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Read Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime Get Deck Cleaning Tips & Tricks To Get You Ready for Summer! Clean Your Deck Right the First Time with Help from Clorox® Bleach Penofin Pro-Tech Step 2 Cleaner uses Super Hydrogen Power to clean most anything outside your home, such as decks, patios, driveways, outdoor furniture, playground equipment, sheds, - you name it. Pro-Tech Step 2 Cleaner removes grease, grime, dirt, organic stains, tree sap, mineral deposits. & kills mold & mildew. 1 gallon of Cleaner & water.

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  1. Penofin Pro-Tech cleaner is most effective at temperatures where wood is not hot to the touch. Protect bordering metal surfaces when using at high concentrations. Dampen surrounding vegetation with water. Application: Pour one to two cups of Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner's hydrogenated crystals into one gallon of clean water and mix
  2. The best outdoor cleaner for just about everything, this unique formula uses Super Hydrogen Power to tackle just about any cleaning job around your home. Removers & Cleaners / Deck & Siding Surface Preparation / Wood Cleaner / 1.77 lb Penofin FTECCQT Pro-Tech Step #2 - Wood Cleaner. 1.77 lb Penofin FTECCQT Pro-Tech Step #2 - Wood.
  3. utes. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water. Let dry for 24 hours. Apply a light coat of Penofin if wood appears blotchy
  4. Wood Deck Restoration with Penofin® Pro-Tech Stripper, Cleaner, Brightener, and Ultra Premium Red Label Stain.Step 1: Penofin® Pro-Tech Stripper - Removes pa..
  5. A sticky or tacky deck is usually due to overapplication or failing to wipe the excess stain from the surface of the wood. We recommend our Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner Step 2. This is a product that.
  6. For those of you looking for a Deck stain with low maintenance I would suggest the Penofin Stains. Penofin is a penetrating oil stain that lives in the wood not on the wood. I have a Cedar Deck and have used this product on it for years. I never have to sand or strip I just use the Pro-Tech cleaner and than re apply.
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In this video, we go over how to clean your deck in preparation to stain your deck. We will be using Penofin's Pro-Tech Cleaner. The cleaner can remove stain.. Valspar. Fast-Acting 128-fl oz Biodegradable Deck Cleaner. Model #VL1031381-16. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 1. Wet and Forget. Outdoor Cleaner Hose End 48 oz Refill Moss, Mold, Mildew and Algae Stain Remover. Model #805048RF Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener is easy to use, & will remove tannin stains, water spots, & mill glaze. Brightens grayed decking back to almost new. Step 3 Pro-Tech Brightener is biodegradable, nonflammable and contains no VOCs.1 gallon of Brightener & water mix will restore approximately 300 sqft. Each quart of Brightener will make up to 16. Penofin Pro-Tech cleaner is most effective at temperatures where wood is not hot to the touch. Protect bordering metal surfaces when using at high concentrations. Dampen surrounding vegetation with water. Application: Pour one to two cups of Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner's hydrogenated crystals into one gallon of clean water and mix. Mist the. Wood cleaners are ideal for removing foreign matter from wood, including: dirt, grease, oil, pollen, mildew, tree sap, and grime. Parr Lumber offers Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner, SuperDeck Wood Cleaner, and 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner to keep your deck squeaky clean and beautiful. Last but not least, wood brighteners remove tannin stains, watermarks.

Customers who have used Penofin Ultra Red Label Wood Stain continue to give mixed reviews for 2020. The stain is easy to apply, but is prone to UV damage Penofin Pro Tech Cleaner. Anytime is a great time to spruce up your deck with Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner. Safe, quick and easy to use to clean and rejuvenate your wood, Pro-Tech will not harm the existing finish. Pro-Tech Cleaner is the best outdoor cleaner for just about everything, It is safe on soil and plant life and this unique formula uses.

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It is recommended to apply Penofin to a clean, dry surface. This allows Penofin to penetrate deep into the wood's surface. Penofin Pro-Tech Stripper - Step #1 should be used to remove a different brand of oil-based stain. Penofin can be applied over existing Penofin. My deck has never been finished and has turned gray Stain the deck. Apply Penofin to a clean, dry surface, making sure the wood is not hot to the touch. Penofin can't be applied over another stain, so make sure you've prepared the deck for staining. Brush on, use a stain pad, or spray on using a pump up sprayer equipped with plastic tip. After the stain has sat on the deck for 30 minutes. The Deck Store carries Penofin, Messmer's, Corte Clean, Sunshield and Flood Deck Stains and Finishes. PENOFIN is a penetrating oil finish that protects wood better by taking the vital ingredients deep into the wood fibers.Most wood stain products on the market simply coat the surface, trapping moisture beneath the high-solid coating For cleaning of your deck, many wood cleaning professionals use deck cleaning products that contain Sodium Percarbonate or Potassium Hydroxide (Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner by Penofin® is one of several options). These alkaline chemical agents will effectively kill mold spores. The oxygenating power of these chemicals will also bring dirt to the.

Penofin Cleaner & Brightener Kit $ 59.95 $ DeckWise Cleaner & Brightener Kit $ 30.99 - $ 59.99 $ - $ Acid Brush $ 6.79 $ CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener Olympic Deck Cleaner Trex Cleaner $ 19.99 $ Seal Once All Wood Cleaner $ 28.99 $ Seal Once Concrete & Masonry Cleaner $ 28.99 $ Contact Us. Email: Sales@TheStainDepot.Com. Penofin Ultra Premium Transparent Redwood Wood Stain 5 gal. 0 Reviews. $239.99. 239.9900 $. Free Store Pickup Today. Select 2 or more products for side-by-side feature comparison. Compare. Penofin Blue Semi-Transparent Western Red Cedar Wood Stain 5 gal. 0 Reviews Price: $53.98/3.79 litres. SKU: TECCGA. Product Details: Restores wood to mill bright appearance. Cleans and rejuvenates wood. Easy to apply. Biodegradable; safe on soil and plant life. Best outdoor cleaner for just about everything. Uses Hydrogen power to tackle just about any cleaning job

Penofin Blue Label 1 Gallon. Penofin penetrating oil wood finish is formulated to enhance and protect the natural beauty of any variety of woods. Use Penofin oil wood finish on any exterior wood surface where a transparent finish with ultraviolet protection is needed. Brazilian Rosewood Oil penetrates deeply to protect against moisture Penofin Hardwood Finish - Five Gallon PailThis unique formula penetrates deep into the wood fibers and does not create a surface film. Unlike high-solid wood stains that simply coat the surface, Penofin's Hardwood Finish, using sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil, is the choice of wood experts who know that wood penetration is key to longevity and beauty Thompson's Deck Cleaner & Renewer (21) 3.9 out of 5 stars. 21 reviews. Product #048-3052-6. Click or tap to zoom. View on Vehicle Tell us where you'd like to shop. Showing inventory for stores near: Use my location Don't see your store? View more stores.

We stock all the preparation and clean up products needed for successful, professional results. Messmer's UV Plus - Deck Stain, Wood Stain Messmer's UV Plus is a premium deck stain and natural wood finish which protects and beautifies exterior wood decks, siding, fences, log homes, and other wood projects Brighten the deck. The next product in Penofin's cleaning regime is the brightener, an oxalic acid-based product, which removes some of the tannin staining so common in certain wood species. Like the cleaner, this is a dry powder that is mixed with water and sprayed on. Here again, it's important to keep the surface wet Your best bet is to wait a few months, clean the deck (Penofin's ProTech Cleaner is a great choice), and apply a very thin coat of stain, followed by a thorough wipe-down of the entire surface. If you can't wait a few months, let everything dry for a week and then dab a very small amount of stain over the lighter spots to even out the color I normally use the Mesmers or Penofin deck cleaner before I stain. This year, it wasn't too dirty and I just wanted to get some stain on it to 'freshen it up. So I just used Tide detergent and scrubbed the deck with a broom. Mixed it pretty strong in a pail and brushed it over the deck

Stripping, sanding, and then cleaning your old wood deck will truly get your deck primed and ready for a long-lasting and beautiful coat of deck stain, paint, or Penofin penetrating oil! You can also clean mold from decking, remove moss from your deck, and clean algae from wood with our deck cleaners and brighteners: Messner's Cleaner and. The deck had a warm lovely finish. In the coming months, there was other construction done in the backyard and the deck was very dirty as a result. A couple months ago, in an effort to get it clean, I used a power washer (40 degree nozzletolerable to my own feet, not too much pressure) to clean it. Immediately after, it looked much better After cleaning and oiling (this deck was treated with Penofin's Verde line of Zero VOC oil, which is made from 100% sustainable components) the deck now looks presentable and ready for the next BBQ

Deck cleaners get rid of mold, mildew, and any dirt or stains imbedded in wood fibers. Though you can mix your own with laundry detergent and bleach, a store-bought cleaner is best for very dirty or damaged wood. Penofin Box 1569 Ukiah, CA 95482 800-PENOFIN www.penofin.com. The Thompson's Company 101 Prospect Avenue, NW Cleveland, OH 44115. A sticky or tacky deck is usually due to over-application or failing to wipe the excess stain from the surface of the wood. We recommend our Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner Step 2. This is a product. Once a deck is done with Penofin, there should never be a need to do a complete redo. In year 4-5, a softwash clean of the deck needs to be done and then the only one coat of stain/seal needs to be applied. No stripping or hard washing needs to be done (which is hard on a deck in general) For this tutorial we refinished a deck using Penofin Verde. Penofin is a deep penetrating finish that coats and protects the fibers of the wood, not just the surface. No stripping or sanding is required, so future care of your deck looks as simple as cleaning, maybe brightening, and staining

Deck and Patio Cleaner and Brightener removes tough stains from mildew, mold, algae, fungus and moss, and leaves the surface clean. Special surfactants penetrate the surface to safely and easily dissolve the toughest stains from dirt, oil, grease, bird droppings, tree sap, and acid rain. Even removes gray weathering on wood, chalking and oxidation What to do if it rained and there are little spots on your deck: Wash the wood with a solution of 1 cup Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner Step 2 to a gallon of water. Apply the solution to the wood using a a stiff brush and scrub the affected area for around 15 minutes. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water Cleaning your deck with TSP is a less expensive alternative to power washing or hiring a professional deck-cleaning company. You can clean your deck with TSP in one day. Advertisement Step 1 Sweep the deck thoroughly with a broom. Unplug any electrical appliances on the deck and move them inside or onto the lawn Penofin turned the deck black - If your deck turned black after applying Penofin, chances are it's not actually Penofin's fault. As explained above, it is probably because the Penofin wasn't properly wiped after application or the naturally-occurring tannins in the wood have crept to the surface Level 2: CLEAN Clean up spills, dirt, or dust. If Spills, Dirt, or Dust Occur. Wash your Ipe wood surfaces with a nylon bristle brush or soft towel and Penofin ® Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner to remove surface dirt, scrubbing in the same directions as the grain of the wood, then rinse off with water. Once complete allow to dry

Product Title Penofin 159247 Transparent Red Label Ultra Premium Penetrating Oil Finish 250 VOC, Clear Average Rating: ( 5.0 ) out of 5 stars 3 ratings , based on 3 reviews Current Price $49.41 $ 49 . 41 List List Price $64.36 $ 64 . 3 Penofin Finish for Hardwood is used for all fine hardwoods such as IPE, Pau Lope, Ironwood, Mahogany, and Teak. One-coat application. 99% ultraviolet protection via trans oxide pigments. High-grade mildewcide for mold and mildew protection. Penetrates dense hardwood like no other product on the market. Gallon Coverage. 300-500 Feet. Maintenance Transparent Original Blue Label Penofin 550 Voc Exterior Wood Stain in Western Red Cedar 5 Gal. Mfg.#. F5EWR5G. Sku#. 3764552. Buy Now. Penofin Restore-A-Deck Wood Stains protect the wood from harmful UV rays and damage caused by water penetration. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stains are safe to use, have a low odor, and are easy to clean up with soap and water. They are ideal for all wood types including pressure-treated pine, cedar, fir, exotic hardwoods, or redwood Stock. • Penofin Red Label Exterior Ultra Premium Stain Bark 250VOC 5-gallon. PENRL10017. $259.88 5gal. 5gal. Please enter a number with up to 4 decimal places. Add. Quicklist . Add to New List

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  1. We believe that IPE Oil Hardwood Stain is a decent product for any exotic hardwood that requires yearly maintenance
  2. World of Stains. World of Stains stocks product from the leading wood stain manufacturers, including Messmers UV Plus and Timberflex products, Penofin Blue and Red Label, Superdeck deck stains, siding stains and log finish, and TWP 100 and 1500 series wood preservatives.You can buy wood stains and finishes from www.worldofstains.com with confidence. We offer fast service and nearly unlimited.
  3. Obviously I will need to clean, and possibly apply a 2nd coat if/where needed - which is expected. Only a little SURFACE mildew here and there - totally acceptable and normal. The penofin hardwood finish turned over 90% of the deck boards SOLID BLACK WITH MILDEW IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS. Worse still it left mildew stains on much of the surface
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7. Getting the deck ready has two considerations. The deck must be clean and it must be dry. Cleaning a new deck is simple: sweep the dirt off and hose it down or let Mother Nature rain heavily. If your older deck is stained or is spotted with mold or algae, it may require some scrubbing with a deck cleaner that has a mildew killer or a borate. Products like Penofin's Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner combine these agents to remove dirt and mildew from your deck. Oxalic acid: If your deck is made from cedar or redwood, you can remove iron and brown-black tannin stains with oxalic acid Of course, Penofin Rosewood Oil can also be used on teak furniture. Only oil based products should be applied to ipe and mahogany. Penofin offers two tones in their Rosewood Oil product line. Both allow the beauty of the wood to show through, and are semi-transparent in nature. Contact our office today to get an estimate for your deck View on Vehicle. $15.99. Star brite Boat Deck Cleaner cleans away ground-in dirt and stains. Safe to use as contains no harsh chemicals. Leaves a protective coating to repel dirt and stains. No hard scrubbing or rubbing. Will not remove wax or polish. Size: 946 mL. $15.99 Apr 6, 2017 - Penofin Wood stain. See more ideas about staining wood, wood, stain

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Penofin® Hardwood Oil Treatment 550 VOC - QT - Penofin®'s deep-penetrating oil finish for exotic hardwoods is formulated specifically with woods like Ipe and Balau in mind. Perfect to keep your Ipe/Balau Frame strong and rich for years to come. Dries without a surface film that will crack, bubble, or peel. Transparent option highlights the natural beauty of the wood Messmer's Wood and Deck Cleaner (Part A) and Brightener (Part B) powder concentrates are specially formulated to clean and brighten exterior wood decks, fences, log homes, and other exterior wood projects. - Cleans and brightens exterior wood, removes gray and dirt - Use before staining wood - Excellent for deck maintenance - Biodegradable, safe and easy to use - Maximum strength. Penofin stain is easy to apply and clean-up, and gives wonderful results that protect and enhance woods natural appearance. What is Penofin? Penofin makes a complete line of interior and exterior finishes and wood care products. Rosewood Oil allows the wood to retain its flexibility and creates no surface film

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UV protection. On the chart below we will rank the IPE Stains that we sell on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest. Messmers. IPE Oil. Armstrong. Defy. Penofin. Penetration Into IPE. 4 I built an IPE deck and followed much of the advice I received here on this forum. It came out beautiful except for one thing, the finish look is very difficult to keep clean looking or looking wet and rich. I lightly sanded the surface and applied Penofin Hardwood Oil. Looked incredible when wet, b.. To keep a Tigerwood deck looking good, clean and re-stain it with the same color of Armstrong oil based deck stain when needed. Keeping your Tigerwood deck coated with the best stain will ensure it remains structurally sound and appears new all year long. Three years ago it was cleaned and Penofin was applied. Approx 1/3 of deck is silver. DECK FINISHING SYSTEM. The SuperDeck finishing system ensures long-lasting performance, easy clean up and a beautiful finish. For a deck with strength, beauty and character, turn to Sherwin-Williams. Whether you're staining a new deck or an old one, our SuperDeck Deck Finishing System features premium products perfect for every stage of the job

The best stains should last three to five years on a deck, and even longer if applied to siding or fences, which don't get as much abuse. The sun and water beat down on a deck, snow can pile up. If this describes your deck, don't worry; it's easy to fix. Using a rejuvenating product for hardwoods like DeckWise Cleaner & Brightener will refresh your deck's surface and restore it to its original state. This process only takes an hour or so, and once your deck is fully dry you can reapply the oil correctly. Please follow and like us

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Restores wood to mill bright appearance, cleans and rejuvenate wood, easy to apply. UPC: 733921501331 Manufacturer Part No: Sub Brand: Pro-Tech Brightner Brand Name: Penofin Container Size: 1 qt. Packaging Type: Plastic Jug Product Type: Wood Cleaner Coverage Area: 300-400 sq. ft. Product Form: Powder Application Meth Do You Need to Use a Power Washer Before Staining a Deck?. Power washing a deck is a quick and efficient way to get it ready for painting or staining, but it isn't a necessary prerequisite. In.

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Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label is perfect where rain, wind, snow, or high elevations are encountered. The formula in Ultra Premium Red Label is the result of extensive testing, and the use of the highest quality ingredients. Penofin wins the Battle Of The Stains penetration tests over all competitors, and gives longer life to wood of any. Wet the decking down with the cleaner, keep it wet for 30 minutes and then push the gray away with a brush. Rinse off the cleaner and gray residue. Leave this dry over night and apply the finish. Penofin, Messmers and other companies all offer good cleaners that perform well

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2 weeks ago the deck was attacked by what looked like mold. PENOFIN corporate office said it was from tannins and possible oil that was on the surface and was not wiped off. Cleaned the deck with BEHR, mistake number 1, deck cleaner. Then used a bleach solution on top of the BEHR deck cleaner. Deck looks worse then before I touched it. Now what. Premium Finishes, Deck Stains. For over 30 years, Messmer's has been manufacturing premium finishes for wood. From our UV Plus line of penetrating oil finishes for traditional woods like cedar, redwood and pine, to our UV Plus for Hardwoods for Ipe and other exotic woods, to Timberflex for log and timber frame.. Dumond Peel Away® Deck Cleaner Price: $119.99. Penofin First Step Prep for Hardwood - 1 Quart Price: $17.99. Penofin Pro-Tech Stripper - 1 gal. Price: $69.99. Penofin Pro-Tech Gel Stripper - 1 gal. Price: $54.99. Penofin Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner - 1 gal. Price: $46.99 penofin 1st step prep exterior finish 1st Step Prep is the ideal way to ensure deep penetration of Penofin's amazing natural oil finish formulated for hardwood. 1st Step Prep cleans, brightens and reduces the hard mill glaze found on most hardwoods

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Specially developed to effectively remove oil finishes on all exterior wood, composite or concrete surfaces using New Clean Strip Technology. Leaves little or no residue, will not raise grain and provides double the coverage of average strippers. The first step in preparing wood for a beautiful Penofin application I would clean and prep your exotic hardwood deck. Deck cleaning such as Restore-A-Deck will help with this. As for a stain, there are may types and brands that are of higher end. See here for a good list of stains for exotic woods: Exotic Hardwood Stain. Some of the more popular are: IPE Oil Messmers Hardwood Penofin Exotic Hardwood Stain Defy. Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener is a powdered crystal that is made by Penofin that you dissolve in water and use a non-metal tipped garden pump sprayer to apply. A little of the product goes a long way. As mentioned in regards to the sprayer spray tip you should not have any components that are metal with the exception of stainless steel in your. Penofin finishes work great for hardwood decking and siding. Penofin hardwood formula and Penofin Architectural Grade finishes look fantastic and perform well for all types of exterior hardwood decking and siding materials. Refinish as needed. Learn more about hardwood finishes on MataverdeDecking.co If your composite deck has faded, you can stain it with products like Penofin's Knotwood Oil Finish, (penofin.com), Sherwin Williams Deckscapes, (sherwin-williams.com) or Benjamin Moore.

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Ipe is the Pacific NW's best decking... Welcome to our Ipe Decking and Accessories page.Here you will find the listings for the various sizes of Ipe we have in stock. We also have in stock the stainless steel decking screws, Ipe plugs and hidden fasteners like Ipe Clip and Proplug supplies. After its fastened down, don't forget your Penofin Deck o il or Ipe oil; which brings out the color and. Penofin OEM Partner: Woodway. Built by Professionals In 1980, tired of the inferior materials available to their remodeling business, a group of professional contractors founded LWO Corporation, producers of the Woodway product line From stains to clear sealers, for wood or composite, we have a complete line of deck products that make it easy for you to achieve beautiful results. Surface Preparation/Clean-Up Sherwin-Williams carries a full line of surface preparation and cleanup supplies to complete your deck job See how Penofin Hardwood Oil brings this Southern California Ipe hardwood deck to life! Easy to apply and maintain, Penofin's unique formula is designed specifically to enhance the grain and natural rich colour of hardwoods like Ipe, Tigerwood, Batu, Teak, Mahogany, and many other hardwood species

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All samples cost $8 each to ship. Sample size volume is roughly 1.5-2 oz. Once you decide to purchase a stain from our site, you can use the money you spent on the shipping towards the purchase of a 5 Gallon Pail of Stain! Maximum $15 discount Buy Online. (513)-245-2420. Buy Online. (800) 457-1332. Buy Online. (781) 272-1180. Looking for where to buy DEFY Wood Stain locally? Find local DEFY stain dealers near you on our DEFY zip code locator. We have DEFY dealers located throughout the United States

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Penofin Wood Care, Ukiah, California. 2,070 likes. The Worlds Finest Wood Finish since 197 For cleaning exceptionally soiled areas of your deck, many wood cleaning professionals use deck cleaning products that contain Sodium Percarbonate or Potassium Hydroxide (Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner by Penofin® and Messmer's Wood & Deck Cleaner are two of several options). These oxygenating agents will effectively kill mold spores and remove almos

Penofin® RenewAll Brings old, worn wood and concrete back to life. The thick elastomeric formula will fill cracks up to 1/4 and correct unsightly splinters creating an attractive non-slip, non-skid and dirt resistant surface. Penofin RenewAll is for horizontal surfaces and will add years to the life of any deck, patio or porch *Penofin Pro-Tech Restoration System. The Pro-Tech Restoration System consists of three steps: Penofin Pro-Tech Stripper - Removes oil-based stains and sealers and loose wood fibers. It is fast acting, easy to use. Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner - Cleans and rejuvenates wood. Has an easy to apply concentrated formula Penofin. Penofin is a penetrating oil finish that protects wood better by taking the vital ingredients deep into the wood fibers. Most wood stain products on the market simply coat the surface, trapping moisture beneath the high-solid coating. PENOFIN is the ONLY low-solid, nonfilm-forming wood stain in the world Penofin Penetrating Oil Finish for Hardwoods unique formula penetrates deep into the wood fibers and does not create a surface film. Unlike high-solid wood stains that simply coat the surface, Penofin's Hardwood Finish, using sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil, is the choice of wood experts who know that wood penetration is key to longevity and beauty From strippers and cleaners to a wide range of oil finishes, there is a Penofin product for every project. Applications. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate a deck, fence, kitchen floor or wood furniture, Penofin will bring new life to aging wood surfaces by replacing oils lost in the milling process