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  1. What if you have two Facebook accounts and you need to use both on one Android phone. Here is an easy, made possible by Facebook itself. The company actually offers two Facebook apps -- no, we are not talking about the Messenger app -- that you can use to log into two different Facebook accounts
  2. How to use two facebook accounts on android using Parallel Space is actually easy, all you need to do is: Go to Google Play and install Parallel Space on your smartphone. Once installed, open it and from the list of available apps, select facebook. Tap to open facebook and configure it with your second account
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  4. There's no trick using which one can configure more than one Facebook account in the official Facebook app, but there are two third-party apps, one each for Android and iPhone, using which you can..
  5. No, it is not possible to have two Facebook accounts with the same mobile number. But you can have two Facebook accounts by registering with two distinct email addresses. And if you want to access them on your smartphone, you can do it by installing 2 apps, Facebook and Facebook Lite. 26.6K view
  6. For some reason I have two accounts I'm sure it was when I got a new phone or something but I'm wondering if I can join both accounts I have tried in every time I from a new device it always takes me to the wrong account what can I d
  7. Launch the Facebook app on your phone or tablet. Look for a blue icon with a white F on your home screen or app menu. Be aware that it is against the Facebook Community Standards to have multiple personal accounts. Violating these standards could result in a variety of different consequences, including disabling the account

Fix a Problem. Uploading Your ID. Your Profile and Settings. Account Settings. Add and Edit Your Profile Info. Your Profile Picture and Cover Photo. Share and Manage Posts on Your Timeline. Your Username. Choose a Legacy Contact Facebook identifies your account through your email address. Deleting one account won't delete the other. It's generally not possible to have two facebook ac.. If, like me, you own only one Facebook account, and/or no-one else uses your computer to access Facebook, this will not be a life-changer for you. However, if you do own multiple Facebook accounts, or share your computer with other Facebook users, you will adore this new feature

As such, Facebook has included a key feature in the iPad version of its app: the ability to quickly change accounts within the app. If you have never logged out of the Facebook app on your iPad. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. If you use Gmail and your office uses Google Apps or you like to maintain multiple Facebook accounts, than operating on a phone can be a nightmare With technology allowing you to sync multiple accounts into your device, Facebook contacts are becoming more and more important to keep track of your phonebook. Usually, Facebook will prompt you to sync with your phone when you launch it for the first time

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  1. Yes You can register your mobile number for one account per branch It means that as per the system only one mobile number can be registered per customer id. In case you are having two accounts with ABC bank, you can register the number for one acc..
  2. You can manage multiple Instagram accounts on your phone by adding them to the Instagram app. Step 1: Open Instagram and go to your profile page. Step 2: Tap the hamburger icon, then Settings. Step 3: Tap Add Account. Step 4: Enter the information for the account you want to add. Step 5: Tap Log In
  3. How to add a bank account to your Venmo account. 1. Open the Venmo app on your iPhone or Android phone. 2. Tap the three stacked lines in the top-left corner of the screen to get to the Venmo menu.
  4. Method 2: Use WhatsApp Business. Another way to use dual WhatsApp accounts on the same phone is by installing the business version of WhatsApp. It's a free app from the house of Facebook only.
  5. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging app. WhatsApp is the second non-Google app that has crossed five billion downloads on the Google Play Store. Apart from using the mobile app, people also use the desktop version of the app in order to communicate and stay connected. Many a times we come across people who have different accounts
  6. g that bugs a number of people, especially if you want to have multiple personal accounts, or a personal and a business account

Facebook sets no limit to the number of accounts a person can have, and some people opt to have separate accounts for personal interests, friends, family and coworkers. Because a Facebook account is tied to a unique email address, anyone can start a second account as long as a unique email address is provided The Facebook account switcher is a new convenient feature that - as per its name - allows you to switch very easily between Facebook accounts. In fact, it only takes a couple of clicks to switch from one to another Facebook account, once all accounts have been added

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If you use Gmail and your office uses Google Apps or you like to maintain multiple Facebook accounts, than operating on a phone can be a nightmare. Multiple s means constant logging out of. Although you technically cannot create two separate Facebook accounts from one email address, you can use Facebook as two or more separate entities from the same Facebook account

Enter facebook.com in the address field to go to the Facebook website. Use your second Facebook account and password in the fields at the top right. Click the Log in button to continue. You now have use two Facebook accounts simultaneously Important VR PSA #2: 👉 Oculus headsets being used simultaneously on the same Facebook account will get it banned. not be able to use two headsets lead to one or both Facebook accounts. Suffice to say, if you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled then you cannot be caught by a threat such as this. If you do not have this enabled on your Facebook app/account, then please.

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Except maybe for dubious reasons, nobody should have more than one personal Facebook account. One of the signs a wife is cheating on her husband is keeping multiple accounts. The same goes for husbands. Once you notice your partner running different accounts, you have to track their online activities. They could have one account that everybody. 6. Confirm Your Account. Facebook will request that you confirm your account. You can do this by email or with a phone number and Facebook will send you a one-time confirmation code. We strongly suggest confirming your account with your burner email address and not your real phone number. This will prevent any of your personal information from. If you are new to Oculus, or using Oculus Quest 2, a Facebook account is required to use your device, apps and the Oculus store. If you don't already have a Facebook account, you can create one using the Oculus app

Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your phone or tablet. 2. Select the Settings tab which has the cog icon. 3. At the bottom of the tab, there will be an option called Accounts. Tap on it to continue. 4. In the Accounts section, select the plus button at the top right of the screen to add another account. 5 How can I recover an account for another website or service... How do I recover an old Facebook account I can't log into? How is my original audio in reels shared on Facebook? How can I make sure I don't lose access to my Facebook account? How can I contact the friends I've chosen as trusted contact.. When you have two-factor authorization in place, someone could have full access to your password, but unless they also have your second means of authentication (like your phone or a physical token), they can't get into your Facebook account This past August the company announced that beginning this month new Oculus headsets will require a verified Facebook account in order to function properly, much to the dismay of the community. Since the launch of the Oculus Quest 2, users have reported several issues with their new hardware due to the new policy, including the immediate flagging of new Facebook accounts

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  1. 3. In this step open your Facebook account and then go to the account Settings by clicking on down arrow on top right corner.. 4. You will come across Language column on the left side panel. Now over there you can change language to Bahasa Indonesia, which you find in front of What language do you want to use Facebook in.. 5
  2. 2Face - Multiple Account Master is designed for users who need to handle multiple accounts of the same application on one phone. One-tap to clone apps, easily add the multiple account for all social apps, the data between the cloned account and the main account is stored separately and the messages do not interfere with each other
  3. Open Facebook on your browser and Login to your account using the correct credentials. Click on the downward arrow at the top-right corner to reveal a drop-down menu. Choose the Login and security option and then click on the Two-Factor Authentication option in the list. Scroll down until your find the Edit option - click on it when you find it
  4. Unless you have more than one phone number, which most of us don't. Sven Viking. If you buy a Quest 2, you will need to use a Facebook account for it immediately. There is no delay in.
  5. Part 1. Using LINE 2 App on iPhone - No Need to Jailbreak To use two LINE accounts on the same iPhone, you can use the LINE 2 app. This is simply a replica of the original LINE app that you can install on the device as a separate app and sign in to your second LINE account
  6. If you have more than one Gmail account, here's how to access more than one Gmail account on an Android smartphone. Instructions in this article apply to Android 2.2 and above and should work no matter who made your Android phone, whether it is from Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, or another manufacturer

If you don't have a Facebook account, create one in the Oculus app when you set up your headset. Use the name you normally go by ( you can choose whether you display that name to others in VR ). Please don't create a second Facebook account or one with a random name, as you may run into issues—our Community Standards require people to use. Most users do have trouble with their Facebook accounts while gaining access to their phone number is sometimes easier than resetting your Facebook password. If you have lost your phone number, visit the nearest franchise or network provider office. Then ask to replace your phone number. Now that you have access to your phone number Typical 2 factor sends a text to a phone, but there are apps for phone and computer that generate codes for the 2nd step. then each or those persons can have a separate account with 2 phase authentication. (2-factor or no) is that if one person leaves, you now have to reset the password of the mailbox and communicate it out to everyone If this works you'll at least regain access to your Facebook account, but you won't be able to access restricted pages until your reactivate 2FA. IF this doesn't work go on to solution #2. Solution #2: This one is a little unnerving to do, but worked for over 80% of people who have tried it so far. Start off by creating a Fake Facebook. Normally, without App Twin feature enabled users can add only one WhatsApp account at a time. But, if you enable App Twin feature of WhatsApp, you can log in two different accounts for the same app at the same time. The App Twin will automatically create clone of WhatsApp at the homescreen which can be accessed individually

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Dual WhatsApp: How to use two WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone. Step 1: Install WhatsApp from Google Play Store and then register your primary number. Step 2: If you already have a WhatsApp account running on your phone, skip step 1 and go to your phone's setting. Step 3: Navigate to Dual App/Clone app/App Twin and tap on it You used this code to bind your phone and then, you generated a new one and used it on your tablet. Your PC, phone and tablet are now binded to your account and you can now play on whatever device you want. You don't need to use a code anymore to play on those 3 devices With AgoraPulse, not only can you monitor and manage multiple Twitter accounts, you can also keep an eye on Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts! The beauty of AgoraPulse is that it is designed to streamline all of your notifications for a particular network into one workflow I need to create another gmail account to use for newsletters - however I already have 4 accounts - is there a limit on how many accounts you can have? I only have one cell number to verify account - and assume that phone number is the only way to verify account

8. Once you're ready, click Delete Account one last time. Once you delete your account, it'll take up to 90 days for Facebook to fully erase your data Remember, you cannot use the same ones, because Facebook will reactivate your old account, instead of creating a new one. Before you delete your account, get a back-up of your data, as described. 1) If you use two phones and want to use one WhatsApp account on both the devices first download the Whatscan Pro app on your secondary phone. Ensure to connect the phone to a stable Wi-Fi connection. 2) Open the app click on Start Now option. You might have been wait for the next page to open because of Ads If you are new to Oculus, or using Oculus Quest 2, a Facebook account is required to use your device, apps, and the Oculus store. You can create a Facebook account by tapping Sign Up on the first screen of the device set up process in the Oculus mobile app. Learn more about creating a Facebook account here Having two WhatsApp accounts can be useful. For example, having one for personal use and having one for business, or having one for your family and one for your friends. While WhatsApp doesn't include this feature, we're going to show you how to have multiple WhatsApp accounts iPhone, even when iOS 12 is running your device

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I've been locked out of my Facebook account for two months due to this 2-factor authentication (that I didn't request) and the fact that I don't receive a code because I have a different phone number. I use Facebook for work and it's very frustrating to have it appear to the public like I have an account when I can't access it First, you can only add one other adult (or teenager) to a household account. You can add up to four teens age 13-17 (who can shop on their own with parents approving the purchases) Facebook accounts are free, but remember, you can only have one account. If you already have a personal Facebook page account, you will have to create your business page off that account. If you create more than one account and Facebook catches you, they will disable or delete one or both accounts

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At a particular point in time, you can only use the same account on one device only. However, Facebook has recognized the demand and the Whatsapp team is already working on this feature . Meanwhile, you can use this easy and quick tutorial showing how to use one WhatsApp account on two phones at the same time Method #2: Bypass Phone Number Verification on Facebook. So ever wondered how you can bypass the facebook phone number verification? Here I'm sharing simple steps you can use to bypass the phone number verification in your facebook account. The method is quite similar to the process which we used in photo and government ID verification You have to re-create your 2FA accounts on your new phone manually. Fortunately, Microsoft Authenticator provides a backup and recovery option. Note that 2FA is designed to make it extremely hard to access an account unless you have the 2FA code. Most accounts provide backup codes you can use if you've lost or damaged your phone When you tell Facebook you can't access the email account, you won't have the option to provide a new email address or phone number, you'll just be told to try logging in again (in other. 11/10/19. Recommended Answer. Relevant Answer. Sure. Lots of people have multiple accounts. Some just to have multiple e-mail addresses used for different purposes. Some because they want to keep specific Google products and services separated in their own account. Having a specific account for videos and monetization makes perfect sense

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The best you can do is download all photos from one account and post them again to another one. How to delete an Instagram account that you manage . If you want to stop managing an Instagram account or pass it to somebody else, here's how to delete it from your device: Tap on your username at the top of the screen. Switch to the account you. Nowadays anyone managing an Instagram profile professionally likely has more than one linked account. Whether you have a personal account, and a brand account or you manage multiple accounts as an influencer or agency, you're likely running two or more accounts. Luckily, you can manage multiple accounts directly in the Shift desktop app. While.

So, if you like to run more than two WhatsApp accounts or any other apps then install Do Multiple from Play store. Do Multiple UI looks similar to Parallel Space but has the capability to create at least six instances of an app — yes you heard it right run six WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone without rooting. Method 2: Simply install. With two-factor authentication, only you can access your account on a trusted device or the web. When you want to sign in to a new device for the first time, you'll need to provide two pieces of information—your password and the six-digit verification code that's automatically displayed on your trusted devices or sent to your phone number Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as tweets. Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Users access Twitter through its website interface or its mobile-device application software (app), though the service could also be accessed via SMS before April 2020

If you are looking for a solution to easily switch between Facebook accounts on iPhone or iPad, I would recommend Friendly for Facebook. With Friendly you can switch between accounts without having to logout / each time. You can also setup a 4-digits passcode to protect each account Facebook enables you to log in to your account from your computer and your phone at the same time, or from two computers at once, or from a computer and a tablet. There's no limit on the number of s you can have using the same account credentials. Any activity on one device is automatically mirrored to the other, so if you start a chat. Facebook Messenger for Android now supports multiple accounts You can now have more than one Messenger account on the same device A joint Facebook account is simply a single account that's used by two people. Only one Facebook account can be made using the same email account, and Facebook frowns on shared profiles. However, this does not stop people from creating shared accounts The question 'how to keep my personal account and business Facebook pages separate' can be interpreted in two ways: One: Is it possible to have a business page without a personal profile linked to it? (Short answer: No.) Two: How do I keep content from crossing over between my personal Facebook profile and any connected business page?. In this post, I'm going to try and address both.

Therefore, all you need to do is verify the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone with Spyic, and you will have all their Facebook data on your screen. Hacking Facebook Installed on Android Phones. When you are hacking a Facebook account of an Android phone, it is COMPULSORY to install the phone spying app on the target phone If you have a Facebook account—and even if you don't—the company is going to collect data about you. But you can at least control how it gets used

If you don't have a phone number, or you don't want to use 2FA anymore, you aren't completely out of luck with added account security. Facebook offers quite a few security features to. The attacker then diverts the SMS containing a one-time passcode (OTP) to their own computer or phone, and can gain access to the target's Facebook account. The issue affects all Facebook users who have registered a phone number with Facebook and have authorized Facebook Texts The best phone number and way to avoid the wait on hold, available live chat options, and the best ways overall to contact Facebook in an easy-to-use summary, as well as a full comparison of the 10 ways to reach Facebook, compared by speed and customer recommendations Only the Premium and Family packages give you access to the Facebook tracking features so you'll have to choose one of them depending on how many accounts you want to hack. With the Family package, you can spy on 3 accounts simultaneously. Step 2: You'll receive an email with a link to your control panel It is possible to use both accounts, and once content or apps are downloaded, you would be able to use them regardless of which account. however, in order to update and access accounts, you would need to remove one account and add the other. In that case, the removed account would not be available to add back in for 90 days

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The bottom line is that you should absolutely use two-factor authentication on your Facebook account but remove your phone number from the equation. In order to do that, you'll need to download. Since 2018, Tinder users can sign into their accounts using their Facebook account. Additionally, Tinder also allows users to display their Instagram photos below their bio. You can find users on Facebook by simply searching their phone number in the in-app search-bar Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account. In your browser, go to Facebook.com. Then, enter your email address or phone number and your password to sign in to your Facebook account. Step 2: Access your Facebook settings. Now you'll need to get to your account settings. To find this page, click the downwards arrow at the top right corner of your. 2. Deactivate your account. After opening the Facebook app on your phone, tap on the overflow button found on the far right of the navigation bar. From there, scroll down to the 'Help & Settings. You can search Facebook for your name to see if there are other accounts pretending to be you, but it's likely that there's someone else on Facebook who legitimately shares your name Accounts deemed as pirated, phished, or compromised can be disabled by Facebook. If this is the case, you can proceed in one of two ways: by cleaning up your browser or by going through an additional verification process. To restore your Facebook account, you can try avoiding making any attempt to open your Facebook account for 96 hours