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Vintage 1994 Sew Special Yo Yo Your Christmas charming 13 1/2 x 11 Mini Quilt Wall Hanging featuring a Yo Yo Wreath & Santa Tree Ornament. fromjunk2treasures. 5 out of 5 stars. (29) $12.34 FREE shipping. Favorite. Add to To make your own fabric yo-yo wreath, you will need: Quick Yo-Yo Maker (Large: Art. No 8701 & Extra Large: Art. No 8703 ) Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 170 (Art. No 4941) Fabric in different colors and patterns to create interest. Needle & Thread. Ribbon

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When printing patterns, check to make sure your print settings are set to print at 100 percent and page scaling displays None. Yo-Yo Wreath Door Hanging Tiny (21/4) Circle Cut 14 burgundy print Yo-Yo Wreath Door Hanging Small (4) Circle Cut 15 green prints and/or tonals Yo-Yo Wreath Door Hanging Medium (5) Circle Cut 11 green print and. The finished Yo Yo Wreath wall hanging measures 18″ x 18″ finished making it the perfect size to hang on your mantle or door during the holiday season. Yo Yo Wreath Class . You'll learn how to: Make yo yo's by hand and with the Clover Quick Maker. Quilt in a grid pattern with ease. Create a layout using an everyday household item

Quilting - Holiday & Seasonal Patterns - Winter Patterns Decorate your door for the holidays with this fun wreath. This e-pattern was originally published in Yo-Yo Quilting. Size: Approximately 12' in diameter. Skill Level: Beginne Aug 4, 2015 - Decorate your door for the holidays with this fun wreath. This e-pattern was originally published in Yo-Yo Quilting. Size: Approximately 12' in diameter. Skill Level: Beginne

These fun yo-yo ornaments make the perfect tree decoration or handmade gift. Finished Sizes: Tree: 3 1/2 x 5 Wreath: 5 d. Skill Level: Easy. Download Size: 1 page (s) ITEM #. PRICE Pull edges until the circle is flat. Your Yo Yo is now ready to add to others for your project. Some of the over 100 Yo Yo's I made. How to make a 7 or 8 Yo Yo Wreath . 8 Yo Yo Wreaths - overlapping the Yo Yos on the backing. I made the template for the background by cutting out a paper pattern of the finished small Yo Yos Note: If you wish to make a fabric yo-yo of a size not available in the printable templates, cut a circle that is twice the measurement desired for the finished yo-yo PLUS 1/2″ for seam allowance. For instance, for a 4″ yo-yo, you will need to cut a circle that is 8.5″ (4 x 2 = 8 + .5 = 8.5″) Yo Yo Wreath Ornaments Pattern. PDL12855. Regular price. $3.99. Sale price. $0.99 Save $3.00. /. Shipping calculated at checkout. Create these wreath ornaments with our pattern Lazies, Our new Yo Yo Cutie Pins are versatile little sweet hearts. This week, I have some tips and possibilities to share. Perfect for a holiday lapel pin, a simple bow turns a Cutie into a mini wreath. After you are finished making the yo-yo and pull the threaded needle to the back, pull the needle to the front again where you want to add a.

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  1. Quilting and sewing expert Heather Valentine from The Sewing Loft demonstrates how to create a layered yo-yo wreath wall hanging with fun and colorful vintage modern fabrics. In this Learn, Make, Create! episode, you'll learn how to: Make yo-yos by hand and with Clover Quick Yo-Yo Makers. Learn an easy hack for quilting a grid on the background.
  2. Layering fabric scrap yo-yo's adds dimension and texture to the wreath wall hanging. Scatter in colorful yo-yo's for ornament details. Fabric yo-yo's are addictive to make and can use up some of those fabric scraps in a hurry.. We love the video style for this class, since you can hit pause as needed and complete the project on your own timeline
  3. Print the circles pattern or make your own circles template for the size you want. I used a 2 1/2-inch diameter circle. The finished yo-yos will be less than half of the diameter. Thus, the yo-yos based on a 2 1/2-inch diameter circle will be less than 1 1/4 inches in diameter once the stuffing is added. Cut ten circles of fabric
  4. Yo-Yo Rows. Yo-Yo Rows. For an on-the-go project, stitch a bevy of yo-yos and secure them to strips to create a head- turning quilt filled with playful pops of color. Buy this pattern here. On-the-Go Projects. Quilts with Hexagons. Beautiful Embroidery Stitches. 6 of 11

LEARN how to make yo-yos the quick and easy way! Clover's Quick Yo-Yo Maker does all of the heavy lifting, getting you from a fabric scrap to a perfect yo-yo.. Start Sewing the Yo-Yo. Thread a hand-sewing needle and knot one thread, leaving a tail after the knot. Working with the wrong side of the fabric toward you, gently turn under approximately 1/8- to 1/4-inch of the edge of the circle. Insert the needle in the edge of the fabric on the wrong side, so the knot will be inside the yo-yo Clover's Quick Yo-Yo Maker.For this project, I used the Large and Extra Large Templates. To keep my color palette and patterns consistent I used a fat quarter bundle for this wreath Step 1: Wrap ribbon all around the wreath base. Use the hot glue gun and glue every couple of inches so it stays secure. Cut when you cover the whole circle with ribbon. Step 2: Sew yoyos together like seen below. For the three joined together, sew three medium sized yoyos together to make a triangle Directions: Make a template on the cardstock for the desired size. When making your yo-yo pattern, keep in mind that it needs to be twice as wide as your intended yo-yo, plus about 1/2″ for seam allowances. Using the fabric marker, trace the template onto the wrong side of a scrap of fabric. Cut your circle out using scissors or shears

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Pattern Notes. Work wreath base in stripe pattern, beginning with Row 1 and repeating 12 rows of stripe pattern. Special Stitches. 2 dc cluster: Yo, insert hook into st, yo, draw up a lp, yo, draw through 2 lps on hook, yo, insert hook in same st, yo, draw up a lp, yo, draw through 2 lps on hook, yo, draw through remaining 3 sts on hook Gather your fabric scraps and refer to the directions given in the Make Yo-Yos section of the Make Yo-Yo Wreath Ornaments eHow (see Related eHows). Make 7 yo-yos out of 8 1/2-inch circles, 14 yo-yos out of 7 1/2-inch circles, and 14 yo-yos out out of 5 1/2-inch circles Learn how to make these fabric yoyo lollipop Christmas ornaments! Including how to make a double sided yo-yo using striped fabric to make a pinwheel pattern. Mini Puff Stitch (puff st): Insert hook into indicated st. YO, pull up a loop. YO, insert hook into same st, YO, pull up a loop. YO, pull through all 4 loops on hook. Crochet Wreath Ornament Written Instructions: I hope you enjoyed this wreath pattern! I had so much fun designing it and I can't wait to use it as crochet decoration come. Grouped en masse, yo-yos are stunningly simple items that add flair to any space. Wrap blue fabrics strips around a foam wreath, then attach assorted blue yo-yos with hot glue or pins. Hang the wreath with a satin ribbon. Get the yo-yo circle pattern here. Get step-by-step instructions for making yo-yos here

For my first Fabric Yo-Yo project, I created a Fabric Yo-Yo Wreath. You can see that DIY wreath HERE. The beauty in making yo-yos is that you can use up scrap fabric, and they can be used in many different applications. When sewn together they can make a charming quilt, or they can be added to different projects to create a sweet factor. YO and pull through the first 2 loops on hook (2 loops on hook). YO and pull through both loops on the hook. Single Crochet Two Together (sc2tog): Insert hook in next st, pull a loop (2 loops on hook), insert hook in next st, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), YO and pull through all 3 loops. Pattern Notes. See special stitch for 2 dc cl, inv. Wreath Tree Skirt Instructions: Ch 29, hdc in the 2nd chain from the hook and across, turn. Ch 1, work in established stitch pattern for even rows while ALSO increasing every 2nd stitch, turn. Ch 1, work in established stitch pattern for odd rows while ALSO increasing every 3rd stitch, turn YO hook insert hook into the indicated stitch. YO and draw up a loop, YO and draw through the first 2 loops on the hook. YO insert our hook in same st and draw through a loop; you should have 4 loops on your hook. YO draw through the first 2 loops only and you should have 3 loops on your hook Cardinal Red, Lacquer Red, Royal Blue, Ink Blue, Pewter Gray, White. All the essentials to create a yo yo flower wreath! With patriotic themed circles, instructions are provided on the fabric to help you cut out pieces, sew stitches and put the whole project together. 24 panel, from the 'Live Free' collection by Jessica Mundo for Henry Glass & Co

They used a styrofoam wreath form and hot glue, plus a bunch of yo yos. You could easily make it to fit various holidays. These owls just make me smile. I think they would make a great gift for my friend Ruth. She's an avid bird watcher. One of these hanging from her rear view mirror would be fun. I just might need to get the pattern and make. Put lots of yo yos to good use with this beautiful wreath tutorial from Clover. Positively Splendid brings us a sweet yo yo Christmas tree ornament. This pretty yo yo coverlet is a great scrap busting project and the cat over on Buzzing and Bumbling likes it too Yo Yo Maker Details: 1. Use the hole in the center of the tray to pop the disk out when done. 2. This slightly raised ridge is the finished size (outside edge/ fold line) of the yo-yo made with this tool. Each tool has a finished-sized indicator (either a ridge, or a hole the size and shape of the yo-yo). 3 On The Fourth Day of Christmas Wreath. Fabric Scrap Rosette Ornament. You can also make really adorable pins with yo-yo's- I love making piles of these and giving them as gifts! Get your bundle of 3 different flower pins patterns here

All Patterns. Browse: Four Corner Yo Yo $ 5.00 Flower Centerpiece $ 3.00 Easter Egg Centerpiece $ 3.00 Swish Fish $ 6.00 Butterfly Kisses $ 8.00 Leap Frog Centerpiece $ 3.00 Star Spangled Centerpiece $ 3.00 Flower Jar Wrap $ 3.00 Deer in the Woods. Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern - Free Yo-Yo Template The Yo-Yo Quilt came into being at the time of the Yo-Yo craze in the early thirties. Made of many little circles, it is a wonderful way to use pieces from your scrap bag and from your friends Dec 30, 2013 - Explore Quilting Adventures's board Yo-Yo Projects, followed by 1340 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about yo-yos, quilts, yo yo quilt 28. Bow Ribbon Wreath Tutorial ~ This DIY wreath is a simple and easy project that won t require an entire pot of gold to create. Rag wreath. 29. How to make a rag wreath ~ Pick up some fun patterns to turn into this great rag wreath. A few wooden letters and some paint and you will have a beautiful, one of a kind, wreath to welcome all of the. Scrappy Yo-Yo Wreath | Quilt Patterns & Blocks | Angie's Bits 'n Pieces. Scrappy yo yo wreath. Fabric Bracelets Cuff Bracelets Handmade Accessories Handmade Jewelry Poppy Pattern All Craft Couture Crafts For Teens Jewelry Crafts. Fabric Bracelets. I recently got back from a 2 week vacation back to my home. I had to leave my love here and got.

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Including how to make a double sided yo-yo using striped fabric to make a pinwheel pattern in the finished yo-yo's. Make these in a variety of striped patterns for all kinds of different lo. Christmas, Fabric, Ornament, Christmas, Mini Yoyo Wreath 5 of 23. Lucky Horseshoe Wreath. Gather a boxwood wreath, wire cutters, faux flowers, faux birds, and ribbon. Cut wreath to create horseshoe shape. Use hot glue to attach flowers and birds. Glue. Fabric yo yo's are such a wonderful scrap-busting project. I love to make them for all sorts of cute craft projects!Today, I'm sharing an adorable Christmas craft idea made with fabric yo yo's. This adorable fabric yo yo Christmas tree is a snap to make with my printable templates, and these are such a fun little Christmas craft to make to decorate your home or give as a gift

This kit includes enough fabric and embellishments to complete 1 Wreath ornament! The instructionsincluded make 8 different ornaments- Santa, Wreath, Tree, Bell, Candle, Clown, Snowman, and Angel. The ornaments are made using stuffed Yo-Yo's. Really fun Wreath Corner-To-Corner Christmas Crochet Pattern. Jingle Bell Necklace Tutorial. Yo-Yo Christmas Tree Pattern. Can of Snow Recipe and Printable. Granny Square Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern. Over 75 Free Paper Flower Patterns and Tutorials. FOUND A BROKEN LINK, LET US KNOW If purchasing more than one panel each panel will be cut and in a separate bag. PRODUCT TYPE :Panel designed by Jessica Mundo Lay your fabric yo yo circles out just as you would for the placemats above, but make a long, narrow rectangle for a table runner. Stitch the yo yo circles together. How to make Christmas yo yo ornaments: Make a fabric yo yo and decorate it any way you like by adding colorful ribbon, glitter, buttons, bows, bells, etc Instruction/Pattern Booklet. See pictures of patterns. Wreath and Christmas Tree

Use Christmas fabric scraps to create beautiful yo-yo bells for tree ornaments, gift toppers or wreath embellishments. These unique stuffed yo-yo are easy to create and very addictive! For more great sewing ideas, visit Coats & Clark This wreath is super easy to make-it took me 30 minutes and cost less than twenty dollars! Update 2018: I made a video tutorial to help show how to make the wreath as well as an update on the number of ornaments and total cost! The pictures of the gold DIY Christmas ornament wreath are from 2018, the red and silver DIY ornament wreath is from. Autumn Leaves Wreath Pattern Number: L40329 Decorate your door this Halloween with this knitted owl wreath. Designed by Nicky Epstein. Row 11: K8, yo, k1, yo, k3, sl last 5 sts to a holder - 14 sts. Row 12: P9, sl last 5 sts to a holder - 9 sts. Row 13: (K3, yo) 2 times, k3 ­ 11 sts.. The pattern is simple: With size H hook Chain 21, SC in second chain from hook and the rest of the way down the chain, chain 1, turn (20 SC) Rows 2-150: SC in each stitch, chain 1, turn (20 SC) Leave a long long tail after your last row so you can stitch the edges together onto the wreath. When you wrap your crocheted strip around the wreath.

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The Thanksgiving Wreath pattern uses less than one skein of each: I Love This Yarn! in Cranberry - 7 oz./199 g - 355 yds/325 m; I Love This Yarn! in Sungold - 7 oz./199 g - 355 yds/325 m *YO and insert hook into indicated st, YO and draw back through st, YO and draw through 2 loops on hook.* Repeat from * to * 2 more times with the. But I do love a good wreath, so I decided to make a patriotic one for my front door. I'll show you a quick DIY wreath that is so easy my 6 year old did some of it for me! Materials needed: I got all of my supplies from the Dollar Tree, but most craft stores will have similar supplies. 1 floral wire wreath. Mine is 16″ in diameter YO, draw through all 3 loops on hook. TR Cluster (tutorial for this stitch HERE): *YO twice, insert hook in next hdc, YO and pull up a loop, (YO, draw through 2 loops on hook) twice. Rep from * 2 times more, YO and draw through all 4 loops on hook. Htr (half triple crochet): YO twice, insert hook in indicated st and pull up loop I've been working on a ruffle wreath pattern! It was inspired by those gorgeous felt ruffle wreaths. Yo, draw through all loops on hook sts-stitches Pattern: Ch 85 Row1: 3dc in 5th chain from hook, 1dc in each of the next 17 chains. *2dc in next, 1dc in next* repeat from *to* 4 times. 2dc in next, 1dc in next 2ch, 2dc in next, 1dc in next. Step 1: Make the Fabric Yo-Yos using Clover's Quick Yo-Yo Maker in Size Extra Small. Using the Quick Yo-Yo Maker as a guideline, cut a fabric square that is a 1/4 wider than the Maker on all sides. Separate the Quick Yo-Yo Maker, and place the fabric in between the Maker plate and disk

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Mesh Wreath on a Wire Frame. A hassle-free DIY project exemplified by this eye-pleasing wreath made from a delicate burlap mesh. The enchanting effect of this decorative accessory comes from the unique combination of artificial sunflowers and maple leaves circularly arranged. How to Make a Fall Deco Mesh Wreath YO hook insert hook into the indicated stitch. YO and draw up a loop, YO and draw through the first 2 loops on the hook. YO insert our hook in same st and draw through a loop; you should have 4 loops on your hook. YO draw through the first 2 loops only and you should have 3 loops on your hook

Instructions. Abbreviations - US Terms. yo - yarn over. sc - single crochet. hdc - half double crochet. ebc - even berry crochet. ch- chain. st - stitch. special stitch -even berry crochet - yo insert your hook into the space, yo, pull through, yo, and pull through 1 loop on the hook.Then, yo, insert your hook into the same designated space again, yo, pull through, yo, and pull. Yarn presents this FREE collection of 15 home patterns for you to enjoy. Look through our 8 knitting patterns and 7 crochet patterns, you're sure to find patterns just right for you and yours. For crocheters, try the Dancing Leaves Coasters on pg. 29, Bubble and Bulge Rug on pg. 26, and the Watercolor Wreath on pg. 22 Then I stacked flowers and yo-yo's and hot glued them together. You will need a bunch of bright colored crocheted rosettes! And a cutie pie that can crochet yards of chain stitch rope. This little woman did 60 yards for me! And she loved it! I made a wreath form from a pool noodle from the dollar store Mini Christmas Tree Quilt Tutorial from Diary of a Quilter. Russian Vintage Ball Ornament from Fabric Art DIY. Fabric Angel Ornament from Fabric Art DIY. Fabric Ball Ornament from V and Co. Swedish Advent Star Ornament from Mister Domestic. Yo Yo Snowman Ornament from Keepsake Crafts Santa Wreath Materials Used: 1 skein of Lion Brand Go For Faux in Baked Alaska - 3.5 oz/100 g - 65 yds/60 m ; Or any size 6 super bulky weight yarn ; 200 yds of Red Heart with Love in Berry Red - 6 oz/170 g - 315 yds/288 m ; 210 yds of Red Heart with Love in White - 6 oz/170 g - 315 yds/288 m ; Red Heart Super Saver in Paddy Green - 7 oz/198 g - 364 yds/333

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Mini Yo-Yo Wreath Designed by Amber Schroeder This little wreath would be perfect for a new baby, child's birthday, or the graduate off to seek her (or his) fortune I made about 24 yo yos with four different fabrics. I have to say, that I love the yo yo makers. They made it really easy! Then sew buttons in the center of the yo yos. My buttons are from Buttons Galore and More. Next, lay the yo yos out on the wreath in a pleasing pattern and then take small pins and pin them in place Mar 12, 2017 - 'Paris' yo-yo wreath - The Supermums Craft Fai

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than you know I love using fabric yo-yo's for all kinds of things :) What a terrific idea! I love fabric yo-yos too. Last year I made a little wreath ornament from yo-yos that I hung in my window. -Sarah November 13, 2013 at 7:31 AM Maggie Ann said. Oct 20, 2019 - Explore Lory Chielli's board yo-yo, followed by 514 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about yo-yos, yo yo quilt, sewing crafts

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Essential Wreath making supplies. The basic structure of a wreath is usually a wreath form with seasonal and decorative elements attached to it. There are many creative variations we will be exploring throughout this guide. The tools and supplies we use most often are: good quality hot glue and glue gun, hemp twine or jute twine which looks great with natural leaves and branches, clear beading. 3 times, yo, draw through all 4 lps on hook (beg dec made), [yo, insert hook in next ch-2 sp and draw up lp, yo and draw through 2 lps on hook] 4 times, yo and draw through all 5 lps on hook (dec made), work dec around next dc post and in each ch-2 sp, join in beg dec, fasten off. Hot PaD. PatterN Notes. Weave in loose ends as work progresses Fabric Yo-Yo Owl Pattern These cute, whimical, woodland creatures are made by hand, with 26 hand-sewn yo-yos, 4 buttons for eyes, and 1 stick for a perch! They are easy to construct with step-by-step instructions and lots of detailed diagrams to help you be successful

Yo Yo Wreath Ornaments Pattern; Yo Yo Wreath Ornaments Pattern. Regular CA$3.99 Special Price CA$0.99. In stock. SKU. PDL12855. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Digital Download. Digital Download. Yo Yo Wreath Ornaments Pattern. Regular CA$3.99 Special Price CA$0.99. Qty Yo yo vest is a vintage 1960s boho patchwork pullover vest. Made from yo-yos in a wonderous combination of colors in patchwork style, the cloth yo yos are pieced together. This is a pullover vest with no seams, it might be best to be worn loose. This would probably benefit from a trip to the cleaners but there are no stains, tears or holes

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2. Thread your needle with heavy duty thread, you'll want about 18 inches of thread. 3. Sandwich one triangle about 1/2 way inside another and start sewing where they overlap, leave a tail at the end. 4. Sew using scant 1/4 inch stitches adding another triangle at each half way point. 5. When you've added all 6 triangles it gets a little. Say ho, ho, ho!with yo-yos. These fabric discs can add a festive touch to your Christmas crafting. Create one-of-a-kind tree ornaments. Stitch a handful of green yo-yos together to create a funky holiday wreath. Allow yourself to be a little elf-indulgent with our Yo-Yo Christmas Elf (IJ901). Santa's helpers star in this holly jolly pattern from our holiday collections. You'll swoon. Wreath. In order to make the wreath, first you will need to create a long chain using the loop yarn. So pick up one color and pull one loop through the next loop and then that one through the next loop until you have about 6 yards of a long chain. Then create a second 6 yard chain with the other color. After that hot glue the 2 chains right.

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Need a pretty seasonal wreath or a unique table topper? Grab some fabric and the pre-cut stabilizer below and whip up this dimensional design in just an afternoon and you'll have a one-of-a-kind look to show off to all your friends and family! It's a simple pattern that includes complete, step-by-step instructions and a template with accompanying photos to complete the lovely design Make Gorgeous fabric yo yo hair clips using this yo yo tutorial. Pretty up your table with these yo yo flower napkin rings. Welcome guests with this yo yo flower wreath. Attach yo yo's to a wreath form for a stunning entrance. Ribbon Flower Quilt patterns from Connecting Threads and other pattern designers that you'll love. Each quilt pattern download comes as a PDF, and is available instantly! Yo-Yo Accents Holiday Fun 2 Pattern. $9.00 Christmas Wreath Pattern Download. $8.50 Collegiate Tote Pattern Download. $8.50. All you need is a circle of fabric a little more than twice the diameter of the finished size of the yo yo. She includes a free template to cut the circles that will make 1″, 1.5″, 2″ and 3″ yo yos. Go to her blog to get the templates and the tutorial. Amy from Positively Splendid show sho wot 13. Dollar Tree Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath. For Halloween, give your doors a spooky vibe with this mesh wreath project embellished with tokens perfect for the occasion. 14. Bee-autiful DIY Mesh Wreath. |. Make this gorgeous wreath in a flash with cheap materials you can get at craft stores or a Dollar store