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Sadique Maize Yield Per Acre The intervention by CropNuts led the farm to harvest 32 bags per acre from a meagre 6 bags per acre. As Sadique attests, embracing modern methods of farming through expert advice is how to reap maximum benefits and profits from your farm You will harvest 80 per cent of the yield potential for an acre. The analysis is for the H 6218 maize variety. Its yield potential is the highest in Kenya. It can give you 56 bags in one acre under good rainfall and crop nutrition How to get optimum Maize yield per acre. Maize farmers in Kenya are required to ensure that their soils are well structured if they are to gain optimum yields. Every year many maize farmers suffer getting losses due to one problem or the other. The Vertical Tillage concept, (recommended cultivation method) provides a system-based approach that. Maize Yields (90 Kg-bags/acre) 24 25 30 26.3 Sale price (Ksh/90 Kg-bag) 2,600 2,600 2,600 2,600 Productions costs 31,332 29,662 20,120 27,038 Production costs per bag 1,306 1,186 671 1,027 Fodder varieties of sorghum should be planted at a spacing of 75 X 10 cm

Large-scale Maize Farmers 9 Trans Nzoia Uasin-Gishu Nakuru Overall Maize Yields (90 Kg-bags/acre) 19 20 20 19.7 Sale price (Ksh/90 Kg-bag) 2,700 2,400 2,500 2,533. Make over Ksh 70, 000 from 1 acre green maize in Kenya. food security and ensuring decent lives for farmers. Maize farming is very easy and it's not labour intensive.Further more green maize has good demand everywhere during the dry season. You may Grow double cobbing maize varieties in zai pits in dry season for maximum profit

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  3. With an acre of land, one can harvest 20,000kgs of onion which averages at Ksh100 to 200 shillings per kilo. According to the Enhanced Food Balance Sheets for Kenya Report 2018, published by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), onion consumption per household remained constant from 2014
  4. How many maize plants per acre What is the expected corn yield for each acre in Yatta province in Kenya? Corn (corn) yatta How many corn bags should farmers expect to harvest every acre after planting various PAN corn seeds? Posted by: ELDAD (2 points) Posted: October 15, 2014 Maize results are closely related to the plant population
  5. Average yield 35 bags per acre. It matures in 4 months (120-135 days) Good for green maize (remains green longer). It has a big cob
  6. Weeds reduce maize yields by competing for moisture, nutrients, space and light. Weeds are also an alternative host to pests and diseases. The most critical stage of weed competition in the life of a maize plant is during the first four to six weeks after emergence of the crop

Yield 10 to 20 quintals per acre. With hybrids we can get yield up to 40 quintals per acre. Harvesting and shelling requires around 12 labor and machinery charges Rs.500. Therefore, labor cost Rs.1500 and machinery charges Rs.500 is the total cost of harvesting Bean yields in many farms are, however, very low averaging 1 to 2 bags per acre. But if grown well farmers can get up to 11 bags. Also, how profitable is maize farming in Nigeria? 52,000 cobs of maize could be harvested on one hectare of land, and the average price at the farm gate per cob is N10. The minimum amount realizable from a well. Maize grows best on deep, well-drained, fertile soils, and where total seasonal rainfall exceeds 500 mm. Maize is reasonably tolerant to soil acidity, but if the soil is very acid, liming will improve the soil and enhance maize yields. Maize is susceptible to both drought and water-logging Low bean seed rate per acre. To MAXIMIZE the bean production, you require to plant 50 kilos of beans seed for 1 acre. I know this seed requirement seems way TOO high. However, I am talking from experience. Personally, I used 30 kilos for the acre of beans. From my OBSERVATION, I should have used 50 instead of 30 kilos

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  1. It is es­tim­ated that a farmer can har­vest up to 1.6 tonnes of ground­nuts in an acre piece of land. With ground­nuts re­tail­ing at Sh12,000 per 100kilos, one is likely to earn a whop­ping Sh192,000 in just 90 days. The crop re­quires less main­ten­ance and adds valu­able ni­tro­gen to soils if com­pared to maize which can.
  2. OPTIMAL PRODUCTION LEVELS YIELD (90kg bags/ acre SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES RECOMMENDED GROWING AREAS ; H6218 -Temperatures During the day seldom exceed 28° C and night drop to as low as 8° C .-Rainfall of between 800 - 1500 mm-Maturity ranges from 160-210 days. 56: Blight tolerant, good husk cover, Semi-flint
  3. ation percentage of 85-100% is considered good for the maize seed. In case ger
  4. The Secret To Harvesting 40 Bags of Maize an Acre. We ask what his secret to harvesting forty bags of maize an acre is and this is his answer, Land preparation is very important. I plough my land immediately after harvesting while leaving all the crop residue on the soil. For example, when I harvest wheat in October, I plough my land.
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6218 Maize Variety. Starting at home with Kenya Seeds, 6218 surprised us with its standing power and high yields. Disease resistance was particularly strong, notably at the Eldoret site where many maize varieties were showing significant Grey Leaf Spot despite two fungicides. 6218 is clearly not designed with machine harvesting in mind and the high cob height is a real challenge Through a maize growing budget for one acre, I will demonstrate that to produce 60 bags, a farmer would require to spend Ksh 59,094 and hence a production cost per bag of Ksh 984. This kind of cost of production per bag therefore sets the farmer free to sell the maize at any price above Ksh 1500 per bag The world average yield in 2014 was 5,616 kg per hectare. Average yield in the USA was 10,732 kg per hectare, while in Africa it was 2,105 kg per hectare. Average yields in Kenya in 2014 was 18 bags/ha (1,660 kg/ha) (FAOSTAT, 2014). Post Harvest Handlin

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Usually the size of maize cob is big enough but a farmer will harvest fewer yields per acre. Maize varieties available such as Kapchorwa are recommended to use maize varieties bred from Kenya. www.Farmers.co.ke is the site for authoritative multimedia agricultural and agribusiness content. Visit us today for farming news, agribusiness tips, practic.. Types of Maize Seed available in Kenya. Commonly available maize seeds in Kenya include the Highland Growing Variety maize seeds like: (Note, 'H' stands for Hybrid). H 6218. Gives 56 bags at 90 Kg each of yield per acre. Matures between 5 to 7 months. Exhibits good husk covering. Disease tolerant; Leaf spot tolerant; H 6213. Gives 52 bags.

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Maize yield per acre in kg. What is the expected yield of maize per acre in Yatta region of Kenya? When rains are significantly below average Average yield per acre per household Scenario one - varies between 10 bags to 15 bags (90-Kg bags) Scenario two - varies between 2 bags - to 5 bags (90 - Kg bags) Variable costs per acre per household Scenario one - 7,850 KShs It has destroyed the soil nutrients, organic matter and moisture and hence maize yields. The use of fertilizers in Kenya is below international standards. While the average application rate per acre in Kenya is around 14.8 kg per acre, the global standard recommends 50 kgs per acre The average yield per acre was 8.27 bags (20 bags/ha). This yield was relatively low compared to maize yields in the maize basket zone of the Rift Valley province because it is a national average yield of the whole country. This yield was obtained by using: 42 kilograms of fertilizer, 9.11 kilograms of seed and 61 person-days of labor

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How much will Maize Farming In Kenya cost? As per Tegemeo Institute, an agricultural research extension of Egerton University, producing a bag of dry maize costs Sh2,000 translating to about Sh60,000 per acre. The average cost of production for smallscale farmers per acre is Sh1, 600 according to Tegemeo Institute Read: Some of the best fruits to grow in Kenya. Yield per Acre of Beans. The hybrid varieties nowadays are very impressive and has a high yield compared to the traditional varieties. Most of the improved varieties produce about 20 pods for each plant, which translate to about 25, 90 kg bags per acre

• The average cost of production for smallscale farmers per acre is Sh1, 600 according to Tegemeo Institute. • Cost of food in Kenya is highest in Africa after Nigeria On average maize yield is 8 bags per acre in Bungoma Central Sub County compared to the average yields of 18 bags per acre in Kimilili, 15 bags in Webuye, 12 bags in Bungoma South, 20 bags of Mt Elgon sub counties, (annual report 2013, ministry of agriculture Bungoma County) Figure 3.9: Mara River Basin: Maize Yields, 2005 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 1 5 9 13 17 21 25 29 33 37 41 45 49 53 57 61 65 69 73 77 81 Farms Yields and Yield per Acre (90 Kilograms bags) Yield Yield/Acre Planted with 2 plants per hole, the plant populations will be about 20,000. If every plant gave one cob 20,000 cobs will be sold @ 5 = sh 100,000. Increase your yields by planting double cobber maize varieties to get the returns of about sh 150,000.You need 2 bags 23:23:0 fertilizer @300=6000 1 bag C.A.N Fertilizer @2000 10kgs maize seed @ 600=120

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He said research conducted on farms by his company using white and yellow hybrid maize seeds indicated that farmers could harvest as high as 42 mini-bags of maize per acre with good agricultural practices and that the highest yield achieved so far from the field survey was 60 mini bags of maize per acre. He said this when speaking at the formal. Trends in Maize Production and Yield (cont) Smallholder maize yield increased by 285kg/ha (17.3%) between 2000 and 2010 Data source: Tegemeo Institute Household Panel Survey, 2000- 2010 1,649 1,729 . 2,175 1,934 - 500 . 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 . 2000 2004 2007 2010 Yield (Kg/ha) Year . Trends in maize yield For the Well, in my 10-year experience of growing kale in Kenya. 1 acre of Sukuma wiki can yield between 8000 - 24,000 kilos of leaf during a growth period of 9 months.. Now suppose you. sell a kilo of Sukuma-wiki at Kenya shillings 30/= at the farm gate, Sukuma wiki has a potential of earning you a GROSS INCOME of Kenya shillings. How Much To Expect (Per Acre) Soya beans yields are not outlandish. It is a simple, low margin and potentially practical way to earn profits long term. There are no overnight millionaire stories here. Why? Let's do the math for an acre of land planted over a period of 3 months. 600Kgs (yield) X Ksh50 (Buying Price) = Ksh30,000. TOTAL.

He noted that most farmers have been producing an average of three bags of maize per acre of land but the new variety can give them between 20 and 30 bags of maize per acre. The Bt maize has the. Below are some guidelines in choosing the optimal planting density and plant spacing for maize in the tropics: Most favorable planting densities for high yield in the tropics are probably in the range of 65,000 to 75,000 plants per ha. A population of less than 65,000 plants per ha is not advisable because a 10% loss of plants is not uncommon.

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Description: - Recommended Rainfall -750-1000mm - Matures at 100-110 days - Partially tolerant to maize Streak Virus - Yield (90KG bag/ Acre) 24 - Recommended growing areas, Western Kenya, Elgeyo Marakwet, Coffee growing areas of Central Kenya and parts of Nyanza High yields can be realized by proper timing when top-dressing. The time you apply fertilizer to your maize will affect how much you will harvest. Here are the steps maize farmers should observe to realize high yields. Planting. Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer or NPK fertilizer at the rate of 50 kg per acre are advised for the planting. While many farmers struggle to get a ton (1000 kilograms) from an acre of maize, Maali gets over 3000 kilograms (over 30-100kg bags) per acre. Being a graduate, Maali is a smart farmer; he wears an ovral garment most of the times so much that 'villagers' hardly associate him with farming. For the upcoming rain season, he is targeting over.

Kiburi explained that the three maize varieties were; a high altitude variety which takes about four to five months to mature and is ideal for tea growing zones and can yield up to 66 bags per acre Thus, the maize yield of household i from plot p is as specified in Eq 1: Qip ¼ f ðWi ; Xi ; Kip ; Pip Þ ð1Þ In this equation, Qip denotes the quantity of maize yield per acre produced by household i from plot p; Wi is a measure of women's empowerment status in agriculture, based on the A-WEAI; Xi is a vector of household- and community. BM30:Matures in 210 days and produce 66kg 90kg bags of grains per acre, 244kg DM. Grows up to a height of 2.5m. Seed rate and spacing. Farmers should plant sorghum at a seed rate of 2.4-3.2 kg per acre (6-8 kg/ha). Fodder varieties of sorghum should be planted at a spacing of 75 X 10 cm Kenya continues to record low maize yields of between nine to eleven bags per acre against a target yield of 30 to 40 bags in most regions. This is partially blamed on poor farming practices Avocado farming is a long-term project that takes 2 years for the trees to come into production. To reap healthy rewards, a farmer needs to take a full risk assessment so as to maintain a healthy plantation that yields top production for many years. Some of the requirements needed so as to get the highest yield in Kenya include; Cool temperature

The reality today is that Kenya still relies on maize imports to feed a growing population. to opening up of the land for largescale production in 2018. of Sh8,495 per acre while a grower. YIELD (90kg bags/acre ) GRAIN COLOUR PLANTING & SPACING SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES; KENYA MAVUNO MAC64 : 90 - 120: 15 to 20 bags: Dark red mottled: Depth of 3-5 cm and covered well with soil. 1. ALTITUDE. Planted from 1100m up to about 2300m above sea level in areas with warm climate. Ideal production altitude is 1200m to 1900m though some varieties.

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Just like Naliaka, Norah Kayugi, a 40-year-old widowed mother of six children from Siaya County in Kenya, has seen her maize production fall to less than 8 bags of 90kgs per acre. In normal circumstances, they would obtain at least 16 bags of maize per acre Cereal yield (kg per hectare) Food and Agriculture Organization, electronic files and web site. License : CC BY-4.0. Line Bar Map. Label. 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Thousand 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 World. 1961 - 2018 Maize farms without irrigation need a summer rainfall of a minimum of 15 cm per month. It is estimated that to obtain a yield of 3000 kgs approximately per hectare of land, the minimum rainfall range should be between 350 to 450 mm annually maize plant is 8,7 g of nitrogen, 5,1 g of phosphorus, and 4,0 g of potassium. Each ton of grain produced removes 15,0 to 18,0 kg of nitrogen, 2,5 to 3,0 kg of phosphorus and 3,0 to 4,0 kg of potassium from the soil. No other crop utilises sunlight more effectively than maize, and its yield per ha is the highest of all grain crops DEFINITION: Cereal yield, measured as kilograms per hectare of harvested land, includes wheat, rice, maize, barley, oats, rye, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, and mixed grains. Production data on cereals relate to crops harvested for dry grain only. Cereal crops harvested for hay or harvested green for food, feed, or silage and those used for grazing are excluded.

Surveys done by National irrigation Board (NIB) have also shown that the 200,000 acres have yielded 41% of the maize production in the country therefore estimating around 31 bags per acre. The area under irrigation is 16% of the total agricultural area, but the crop yield is 40% of the total yield Kenya still trails countries like South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda in terms of maize production, with the PS blaming this on the country having huge arid and semi-arid land

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Maize is a staple and the leading food security crop in Kenya, a significant contributor to Kenya's economic and social development, providing jobs, income to thousands of farmers in the food basket regions. The country currently has a national average maize yield of about 2metric tons per hectare, which is below 10 tons per hectare in the US They also produce 27 to 35 bags of 100 kilogrammes each per acre on average under optimal smallholder farmer conditions. That is an average yield of three tonnes in moderate drought and eight. Full maize production potential for the region is 15 million bags but currently we are doing on average 150,000 bags per season. Banana production has shot from 10 tonnes in 2011 to the current.

The Kenya Seed Company has two new maize seed varieties H6213 and H6212 which are suitable for high altitude areas of 1700-2100 meters above sea level and annual rainfall of 1000-1500mm. These varieties take 160-190 days to mature and have an average yield of 52 bags of 90kg per acre The maize yield as per statistics from the National Cereal and Produce Board Machakos Depot indicated that farmers harvested 28 bags per acre and 2 bags per acre in the respective years. Fifty three percent (53%) of the respondents had a minimal awareness of changes in rainfall and temperature

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East Africa Seed Company Limited (EASeed) has introduced a new maize variety into the market which takes 90 days to mature and has a potential yield of 28-30 bags per acre as compared to other varieties in the market which take up to 150 days to mature and can yield just 10-15 bags per acre The MAIZe VAlue ChAIn In TAnZAnIA A report from the Southern Highlands Food Systems Programme R. Trevor Wilson J. Lewi

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MAIZE PRODUCTION GUIDE Clear the land as early as possible before November for summer crop. Make ridges or rows at 60 - 75cm. Plant one seed per station, spaced at 25 - 30cm. Seed need around 25kg/ha or 10kg/acre. Apply 100 kg basal fertilizer, preferably 23:21:0 + 4s at 5gms/plant just after emergency. Keep the fiel Maize production requires proper management practices to attain its potential yields. Maize takes105- 210 days from planting time to maturity. To attain high yields, there is need to apply Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) The major starchy staples include maize, cassava, plantain, yam, cocoyam, rice, sorghum and millet and occupy a total land area of 3.40Mha, representing about 43% of total cultivated land. Average (2006-2011) production, harvested area and yield of major food crops in Ghana. Crop. Yield (t ha -1) Harvested Area (ha) Total Production (t) Cassava Manure ratio can be reduced while growing maize in zai pits in Kenya depending on soil quality, and use of artificial fertilizers. ECONOMICS OF THE TECHNOLOGY : One acre will accommodate 1778 plant pits each measuring 75 x 75 x cm which gives plant population of 16000

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The diversity of climate and conditions across Kenya means that a standard seed variety will not produce the same yields across regions. Hybrid maize bred for the cooler transition zones of central Kenya may be poorly suited for the warmer mid-altitude environments in western Kenya that are home to many small-scale farmers According to the manager, every April to September, more than 2,500 acres is put under seed maize production but the acreage was reduced to 2,304 acres due to acute water shortage owing to the long dry spell. The irrigation scheme depends on River Perkerra, the only permanent river in the sub-county In its November outlook, shared with the Central Bank of Kenya, the ministry projects annual maize production will rise 12.8 per cent to 44.9 million 90-kilo bags compared with 39.8 million bags. Maize represents one of the most important staple food in Kenya. Zero Two Heroes grows a variety of hybrid maize crops from certified seeds suitable for the agro ecological region of Trans Nzoia county. Hybrid H-628. Yield per Acre (90kg bags) - 49 x 90kg; Period to Maturity (Days) - 150 to 180 Days; Altitude Range (ASL) - 1500-2100 Meter

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Planted with 2 plants per hole, the plant populations will be about 20,000. If every plant gave one cob 20,000 cobs will be sold @ 5 = sh 100,000. Increase your yields by planting double cobber maize varieties to get the returns of about sh 150,000.You need 2 bags 23:23:0 fertilizer @300=6000 1 bag C.A.N Fertilizer @2000 10kgs maize seed @ 600=120 The cost of production per acre has gone up in recent years. In 2006, the average cost of production of maize per acre ranged from Sh18,000 on owned land and Sh22,000 on leased land. This has. EFFECT OF CLIMATE VARIABILITY ON OUTPUT AND YIELDS OF SELECTED CROPS IN KENYA GEORGE MBUGUA KARIUKI A Thesis Submitted to the Department of Applied Economics in the.

18,000kg per acre include Kenya Sifa, Kenya Karibu, Kenya Faulu and Kenya Mavuno • Other varieties: Ambition, Annet, Arizona, Arnova, Caruso, Desire, Destiny, Mayan Gold, Saviola, Toluca Note: • Maturity period is dependent on the cultivar and climatic conditions • The national average yield is 3,100kg per acre Nyeri County (Kenya) farmers conventionally place 2-3 seeds of late-maturing varieties in each planting hole. This results in low yields due to too much competition for water and nutrients. Farmers normally harvest 3-4 (90 kg) bags of maize per acre. Image: Conventional management practice of a farmer in Nyeri Count April 3, 2020. Nancy Wawira strolls through a small plot of maize at Kithimu, in Kenya's Embu County. She is charmed by the attributes of a maize variety that can yield 2,700kg per acre or more. The variety can endure drought-like conditions, matures in less than 120 days and has potential for double-cobbing. Wawira is visiting a.