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FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. This is an AU My Hero Academia story in where Izuku is kidnapped and experimented on. I do not own the My Hero Academia franchise as it along with all of their characters belong to their creator Kohei Horikoshi. Warnings both Bakugo and Izuku may be a little OOC (out of character) so please don't hate. A captured and experimented, Izuku is rescued by a group of pro-heroes when they stormed a laboratory. Now wielding a unseen and unusual power, Izuku will face trials as he becomes a hero, a dream he had since he was young. However, his time at U.A will cause him to question about his existence To say the air surrounding class 1-A was strained would have been an understatement. It wasn't everyday a class of first year high school students had to deal with the aftermath of one of their own classmates being kidnapped, tortured hurt, and experimented on by the League of Villains.Only the U.A. teachers and Inko Midoriya understood how it felt to have lost someone so important, to have. Izuku, kidnapped at age 6, experimented on and tortured to trigger a powerful Quirk. Hes been gone for 10 years, presumed dead after 3. He shows up one night. Katsuki, haunted by guilt and regret for not saving Izuku that day, steels himself to save Izuku from the League of Villains and Izuku's own distorted mind. BAKUDEKU FIC. Eventual TODODEK Izuku Midoriya, born quirkless, was an experiment for ten years. He was kidnapped at age six, and has lived in a quirk experimentation lab ever since. The heroes hear ab... fanfic. erasermic. kidnappeddeku. +7 more. # 4. Vigilante Okami (Izuku Midoriya) by Mr. Manniquin

Midoriya Izuku disappeared off the face of the Earth ten years ago. No one saw hide nor hair of him, regardless of the vibrant green shock he sported. Police gained nothing, fruitlessly searching for a long-gone father, fruitlessly interrogating a broken mother, it was shelved as a cold case, and the young four-year-old was declared dead 19 Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot. New. # 1. I Won't Hurt You Kid (Experimented... by Special_Gummy_Bears. 49.5K 1.2K 21. In the first year of middle school deku was kidnapped by overhaul and experimented on. ♡I dont own the characters I do own the plot/storyline, none of the art used is mi... shinsoisinclass1a So im looking for this fanfiction-Izuku was taken as a kid by AFO. Afo gave him a few quirks, including a cheetah one, and made him into a nomu/shigarakis guard dog. Later on hes rescued by aizawa and made into a ward of UA. Nedzu is involved somehow ofc Empathetic Days by DevilClawClaw. Izuku Midoriya was born to Inko and Hisashi Midoriya. During the birth, Inko died, leaving Izuku in Hisashi's care. Hisashi was a villain known as All for One, and he hated Izuku for killing Inko. That's why, from the moment he was born, Izuku has been a prisoner

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  1. Deku, or rather Izuku Midoriya, cried out, his eyes watering as he looked up at the spikey blonde haired, red eyed boy above him. The two of them had been friends of sorts once. Or rather Izuku had been a member of Katsuki's entourage, following him around with the rest of his hanger-on's, watching in awe as Katsuki's showed off his powerful.
  2. The immortal rehab (ON HOLD) by ZombieDog5101891. 18.2K 300 3. Izuku Midoriya has quirk that was more of a curse than a blessing. he was bullied for being a freak of nature because the his quirk, and after his mother died he try to... villainrehab
  3. The boys, Izuku and Katsuki, born with the sole purpose to be the best nomus for All For Ones entertainment. Izuku and Katsuki did everything together. They never knew home, or love. When the 'doctor' altered their genes and mixed it with an extinct wolf genes, they stayed together as their body's changed
  4. Midoriya Izuku Has PTSD. Summary. Shouta Aizawa works in foster care helping young children find forever homes. With an annoyed look on his face all the time it's hard to imagine that he works with kids, but he has a soft spot for most. Though not everything is happy sunshine when working in foster care

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Fanfic /. Type-2 Hero. Izuku goes to UA with a disability and a shattered dream, but soon learns shattered things can still be fixed. Type-2 Hero is a My Hero Academia fanfic written by Mad_Nimrod over at Archive of Our Own. Type-2 Side Stories deals with certain important events from different points of view Izuku shook his head. Slowly he walked out of the alleyway and looked at the street he was on. His eyes landed on a small motel. Carefully he looked through the street before crossing the road. 'I'm just going insane.'. He decided. 'No need to worry everyone.'. He walked to the entrance and looked in through the door

Fanfic /. BNHA: the Thunder Rolls. BNHA: the Thunder Rolls is a crossover between My Hero Academia and Shazam!, where an aged Billy Batson poaches Izuku from All Might, causing the boy to become the heir to the power of Shazam instead of One For All When Izuku gets hit by a quirk that turns him into a tiny child and o #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad. The former anxiety-ridden boy becomes a collected thinker. Jun 9, 2020 - #wattpad #fanfiction This is a betrayed Izuku story, being framed as the UA Traitor, but was saved before going to prison Deku Au Soulmate Au Izuku Midoriya Bnha Tododeku Shoto Todoroki Depressed Deku. This fanfic brings up the following: ⚠️ Anxiety ⚠️Panic attacks (There might be mentions of ⚠️depression, ⚠️self harm and ⚠️suicide also, but I don't know where I'll take this story yet. But it might appear in the future) If any of these. Wake Up, Sunshine [Katsuki Bakugo X Reader] (Name) Yagi, the secret daughter of Japan's Number One Hero, All Might. Quirk: Angel. The world doesn't know you exist, as far as you being All Might's daughter. You transfer to Aldera Junior High, where you meet All Might's soon to be successor, Izuku Midoriya, and the boy you don&#.. Fairy Tail Crossover Oc Legend Au Dadzawa Manga. This is an crossover between: mha, haikyuu, fairy tail and a little bit of Harry Potter. there once was a little girl named: Melodia. She doesn't have a family and can't remember one of them. She was since she was born, she was a prisoner of the tower of heaven

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FanFiction | unleash screen rapidly as the first image we see is a smirking Haru standing in place with his arms crossed confidently while Izuku could be seen standing beside the cat costumed teen as he waved at the camera nervously. except for when he experimented once by using his tail to hang himself on a tree like a monkey, or even. Conversations with a Cryptid: All for One had many children experimented on or horrifically killed. So Izuku thinks its extremely hypocritical that All for One would rather have Izuku leave the heroics and investigating to the adults. Kidnapping of a Cryptid: At one point Hisashi and Bakugou come face to face A Dangerous Game is a My Hero Academia fanfic by tsukithewolf. In this story, Izuku becomes a villain after his capture and torture, and is sent to the UA Academy as a spy. When Midoriya Izuku is 13 years old, he is kidnapped on his way home from school by a villain r/FanFiction: A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction. Looking for Izuku and 1A get kidnapped as kids and after being experimented on get Demonic quirks. Lost Fic. Close. 2. Posted by 1 month ago MHA Universe 2020: MHA Marvel-verse is a series of fanfics by Spider-Izuku that blends characters from the Marvel Comics and My Hero Academia. Izuku Midoriya: Spider-Man Plus Ultra!: The first story in the series. Izuku Midoriya used to be a Quirkless boy. Until that fateful day where one of his father's genetically modified spiders bit him.

727 Another Form Of Power » by Jade Tatsu In the wake of All Might's rejection, Izuku goes with Sensei. From there the world is changed. Sensei has many quirks and many plans. Tomura is the obvious plan, the one everyone focuses on. Izuku is the hidden plan, the one that bides its time before striking when you least expect it This one shots about Izuku Midoriya and his harem. 1 Note 2 Prologue 3 Number 1: Ochaco Uraraka 4 Number 2: Tsuyu Asui 5 Number 3: Himiko Toga 6 Number 4: Camie Utsushimi 7 Number 5: Momo Yaoyorozu 8 Number 6: Kyoka Jiro 9 Number 7: Mei Hatsume 10 Number 8: Nejire Hado 11 Number 9: Mina Ashido 12 Number 10: Tooru Hagakure 13 Number 11: Itsuka Kendo 14 Number 12: Ibara Shiosaki 15 Number 13. A collection of oneshots depicting the married life of Izumi Midoriya and her husband Enji Todoroki. 5 lengthy connected sentences per chapter that can be read as their own piece. Side story to The Many Married Lives of Izuku Midoriya. Chapter 11 Includes: A peek at Natsuo's Tik Tok account

After a long time-skip, Izuku is a taxi driver who encounters Bakugou as a Pro Hero, ending up in him becoming involved with the the future heroes from class 1A. Wake Up by TooMuchBebsi is a fic that is basically an adaption of the Futurama episode The Sting, except swap Fry and Leela with Izuku and Uraraka MUSIC IN THE VIDEO:Let Your Body Rock -Sexy- Artist : MK2Genre : Dance & ElectronicMood : HappyDownload: https://drive.google.com/open?id=..

Izuku imagination quirk fanfiction. Izuku received a warning to not use his quirk until he received a hero license, and a thank you for stopping the ship. On a side note the Hero Association took note of Izuku quirk, and in case of a major emergency kept the Midoriya home phone number on file. Izuku age 11 It took Izuku a moment to realize that the sludge did, in fact, have intent, as it was a villain, but that was a moment too much. The sludge villain had already dashed at him, and before Izuku could react, he was enveloped in the villain's body, the disgusting slime slithering its way in Izuku's mouth and throat, trying to take over his lungs Midoriya's day wasn't the best after Todoroki canceled on them, and only gets worse from there. OR. Midoriya Izuku's kidnapped, experimented on, and meets a tall, scarred, and ruggedly handsome man. The fucks get fucked out of him. English

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  1. o Ward Arc (My Hero Academia) U.A. Has More Than One Traitor; Language: English Series: ← Previous Work Part 4 of the Izuku in the Izuku-Verse series Collections: Sven's Absolute Top Fics, Surprise! It's Trauma! Stats: Published: 2021-03-0
  2. Izuku and Katsuki have known each other their whole lives. After the first incident, Katsuki decided a plan for their future as the best Hero team. He was the brawn's, Izuku the brain's. Despite all attempts to break them apart, they were an inseparable, unstoppable team. So what if Izuku was Quirkless, they would take the hero world by storm
  3. Master Control. Chapter 9. Bookshelves stretched down the halls, all filled with bits and pieces of collected knowledge from many centuries. The light from the outside world seeped through the windows, fluorescent bulbs only able to keep the dark corners watched. Each book was neatly placed in where they had to be, organized with a system used.
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Quizzes Stories People Tests Fiction Fanfiction Nonfiction Surveys. Featured Horror Fanfiction. Add to library 2 Discussion. It x bnha. February 10, 2020 Bootybootybooty . Anime/Manga Boku No Hero Academia My Hero Academia It 2017. The Losers are trying to stop It but they begin to realize they aren't the only ones being attacked by It Jul 11, 2021 - What happens when Aizawa realizes that one of his first year hero stu #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Izuku was given all.

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