your graduation will be held on Thursday evening during debrief week from 6:30-8:30pm. Your family and friends are welcome to attend! You should plan on leaving YWAM Salem on the Friday after graduation. You are responsible to arrange your travel home from YWAM.

Thank You! Thank you for ordering from YWAM Publishing. When you order from us, you're doing more than getting quality Christian materials. You are helping children and adults around the world through vital missions programs. YWAM Publishing is part of the YWAM global family of ministries YWAM was created to equip and send young people into the nations, but as long as you are 17 years old or older with having completed high school (or have a GED), you can apply! There are some DTS's that specifically focus on providing mission training for families or older students When debriefing the outreach the team should take time to pray for the outreach location, the nation and individuals impacted during the outreach. When debriefing the outreach, team members should be given time to process and share what they have learned and consider how best to continue putting these things into practice once the DTS is over questions. Bring tracts in Spanish! Discipleship - Working with local churches and Christians in the area of discipleship. Spanish Bibles, books and discipleship material is much needed! Bible Distribution - This is a nation wide effort led by YWAM to place a Bible in every home in Costa Rica. There are 1.3 million homes in Costa Rica In addition to the normal DTS curriculum, we will participate in Niko (a wilderness training program), learn principles of apologetics and cross-cultural behavior and research (learn how to strategically ask questions and gather information). The schools are separated into three sections: Training Phase, Field Assignment and Debrief Phase

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The idea of a YWAM DTS differs from other Christian program in many ways. First, continue reading through our FAQ to find answers to your undoubtedly many questions. Second, read Debi's article Parenting a YWAMer to hear first-hand lessons from a YWAM mom Lausanne is located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, but English is the the main language we use to communicate on the base. So French fluency is not necessary to take a school here. When we go to the city for local outreach, we encounter many French speakers so it good to know some French Debrief & Re-entry. After the outreach there will be one week of debrief to help you get everything that God is wanting to teach you out of the DTS. Then we will have one more week of lectures to help prepare you for your next step and to live the most fruitful life you can wherever God is calling you next. Other School Elements. Vibrant. FEB 4TH, 2022 - April 29TH, 2022 / Cape Town, South Afric Harvest DTS is a 5 month program where people from all backgrounds can pursue a deeper personal relationship with God while experiencing Christian community. The program consists of two phases; lecture and outreach. The 12 weeks of lectures are themed with the nature and character of God, Bible study, prayer, godly relationships, evangelism.

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Dan Lake is originally from New Zealand, and served with YWAM for 8 years. He has served in England, and Taiwan before joining the Montana family. He's taught in 14 nations, mostly in DTS and churches. He is passionate about teaching, discipleship and leadership. He is married to Heather, whom he met during his School of Biblical Studies Debriefing: A Simple Matter of Listening. Change, crisis, injustice, loss, feeling stuck. Everyone experiences these at some point in life, including missionaries. Because MBI's goal is to help YWAM missionaries thrive, we offer spiritual debriefing to assist them in making sense of the things that happen in life and in mission service If someone is unable to reach you in the dorm and would like to call the office, or if there are questions that need to be answered by campus missionary members, the office phone number can be used (8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday) PHONE: 1 (406) 844-2221. EMAIL: frontdesk@ywammontana.org Debrief. By the time outreach ends, you will have seen and experienced a lot of new things. This is why many DTSes hold a debrief time at the end of outreach. It is a time to regroup, share stories of how God moved, and process what God did through you and others during the DTS. It's also a time to explore your next steps after DTS Debrief By the time outreach ends, you will have seen and experienced a lot of new things. This is why we always have a debrief time at the end of outreach. It is a time to regroup, share stories of how God moved, and process what God did through you and others during the DTS. It's also a time to explore your next steps after DTS

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  1. Before returning home, conduct first Debriefing session (p.29) 3 Post-trip - first week home Hold first Post-trip Team Meeting (Debriefing) (p.31) Write Trip Report (leaders and team members) (p.31) Communicate with supporters - thank you notes (p.31) Plan Post-trip presentations (p.31) Share your story with others (p.31
  2. Starting in 2001, YWAM Thailand, through leader Stephen Goode, invested $62,090. Goode also invested $250,000 in personal funds. Through YWAM connections, an American businessman invested funds from the sale of his business and then encouraged 12 other people to invest a total of $400,000. All of this money is gone
  3. Missionary Member Agreement/Questions. At the bottom of the Missionary Member Agreement/Questions form will be an option to pay your Application Fee. Please check the appropriate box and click Submit. You will be transferred to PayPal where you can complete the transaction. If you have any questions during this process, please contact.
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  5. WHAT. The Discipleship Training School is an intensive training program aimed for young adults (18-35yrs) made up of two parts: the lecture phase in the beautiful city of Helsinki, and an outreach abroad. During the 10 week lecture phase, we will focus on knowing God, His world, and our place in it.We will be hearing from different teachers each week from both Finland & Abroad
  6. g to this course! The LDC is designed to create an environment where YWAM leaders can understand the ways of God in their own development in order to help develop, motivate and release others into leadership with a foundation on spiritual, servant-oriented.
  7. Classroom time is a chance to build friendships and dig deeper into the questions we all have. Practical Service. A key part of character development is serving those around us. A part of every DTS is working to keep the YWAM community functioning, while teaching teamwork and dedication

The Member Care Circle is an Area Circle that, first of all, loves to see all our locations having good Member Care for our staff and leaders. We provide Member Care for the whole area overall, and love to help and supplement local teams. We also do debriefing and member care on a more general level for care that isn't able to happen on local level. Our goal is to see YWAMers flourish, grow. A final time of debriefing will take place once teams have returned. UofN Accreditation The Discipleship Training School at YWAM Jacksonville is affiliated with the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii AUDIOBOOK: INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURES SERIES Sunrise in the Valley of Death God's Love and Transformation in Yeme The DTS outreach phase will give you the chance to apply the principles you learned during your DTS lecture phase. You can put all of your new perspective into action by sharing God's truth in different places all around the world. The goal is to share the love of God which you have experienced in your own life

Do a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) YWAM's foundational missionary training course. First, you'll spend 3 months getting to know God alongside a vibrant Christian community and the inspiring beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Then you'll embark on a life-changing 2.5 month overseas missions trip, focused on making God known DTS is designed to encourage you to develop in personal character, cultivate a living relationship with God, and identify your unique individual gifts and callings. The cross-cultural exposure and global awareness that you find in this school will prepare you to answer the current and future generations' call to Whatever the reason, we can accommodate guests seeking self-directed retreats of 1 to 2 days or up to 5 days. Please check with our Hospitality Department for room availability and use our Contact tab for specific questions or concerns. Presently, we are able to offer individuals personal prayer counselling, debrief and some limited spiritual. YWAM's Mission Adventures programs provide full-service outreach trips for youth groups. Our experienced staff will take care of all the details of your trip. We cover all the bases—food, housing, transportation, ministry planning, translation, supplies and everything else so your youth group leader can actually be a pastor instead of an.

The 5 day Radiant Life Debrief Retreat is a personal or couple debrief done in one of our debrief teams homes. Typical arrival is Sunday evening with a shared meal together to get to know each other. Monday through Thursday we will gather each morning to process your story. Using the same debrief curriculum that we use in the 9 day Do you debrief families? Please email us directly to discuss your needs. Do you have cell service? We have coverage in the Flathead Valley. Verizon is the strongest. Will there be WiFi? There will be WiFi available @ no charge. Is there a Gym available? If you are staying at YWAM accommodations then there is a small gym available to you

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The goal of a Discipleship Training School (DTS) is to encourage committed Christians into a deeper personal relationship with the Lord, thus equipping them to serve Him in whatever capacity he calls them to. It is also an introduction to the values of YWAM and a chance to explore the opportunities we can offer to develop a calling into missions. The training students receive and the. Medical DTS, University of the Nations, 75-5851 Kuakini Highway, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, US This month we continue our Spiritual Principles from YWAM's Early Days 4-Part series on the topic Holy Living with Lynn Green. Thank you for joining us this month as we take up The Invitation and join together with YWAMers from around the world as we pray and hear from God

Debrief: 6 - 10 January 2014 It is also an introduction to the values of YWAM and a chance to explore the opportunities we can offer to develop a calling into missions. followed by small groups where issues raised can be discussed and questions can be answered YWAm Chico Family Ministry Open your heart and welcome the joy of having a family together on mission. Family Ministries at YWAM Chico desires to Encourage, Equip & Empower Families. Our ministry encompasses staff families, student families, and families in Chico, in California, and internationally. We want to equip families to minister together, including their kids [

Debrief. At the end of the year, all YFG participants return to the UK for the Debrief Week, which is held at the YWAM Derby base in England.The aim of debriefing is to give you tools to process your experience and set apart some time to do this. During the week there is teaching on topics such as re-entry, reverse culture shock, telling your story and opportunity to give feedback and to think. WHAT IS A YWAM DTS? The Discipleship Training School (DTS) at YWAM Asheville is an opportunity for you to wholeheartedly pursue Jesus. A YWAM DTS is 5 months of life-changing training & missions. The DTS curriculum is designed to guide students through heart level transformation while equipping them with practical tools to apply what they've learned for the rest of their life Each year thousands of students from around the world jump into missions via the DTS at various YWAM locations. These students learn about themselves, their relationships, how to work together with others, and their relationship with God. Questions? We would love to have you as a part of our school! Debrief. How to apply the DTS in YWAM. We'll partner with existing ministries and YWAM teams in the nations as well as respond to how we feel God leading us day to day. February 7 - 17, 2022 All the teams will reunite back in Nuremberg after outreach. We'll hear stories and testimonies from each other, have a debriefing the time, and a little more teaching input

Questions that we will discuss throughout our journey! The trip concludes with breakfast, debrief and departure on the 4th day. Please plan to depart by 12:00pm. We are happy to accommodate your travel plans so please contact our office if you need special arrival or departure plans The Converge Course is required for all approved participants with the official YWAM Converge Internships program. However, if you have not been applied with YWAM Converge, you can take this course on your own. Whether you are an individual, or part of a group, preparing for a Christian outreach, this course will help you and your group make a. On Campus: If you plan on completing the course at our YWAM campus in Lakeside, Montana you will need to start at the beginning of a school quarter and will pay $2,175 USD which covers all room and board and tuition. Please contact admissions@ywammontana.org if applying to do this program on-location This amount includes room and board in Kona for the 3 month training and 2 week debrief/graduation time. The outreach cost covers travel to foreign nations, transportation, food, lodging and miscellaneous. I really believe that this trip is something that I have a calling to do and by going into YWAM I am putting my plans into God's hands

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We run with 11 or 12-week lecture/teaching phase and 10 weeks of practical field assignment, the outreach, and an additional 2 weeks for wrap-up/debrief/re-entry. It is a prerequisite for all other courses in the University of the Nations, and also serves to orient and prepare all new Youth With A Mission (YWAM) staff Debriefing Questions was originally taken from Send International. This resource is a list of questions to ask after a short-term missions trip. Download PDF. Partner: SEND International. Get this resource Youth With A Mission Windhoek, Namibia. 2 Greetings from YWAM Windhoek, Namibia. classroom and debrief for 2 (two) weeks. 4. Life Questions Page 6 - 7 5. Medical Questionnaire Page 8 - 9 6. Confidential Reference Pastor / Minister Page 10 - 11 7. Confidential Reference Leader/Church Elder Page 12 - 1 phase, 14 week outreach and a 2 week debrief back in Da-vos. Do I need Insurance? Yes. Switzerland requires that you have have health and personal liability insurance up to 1,000,000 Swiss Francs (CHF). More information about this will be provided upon acceptance. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WANT TO KNOW MORE? YWAM Davos ywamdavos www.ywamdavos.or

Youth With a Mission was founded by Loren Cunningham in the sixties, and is one of the largest evangelistic organizations in the world. I joined YWAM fresh out of a tumultuous four years in high school, and (like many YWAMers) entered the organization out of a desperation for direction and stability -A large chunk is set aside for debrief. There are many bases that like to do two debriefs, one prior to returning to the main base, and one at the main base. The first will typically involve going to a new location (even flying to a new country), and essentially living it up for a week or so The Facts About Their Headlong Dive Into Apostasy. by Sandy Simpson, 12/7/02. I believe it is time for any true biblical church to separate from and discontinue financial support for Youth With A Mission (YWAM). YWAM has been slipping into apostasy for years. I and many others have tried to help them back to orthodoxy, written letters to their. Leaving YWAM was the most painful emotional time in my life. Although my time in YWAM was filled with tremendous spiritual abuse, I was utterly lost, no direction, no idea of what to do next. Most YWAM bases have a debriefing at the end of DTS for those going back to their lives, and I went through this debriefing after my DTS as well July 17, 2013 at 7:01 pm. Hi Jen, I was in YWAM from 1984 to 1992 and then part-time for an additional 4 years. I did my CDTS in Kailua-Kona with an outreach to Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and The Philippines. Afterwards I worked on staff for YWAM in British Columbia, Kailua-Kona, Hong Kong and Colorado

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Models of Debriefing for Individuals and Couples. Franziska Hornstra-Fuchs. I used to be apart of an Evangelical Christian mission organization. [YWAM] For about a year and a half I was apart of an evangelical organization called YWAM. I am wondering if anyone else on here was ever apart of this organization. I have been dealing with alot of mixed emotions sense leaving [almost 2 years ago] For me, this series engaged a lot of questions I've had as I look at our YWAM location's vision and our part more generally in the world. This is an important place for growth in us. You don't have to check out right now, but I'd highly recommend it! The 6 Practices of the Church, with Gabe Lyons and Greg Thompso Debrief or self-evaluation is an important step in growth and development. This debrief form will allow us to hear how your Seed Initiative went and give you space to share some testimonies. Working through this form will also help you to identify why something succeeded and why something may have failed so that we can continually be growing.

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The DTS is a Certificate III level course and the MDS is a Certificate IV level course. YWAM Training Canberra is affiliated with YWAM's international network of tertiary level education/training known in most countries as the University of the Nations (U of N). Though recognised by many Bible Colleges and ministries, the University of the. June 19 to 23, students will return to Saint Lucia for debriefing, re-entry and graduation. LEARN MORE To learn more about YWAM Saint Lucia, visit our website, send us an email at: info@ywamsl.org or call us at: +1(758)450-992 TITUS 1:1. The Titus Project is a three month program designed to equip School of Biblical Studies graduates to become teachers, and to send them to places in great need of Bible teaching. Our goal is to equip the church worldwide with tools for studying the Bible. We target places with limited access to Bible teaching Come back for debrief. Yeah, just just do a school. I called um Nick Holding who who's here as well and II just begin to ask questions, can we come to YM Harpin and that's the closest uh nation that's open to me and my my uh passport and those are the place where I have friends and contacts uh and so we've been here for I don't know ten or. YWAM-Memorial.org has been a digital place to honor, remember and give thanks to God for those who have died in the service of God through YWAM. In the last month, in discussions with Donna Jordan Co-Founder YWAM Associates International and Patricia Talbott leader in YWAM Associates International, we sensed that it was right to blend these two.

Debriefing is having someone come alongside us the way Jesus did to facilitate, listen, ask questions, and help us gain biblical perspective, a change of heart, and a renewed passion. As Christians we know the answer is the cross and the gospel, Jeanette says This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website The school lasts between 5-6 months with phases devoted to learning, outreach, and debrief. There are no white horses for any of us to ride in on to save the world - lets work together. Posted in Uncategorized Tagged communication , Discipleship Training School , doing the impossible , DTS , God , impossible , Lessons , life , Pray! , Prayer. DTS Equip is an intensely effective 6-week leadership development course. It provides a resource-rich environment where DTS leaders and team members are equipped in character, skills and Spirit, so that both DTS students and programs worldwide may benefit and develop according to their individual and corporate callings

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Leadership Development Course (LDC) Coaching Mission International (CMI) and. Asia Leaders Learning Community (ALLC). If you'd like support in moving forward in your personal and ministry goals or would like to talk to us more about any of the above please contact any one of us at the email addresses below. Ian Talbot italbot.ywam@gmail.com debrief. Kona, Hawaii. 2 weeks on campus. * locations to be determined. The Ring of Fire is a mobile DTS that will travel to multiple nations over the course of the lecture phase. At each location there will be time to learn from the local people about their culture and the history of their land. In each location we will also do a one-week.

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Re-Entry: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home My great desire in writing this book is to help people safely navigate the transition from the mission field to home. As I look back at my own life, I realize that I could have benefited much from the information contained in this book To benefit from YWAM Thailand's short-term group discount of 35% please ensure to include YWAM Thailand as your mission on their online enrollment form, or when contacting them. Internet All ministry locations, except for remote hill-tribe locales, have internet access for your team or are located within villages, towns, or cities that have. Matt 28:19. Discipleship Training School or (DTS) is a 12-16 week missionary training course designed to help make you a true disciple. The first part of the DTS, called the lecture phase, is based on our Nelson campus with weekly lectures on a range of subjects such as, how to hear God's voice, how to pray and intercede and how to reach.

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Dear Friends Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the support you have given to us as a ministry. Your unwavering prayers, words of encouragement and financial support goes a long way and encourages us to continue with the task God has laid before us. Another Exciting Jesus Packed Summe YWAM Kansas City is a live/learn community as we value the relational aspects of learning together. This means that we are primarily a residential campus and campus housing is dormitory style. Families and married couples are given their own room. There is limited storage space in the rooms so please bring essential items only Titus Project is a three-month program designed to equip School of Biblical Studies graduates to become teachers and to send them to places in desperate need of Bible teaching *Micah Madsen is Currently in Lesvos, Greece, co-leading a YWAM DTS outreach team while working at a massive refugee camp. 3,500 people inside from twenty-five different nations, all seeking life and freedom. SOMETIMES, IN YWAM 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to My YWAM DTS -- Talk To A Missionary Today