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Tide Mill Organic Farm, with its sprawling barns and fertile fields, has been home and workplace to the same Maine family for 200 years. (That's nine generations. We must love it here!) We are Aaron, Carly, Hailey, Paige, Henry, and Ruth. We live a traditional way of life, in tune with tides and seasons, but modernized with cell phones, a web. Tide Mill Organic Farm. Maine Organic Chicken Breasts. From $14.50. Heartstone Farm. 14-Day Dry Aged 100% Grass Fed Ribeye Steak. From $16.25. SHOP ALL beef, chicken and lamb. OVER 2,300 5-STAR REVIEW

Toki Oshima drawing By Diane Schivera, MOFGA Technical Services Assistant Feed is the most expensive portion of the cost of raising chickens, and this expense is magnified by the fact that most folks feed a ground mash or pellet that is formulated and produced by a feed company. In an attempt to reduce this cost, Feeding Whole Grains to Chickens Read More We keep a year-round chicken laying flock for on-farm egg sales. Our poultry is processed humanely on-farm and sold in our farm store. We grow seasonal vegetables from organic seed, using organic compost, fertilizer and mulch when needed, and sell them in our farm store. Broad Arrow Farm, Dan Sullivan, 33 Benner Road, Bristol, Maine 0453 Organic Chicken Our chickens roam freely and have access to plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and are fed only 100% certified organic feeds. They're the healthiest, most delicious poultry on the market today, and are raised according to the strictest organic production and humane treatment standards An organic family farm in Albion, Maine. Check out our Instagram here! Food & Farm Blog Recipes, tutorials, and the goings-on of life on the farm. Food & Farm Blog RECIPE: Briny Pork Chops Briny Pork Chops The secret to succulent, juicy pork chops? There are many factors: pork breed, their diet and environmen Chicken, Asparagus, Raspberries. We raise certified organic pastured poultry, asparagus, and raspberries. Our products are available at the farm and in several local stores, and we also supply chicken to area restaurants. Open year-round by appointment

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  1. Our MOFGA Certified Organic farm produces the highest quality grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, eggs, grass-fed goat & lamb and pasture-raised turkeys. By raising our animals with care and in collaboration with nature, we ensure our farm contributes to the health of our land and community
  2. This one-night workshop, sponsored by the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association, will teach you how to build healthy soil that will produce healthy, high-yielding plants. Learn the basics of composting, crop rotation, green manures, managing nutrients in the garden, and weed and insect control
  3. fresh natural chicken all yr & seasonal turkey, cornish-cross chicks all yr (10mi SW of Houlton/I-95) N ME: Linneus: 207-532-7058: Sunnyside Family Farm: fresh natural chicken all yr & seasonal turkey, cornish-cross chicks all yr (10mi SW of Houlton/I-95) N ME: Linneus: 207-532-7058: Meadow Brook Farm Goats.
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  1. 8 oz. Chicken Breasts from Maine Lobster Now. Maine Lobster Now is proud to offer premium 8 oz. free-range chicken breasts. Quality, fresh chicken is what you can count on from us- always. Each breast comes from a chicken that was raised humanely without antibiotics or hormones, so you know that you are eating a healthy, high quality protein
  2. Dandelion Spring Farm is a MOFGA Certified Organic farm in Bowdoinham, Maine. We believe strongly in soil-based organic practices. We love what we do and we look forward to sharing it with you. News COVID-19 Update: We are growing and distributing local food following best-known practices to keep you and our team safe. Home deliver
  3. Local & Fresh Maine Meats. The farms we work with care about their animalsand it shows. Sourcing from local Maine farms, including Wee Bit and Caldwell, we couldn't ask for a fresher, more natural selection of beef, pork, and chicken
  4. Locate a local an organic farmer from a co-op and ask where they get their feeds or if you can buy some from them. *Soy Free Organic Chicken Feed Brands The number of choices are constantly expanding due to increased demand, but here are few: Modesto Milling in California (see the California listings below for contact info

Organic Chicken Feed List _____ Cities and Communities where you can find or buy organic feed that are so far MAINE Auburn, ME Augusta, ME Bar Harbor, ME Berwick, ME Madawaska, ME Skowhegan, ME South Berwick, ME Union, ME Unity, ME Winslow, ME Wiscasset, ME MASSACHUSETTS Vineyard Haven, M Estimated Weekly Organic Table Egg Production 1/2 doz. Organic Young Chicken (price cents per pound delivered to first receivers) hens 79.25% Whole Fryer 229 - 700 543 269,539 30-dozen cases B/S Breast 599 - 999 849 Weekly Organic Shell Egg Inventory Bone-in Breast (stocks on hand on Jul-26-2021 to be marketed as Organic) Whole Legs Thighs 329.

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In 2006, MOFGA began regular surveys of prices charged by MOFGA certified organic farmers in Maine for both direct sales and wholesale sales. These reports are for informational purposes and are published as a service to the organic farming community to present the range of prices that are being paid for farm products ORGANIC CHICKEN GIZZARDS 2.5 lb. pkg. $8.99/lb. ORGANIC CHICKEN NECKS 2.5 lb. pkg. $7.49/lb. ORGANIC CHICKEN FEET 1 lb. pkg. $10.99/lb. Scroll Down to Finish Order . PASTURE-RAISED CERTIFIED ORGANIC PORK: More coming in early February! No. of Packages: Product Details: Price is per Pound. In some states like Maine and California, if you are selling less than $5,000 worth of organic product and following all the organic regulations pertaining to chickens and eggs, you may label your products as organic without being certified (check your specific state to see if this applies to you as well.

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  1. Our Farms & Fisheries. For more that a decade, Greensbury partners with USDA certified organic farms and ranches and sustainable US fisheries to get the best grass-fed, organic meat and wild caught seafood delivered fresh to your door
  2. Nature's Best Organic Feeds offer organic, non-medicated, Non-GMO Project-Verified poultry and livestock products in both bagged and bulk quantities. The premium line of feed prides itself on superior quality, made by a family-owned and operated company with over 70 years in business
  3. Organic Bagged Feeds for Dairy, Swine, Poultry, Sheep & Goats Bags or Bulk Bagged feeds at over 100 locations in the northeast & Custom Blends and stock formulas available in bul

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Not a raw manure, this chicken manure goes through a 3-6 month composting process and it will not burn, but does have a fairly strong odor. Over 5 times more plant food value than steer manure. Adds organic matter, loosens and aerates soil, excellent for retaining moisture; Guaranteed weed and dirt free The Perdue organic chicken bundle includes a whole bird as well as breasts, wings, drumsticks and thighs, which are packaged in cells so you can thaw what you need, when you need it. Order on Perduefarms.com for fast and easy shipping right to your doorstep

Maine Grains, Inc. Kristian Pottle: 207-474-8001: kristian@mainegrains.com: Local grains and freshly milled flours: Skowhegan: We ship all over the North East: Jackson Regenerational Farm: Sarah Mahan: 207-702-1707: farm@jacksonregenerationalfarm.com: regeneratively pastured eggs, regeneratively pastured chicken, regeneratively pastured lamb. Stock Up On Farm Fresh Premium Chicken Sourced From Local Family Farms Across The USA. Frozen at the Peak of Freshness and Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep CHICKEN. Organic Prairie's chickens roam freely and have access to plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and are fed only 100% certified organic feeds. SHOP CHICKEN. TURKEY. Our certified organic turkeys roam freely, with unlimited access to fresh air and sunshine, and are fed 100% certified organic feeds Visit Rumination Farm, LLC.'s Facebook Page. 8 Weeping Willow Way. N. Yarmouth, ME 04097. (207) 829-8478. Map | Directions. Hide Map. A small fiber and meat farm in N.Yarmouth, Maine. Specializing in hand spun and hand dyed art yarns. We also sell grass fed beef, pork, lamb, and chicken at our farm store Packaged chicken, sausage, and grillables. It's quick, it's easy, and it's healthy. Walk in the door at Bow Street Market and our meat counter is the first thing you see, front and center. You'll know why the first time you visit. And you'll keep coming back. Here's our always-growing of list of local farms supplying meat from Maine

65 Main Street - Biddeford, Maine 04005. Dizzy Birds Rotisserie sources delicious, organic, air-chilled, AB & GMO-Free, humanely raised chicken from Giannone. A family-run poultry farm in Saint Cuthbert, Canada. All food prepared at Dizzy Birds Rotisserie is from scratch Organically Maine. Our Philosophy is simple: Good in, good out. We believe good health starts from the ground up, literally! Soil health is vitally important to produce healthy trees, healthy fruit and healthy families. MOFGA certified organic, our goal is to minimize the use of ANY chemicals used in the orchard Free-Range Chickens Thrive At Our Non-GMO Farm. Our free-range chickens roam on pesticide-free pastures seeded with native Virginian grasses. With the ability to move inside and outside at will, our chickens forage for bugs and worms as well as eat the non-GMO chicken feed we produce right here at Sunrise Farms. In addition to the ethical reasons people enjoy eating naturally raised poultry. Meet Well Carved™! Our line of chef-crafted products that pairs juicy, organic meat with whole vegetables, legumes, and grains. Irresistibly good and made with crave-able ingredients you can see and pronounce...we have nothing to hide. Save $1.0

Snakeroot Organic Farm began in 1995 and is a MOFGA certified organic farm with five acres of gardens producing mixed vegetables, fruits, perennials and herbs. We are members of and certified organic by MOFGA, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, which certifies about 400 farms in Maine Nature's Best organic chicken feed is available in bulk, farm quantities or in bags found in retail locations such as Tractor Supply. Nature's Best Organic Chick Starter/Grower Crumbles are available in 5lb. and 40lb. bags, ideal for young chicks that haven't started laying eggs yet

The young turkeys are a joy to watch and behave surprisingly different than their chicken cousins. Elmwood Stock Farm's heritage-breed turkeys were Recommended in a Cook's Illustrated taste test. Ours is the only organic turkey to receive such a distinction from the magazine Organic mesclun and organic sweet leaf lettuces, Maine Family Farms roasted free-range chicken, Maine tomatoes, North Country Smokehouse bacon, red onion and our house made ranch dressing. 15.75 Aroostook Fire Roasted Potato and Greens 12.7 Here are the basics of our CSA: - You can choose any combination of Chicken, Pork, Lamb, or Beef to include in your subscription. - Full-Size subscription ($128/month) provides 10 lbs of meat EACH month. - Half-Size subscription ($67/month) provides 10 lbs of meat EVERY OTHER month

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Fertilized Chicken Eggs for sale every week. May Slaughter all Sold Out. Next slaughter August 10 $4.50-$5.25 per/lb while supplies last. ($15.75-$31.50 per bird) Pricing varies on total weight of.. 32 Oz. - 4-Pack. Pacific Natural Foods Organic Low Sodium Chicken Broth. $3.99. $3.99/Per quart. Add to Cart. Cart decrease item quantity. Cart increase item quantity. Add To List. Added to List Always Tomato Season » Backyard Farms. At Backyard Farms, it's our pledge to do everything we can to make sure you get a great tomato each and every trip to the grocery store. Learn More Here. We're always on the lookout for great people to join the Backyard Farms team. Come grow with us Higher in omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef. Hatched, raised and harvested in the U.S., Sprouts' organic chicken is fed a certified organic diet while having access to the outdoors. Always Fresh, Never Frozen. No antibiotics, ever. No enhancers, solutions, chemicals or artificial ingredients added What We Offer Apple Creek Farm grows grass-fed & certified organic beef, chicken, eggs, goat and lamb. All of our products are available year-round through farmers' markets or for pick-up at the farm. Shop OnlineFind us at Market Just wanted to tell you that as a result of your blog post, I tried my firs

Purina ® Organic Chicken Feeds Choose Purina ® Organic chicken feed if you are raising an organic flock. Our complete line of certified USDA Organic chicken feeds includes: NO animal by-products, NO artificial preservatives, and like all chicken feeds, NO growth hormones from United States by Broadleaf. Discover super-fresh, boldly flavored Jidori Chicken, the Kobe Beef of chiecken, raised in small farms in California. 4.5 out of 5 stars rating. (7. reviews. ) Select Product Size. $160.65 • 24 pieces, 8-10 oz ea $178.50 • 24 pieces, 10-12 oz ea. Quantity Our tofu is handcrafted in small batches using organic, non-GMO soybeans grown on Maine and New England farms. Our family. We are a family committed to eating local, organic, and seasonal food. We love growing our own food and supporting local farmers and producers. Where to buy & eat with local romaine, parmesan cheese, five grain croutons and Caesar dressing. Side $6.50 | Entrée $12.00. Organic Chicken Salad. with dried cranberries, celery, carrots, toasted walnuts and mayonnaise. Garnished with vine-ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, local field greens and balsamic vinaigrette. $13.75

Start with an organic salad and add your choice of Veggies - oven-roasted red bell peppers, organic re Veggies d onions, Kalamata olives, sulfate-free sundried tomatoes, organic mushrooms, roasted corn, organic black beans, any veggie from our flatbreads. Cheeses - Sunset Acres goat cheese, or Great Hill Dairy blue cheese. Meat - roasted free-range chicken, or any meats from our daily. Find our organic chicken in a store near you with our product locator Find MOFGA Certified Organic Foods and Products. 1. Choose a Region: Select a region below or leave as ALL to search the entire database. Androscoggin. Aroostook. Cumberland. Franklin. Hancock -CAN CERTIFY ORGANIC-Layer Manure is an economical soil amendment with added benefits of calcium, sulfur, biology, and trace minerals. We haul chicken litter from 5 different barns in Southwest Michigan directly from the laying operation to your farm. Recommended Rate of Application: 1-3 ton per acre. FOB Hamilton or Fennville, M

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The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, through the decades. centralmaine.com - Meredith Goad • 12h. Fifty years of organic farming, local food, fabulous fairs, advocacy and more. Freight train driver Liz Cooper has learned to pick which drivers will try to play chicken with her at level crossings. They'll come flying into a EAT Fore Street. Open since 1996, the interior of Fore Street revolves around a brick and soapstone hearth where you can see the chefs working the wood-burning oven and grill. The upscale menu makes a point of highlighting local ingredients, and changes every day, but always includes signature dishes like turnspit roasted organic chicken from Whitefield, Maine, served with charred cornbread. We partner with other Maine farms to offer organic chicken, all-natural pork, and pasture-raised lamb. We're proud of the more than 2,600 5-star reviews we've received from our customers - from Florida to Texas to New England. We do not use antibiotics or GMO feed, and our mission is to treat our animals humanely, with respect and love

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Dealers. Find Locations Near: Place: Street: City: State: Zip: Select a distance: 1 mi 5 mi 10 mi 25 mi 50 mi 100 mi 500 mi 1000 mi Farmers at any of the state's 567 farms certified by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association have a few available options to use in lieu of compost, such as using organic cover crops. Our sheep produce fine wool and delicious meat.They graze from May through September and consume hay in the winter months. We offer a beautiful selection of raw fleece, roving, and worsted weight skeins from our Merino and CVM Romeldale ewes 2021 MARKET DAYS: Summer 2021: Saturdays & Wednesdays beginning April 24, 2021: Deering Oaks Park, 7am-1pm.. Winter 2021/2022: Saturdays, Dec 4, 2021- April 23, 2022: 631 Stevens Ave, 9am-1p

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We're Organic Farmers with over 50+ years of combined organic farming experience. When you use the products you sell, you can't just hope this stuff works. We help organic farmers with pelletized chicken manure, organic farm equipment, finding high performance seed, and building farming systems that work. (612) 309-7522 Tuscan Herb Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Enjoy a taste of the Italian countryside with this delicious blend of herbs, sundried tomatoes and garlic infused olive oil. This versatile oil is so delicious you will want to use it on everything from salad dressings to marinades. Notes: Sprinkle with grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and a few. Nature's Promise Organic Fresh Chicken Drumsticks. $3.69 /Lb. Avg. Wt. 1.75 lb. Add to Cart. Cart decrease item quantity. Cart increase item quantity. Add To List Added to List. each ( Avg Wt: 1.75 lbs ) 9 Oz. Mighty Spark Chicken Patty Spinach and Feta. $4.99. $8.87/Per pound Organic High Energy Dairy Pellets. A high energy pelleted feed for use with forages for lactating dairy cows. NO IMAGE Organic Layer Mash. A specially formulated 17% protein layer feed that is high in calcium for great shell strength, and is also high in Omega 3 fatty acids. N

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Gardeners Chicken Manure 1-cu ft Organic Compost and Manure Provides Organic Nutrients. Item #328094 Model #3214. Get Pricing and Availability. Use Current Location. All-purpose soil amendment. Adds organic matter to your soil. 5% Off Your Lowe's Advantage Card Purchase: Subject to credit approval. Get 5% off your eligible purchase or order. Get in touch with Ripley Farm Gene and Mary Margaret Ripley 62 Merrills Mills Rd Dover-Foxcroft ME 04426 207-564-0563 ripleyfarm@gmail.co Belcampo Farms. Belcampo Products processed, packaged and sealed with the Certified Humane® logo: Pork, Lamb, Grass-fed Beef, & Chicken. www.belcampoinc.com. Benton County Foods. O Organic Brown Eggs, Open Nature Cage-Free Eggs, Simply Nature Cage-Free Organic Eggs, Born Free Free-Range Eggs, Born Free Organic Free-Range Eggs

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Scratch and Peck Feeds Organic Pig Grower is a and Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified premium animal feed. Growing swine need the perfect balance of nutrients to reach their full growth potential. This Stage Two feed is appropriate for piglets at four weeks after weaning. With a minimum of 16% protein, this feed is designed with the pigs optimal nutritional requirements in mind For daily rations to support 10 chickens, you'll want to mix together 10 cups wheat berries, 5 cups peas, 5 cups oats, 4 tablespoons sunflower seeds, and a cup of mealworms. If you're pre-mixing, combine two parts wheat berries to one part peas in one bin

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Choose from Organic Chicken or Maine Lobster, served alongside sticky iberico pork ribs or a mighty kale salad. Click link in bio to make your reservations or to order yours for pick up or delivery! 14w. honeysalt Shop Chewy for high quality chicken feed and treats. Chewy has specialty-diet GMO-free, high-protein, organic and vegetarian options of top-rated brands of high-quality feed and treats to keep your chickens happy and healthy. Buy in Bulk of 25 lb bags or smaller bags. *FREE* shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service broccoli +1. Sweet Corn. Micro Greens +1. Avocado (1/2 avocado +1.5) Sweet Potato +1. Local Maine fermented Seaweed Salad +3. Sea-Chi local Maine Seaweed Kim-Chi +3. Maine Kelp. Pickled Red Onion Store Locator - Scratch and Peck Feeds thoughtfully sources premium whole grains and nutritionally complete ingredients from North American farmers, allowing us to produce naturally-free Certified Organic and NON-GMO Project Verified, soy-free animal feeds, supplements, and treats, including chicken feed, duck feed, turkey feed, goat feed, and mini pig feed Organic mesclun and organic sweet leaf lettuces, Maine Family Farms roasted free-range chicken, Maine tomatoes, North Country Smokehouse bacon, red onion and our housemade ranch dressing Flatbreads Small Jay's Hear

Montville, Maine 207-589-4881 Natural and organic poultry hobby farm that the owners are expanding. Plan to add milk and fiber goats as well.--Snafu Acres Dairy Farm 259 Tillson Road Monmouth, Maine 207-933-2707 Raise and market grass-fed beef and rose veal, free-range chicken and Thanksgiving turkeys, natural pork, and eggs from free-range hens Find local, organic, plant-based & more at Whole Foods Market. Browse our products by sale, section and special diet — vegan, keto, gluten-free, and more Contact Us. 236 Sebago Lake Road Gorham, Maine 04038. 207.239.0442. apples@orchardridge.far Our seasonal meat-bird operation includes chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. We keep a year-round chicken laying flock for on-farm egg sales. Our poultry is processed humanely on-farm and sold in our farm store. We grow seasonal vegetables from organic seed, using organic compost, fertilizer and mulch when needed, and sell them in our farm store 2021 Order Form. Emily Greaney January 27, 2021 0 Comments. Download the order form here. Print it out and mail it in with a check to place your order

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Meat so good a vegetarian would eat it. Buy farm direct. Old Crow Ranch is a pasture-based livestock farm in Durham, Maine, specializing in grass-few beef, pork and chicken. Come stay with us at the Crow's Nest Tiny House Grass-fed, Organic Beef, Pork and Chicken. 100 % GRASS FED FREEZER BEEF. Rotationally grazed , GMO-Free. By the quarter, half, or whole. GMO-FREE - FRESH AIR PORK. Our hogs are raised unconfined and with access to fresh air and sunshine. VARIETY PACKS An Organic CSA, Flower Farm & Farmstand on Saturdays - Windham, Maine - Since 2015. We're committed to building the health and resilience of our soil and community. Saturday Farmstand. We are open every Saturday from 9am-1pm. Stop by the farm and shop our organic veggies, flowers, fruit, and products from other local farms and food producers

June 19, 2021 - Jamaican Jerk Chicken Now available every Saturday and Sunday from 11am - sold out. April 15, 2021 - Beth's is now open for the 2021 season! Great place to get fresh quality vegetables and fruit White Duck Farm is a small family farm located in beautiful Waldoboro - the midcoast area of Maine. We grow our fruits and produce using organic methods to enrich our soils and assist our pollinators for the best and healthiest products. Our main crops are raspberries, salad greens, tomatoes, melons, husk cherries and saffron Welcome To The Homestea d! Blissful views, farm animals, family style organic meals and good people await you here in Central Maine. on our Homestead! Here you will find information about Our homestead and all the links to our Social Media sites. You can purchase homemade products from right here on the Homestead

Delvin Farms is located on 120 acres of rolling landscape in eastern Williamson county. Our farm is all organic, and we are growing vegetables for nine months out of the year. Our produce is as fresh as the photos, harvested at the peak of ripeness. Learn more » We are Jabril Abdi, Seynab Ali, Mohamed Abukar and Batula Ismail. We came to Lewiston, Maine in the mid-2000s as refugees from Somalia and started farming in Lisbon. Our people are farmers and we have always fed our country. Now we are growing food for our new communities in Southern Maine Welcome To North Branch Farm. W e are a family owned and run, horse-powered, MOFGA-certified organic farm located on 330 acres of fields and woodland in Monroe, Maine. Currently we specialize in producing grass-fed beef, u-pick highbush blueberries, and potted and bare-root fruit trees Westland Organic Chicken Manure Pellets are ideal for improving soil and the planting, as well as feeding of established plants. Chicken Manure is an effective non-chemical fertiliser and is a useful source of nitrogen. Nitrogen is the main nutrient plants require for healthy green and also leafy root growth. Composted chicken manure pellets Organic Growers: curbside shopping and pickup of online orders Directions to our Warehouses All of our warehouses are closed to the public. Phone Hours Monday-Friday from 9-5. Fedco Seeds PO Box 520 Clinton, ME 04927 questions@fedcoseeds.com (207) 426-9900 (no phone orders

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Good To-Go® creates the most delicious meals, using clean ingredients, to be enjoyed wherever your adventures take you. All you need is boiling water and in minutes you'll have a delicious meal, whether on the trail or at home. Good To-Go® meals are gluten-free, low in sodium and made with no preservatives Many Hands Organic Farm has been in existence since 1982 and has been selling to the public since 1985. We were first certified organic by the Massachusetts chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association in 1987. Subscribe to Many Hands Organic Farm on Youtube MAINE FARMLINK LISTING. Home MAINE FARMLINK LISTING. Search in radius 0 miles Hemp or Cannabis Production. Yes (1) No (3) Organic. Yes (2) No (2) Follows Practices (10) Price $ Total Acres min - max. ME County. Androscoggin (1) Franklin (0) Knox (0) Penobscot (1) Somerset (1) York (2). 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood. Unbeatable Value. Get a range of high-quality cuts, from ground beef to filet mignon, at an amazing value. Complete Flexibility. Shipping is always FREE, we deliver to your door on your schedule, and you can cancel anytime. View Our Boxes Natural & Organic Gourmet, & Foods for Special Diets. From locally grown organic veggies, and bulk foods, herbs and spices - to gourmet cheeses, snacks, sweets & chocolate, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic milk products, organic meats, Asian and gourmet specialty foods -- to natural foods, cosmetics and supplements, or Maine-made specialties, the Good Food Store offers good stuff Organic Chicken Feed [List of Retailers by State] In 2009, once I decided feeding my chickens organically was important to me, finding a feed was a challenge. I compiled the following list after experiencing my own frustration with the search for an affordable local supply of organic feed