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The itchiness can be so intense that the guinea pig can have virtual seizures. Although the signs are troubling, your veterinarian can diagnose the condition quite simply by viewing scrapings of skin under a microscope Skin problems are one of the most common reasons why guinea pigs require veterinarytreatment; they have very sensitive skin and are prone to fungal and parasitic problems 7 Common Skin Problems In Guinea Pigs - Causes and Treatment 1. Bumble Foot. Bumblefoot is one of the most common problems with guinea pig's skin. As much as it's common, it doesn't happen very often IF the guinea pig is kept properly. The best way to describe this problem is to associate it with the blisters on your foot

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  1. In my experience the huge majority of skin issues in guinea pigs falls into two categories: mites and fungal. It's uncommon for me to see flaking skin and hair loss without it being one of these disorders. Skin mites in these pets will always cause itching, sometimes severe enough to lead to seizures
  2. Guinea pigs suffering from itchy skin may have species-specific lice, a mite infection called sarcoptic mange or the fungal infection known as ringworm, writes veterinarian Jeff Kahler, who notes that ringworm can be transmitted to people from their guinea pig
  3. It is REALLY common. These mites can travel in by other guinea pigs, food, bedding, or be in the guinea pigs and not causing a problem until one day they come out of dormancy and start to cause your pig pain or itchiness or both. The skin becomes very flaky and progresses to having the hair fall out very easily
  4. Flaky Skin or Hair Loss Guinea pigs can indeed groom themselves and their companions. Even if they are healthy, it may still lead to having patches of hair loss in their bodies, which is called barbering. Nonetheless, there are still other reasons that can cause your guinea pig to experience hair loss
  5. The guinea pig's skin problem will be because of lice, mites, bacteria or fungus. This may in turn become a multiple problem, because of course bacteria are present in the environment which cause no problem to a healthy animal but are opportunistic is it is ill
  6. Fungal Infection - Fungal infections are often found in guinea pigs and usually affect the skin's upper layers, resulting in dry, flaky patches or scabbing. The most widespread examples are Ringworm and Fungal Foot. Parasites - Mites and lice are the main skin parasites among guinea pigs, both resulting in itching, hair loss, and dry skin

When a guinea pig has dandruff, this constitutes a medical condition. Dandruff refers to a specific skin condition, but it may be that your guinea pig has one or more reasons for debris on the skin that appears to flake off. If your guinea pigs are on a good guinea pig food with enough added vitamin C, it is unlikely diet is the cause of. Fungal skin problems are particularly common here in the UK. Guinea pigs are originally from Peru where the climate is warm and dry. Here, there is always moisture in the air - cold and damp in the winter, and hot and humid in the summer. Skin problems frequently occur where a guinea is stressed, ill, or has a depressed immune system The flaky stuff could be walking dandruff and if it is you'd have to be very careful as any animal (guinea pigs, cats, rabbits, dogs, people ect) can catch it. Some info on it is on Guinea Lynx - http://www.guinealynx.info/furmites.html Or it could be just from normal mites

Skin infections in guinea pigs are most often caused by the fungus Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and less often by Microsporum species. The primary sign of ringworm is bald patches, usually starting at the head. The bald patches generally have crusty, flaky, red patches within them Hello and thanks for researching this very important question! Guinea pigs can have a variety of skin problems that include: 1) Ringworm Fungus--the most common cause of round spots of hair loss that can be itchy 2) Mange--a tiny skin parasite that causes a generalized dermatitis (skin inflammation), also known to cause enough pain to bring on seizures Bubbles my teddy guinea pig has some dry flakey skin on the back of her ear? I have 3 pigs, two abbys and bubbles the teddy when it started getting colder they all three got a little itchy so I started treating for mites just incase tomorrow is there 3rd dose. The heat in our apartment dries the air out alot so I'm thinking its just dry skin.

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January 26, 2009 · Filed under Freddie · Tagged bathing, bathing a guinea pig, baths, cleaning your guinea pig, flaky skin, Freddie, guinea pig baths, keeping your guinea pig clean, scratching Although I'm aware of many who recommend it, I have to admit I don't bathe my guinea pigs Hi everyone! I have recently adopted 2 little piggies! However, one of my girls now has an issue with her ear. It is crusty, flaky, and dry. It had a small scab on it, which has since healed, but I believe that may have been a little nip from another pig. The dryness and flakiness is only in one of her ears. It does not seem to be in her ear canal, only on the outer skin of her ear Re: Tufts of hair coming out and flaky skin. Possibly a fungal infection. The dry, flaky skin and the hair pulling out easily are both signs of that. You can bathe her with Nizoral shampoo if you can find it, or Malaseb or Pharmaseb. 06-09-15, 07:00 pm #3

Often guinea pig parents wonder why is their guinea pig missing a patch of fur? While light to medium shedding is quite natural, an abnormal loss associated with flaky skin, rough skin crust, dandruff, inflammation, or an open sore in the skin can be a significant concern Guinea pigs are frequently presented with hair loss, scratching and flaky skin. In many cases the cause is likely to be due to the fungal infection ringworm or to parasitic infestation particularly mites called Trixacarus caviae which causes extreme irritation and itchiness Cheyletiella parasitivorax, rabbit fur mites, live on the karatin layer of the skin. These large, non-burrowing mites can be found on cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals and can bite, but do not live on humans (cause small reddened, itchy spots). About .3 mm long, they are a pale yellow to white mite One of the biggest problems guinea pigs face is skin issues like fur mites, running lice, burrowing mites, fungal infections and ringworm. Skin issues can be extremely uncomfortable for guinea pigs and can even go on to be life threatening - contact your vet if you spot any of these symptoms: Fur loss. Red or flaky skin and dandruf Crust in ears and big flaky scab on back. Guinea pig. No licking or rubbing but it appeared about 2 weeks ago. Also - Answered by a verified Cat Veterinaria

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Okay, so I believe my guinea pig, Nutella, has dandruff. She has quite a few white flakes in her fur. More appear when you pet her. I'm 99% sure that it's not mites because the flakes are white and they look almost the exact same as human dandruff, just smaller flakes. She has had these flakes for probably 6 months or so. I looked at her skin and it looks pretty much healthy except there is. HOW TO PUT IT ON YOUR GUINEA PIG Warm it up a little! Set the can in hot water or put it near a hot light bulb, until the balm is nearly runny, like pudding. You want it to be soupy to lessen the pain of rubbing it into your guinea pig's scabby skin. Rub an egg-sized scoop of Bag Balm through the hair down to the pig's skin Skin Mites and Their Treatment. One of the most common and easily curable health issues in guinea pigs is the appearance of skin mites. It is very easily recognized: Your guinea pig will scratch incessantly and begin to lose hair over a small spot at first. This bald spot will grow rapidly over the next few days, often with dry, flaky skin If a guinea pig is deficient in Vitamin C we can see dental, feet and skin problems. This can include difficulty healing from wounds or a propensity to get skin wounds and foot sores. Guinea pigs that are Vitamin C deficient may also develop diarrhea and have a coarse fur coat

Mange Mites Can Kill . Mange, Mites is a microscopic mite that burrows under the guinea pigs skin causing severe pain, itchy skin, Hair loss, open wounds and in server cases seizures.. If you suspect any of your guinea pigs have mange please take them to a knowledgeable cavy vet remember to get treatment for all of your guinea pigs even if they are not showing signs Gorgeous guinea pigs are susceptible to a number of skin complaints, which is why owners of these chatty cavies need to be vigilant and keep a close eye on their pets. Constant scratching is a warning sign and it's vital to check for dry or flaky skin around ears, nose or mouth, spots or lesions, or fur coming out in clumps My guinea pig is scratching more thsn usual and has red flaky skin anf loosing hair. Don't know why, Scratching lots and - Answered by a verified Veterinarian We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website Other causes of skin problems include mite infestation and ringworm. Both of these conditions may lead to hair loss and itchy, flaky skin. Ringworm is also contagious to people. Guinea pigs that develop skin swellings should be examined for abscesses or tumors Fungal skin infection (ringworm) in guinea pigs is most often caused by Trichophyton mentagrophytes. This infection is contagious to people and animals directly or through contaminated objects like bedding. The primary sign of ringworm is the presence of bald, scaly patches, usually starting on the face (nose, around the eyes, and ears) and head

February 4, 2009 · Filed under Freddie · Tagged bath, bathing, bathing a guinea pig, baths, dry skin, flakiness, flaky skin, fleas, Freddie, guinea pig baths, mites, scratching. I'll be the first to admit this but ever since Fred had his first bath, he has completely stopped scratching. Well, not completely of course, but you catch my drift Photo Credit: @abythepig3 Dry skin is very common in pigs (mini pigs and farm pigs), especially older ones, but it is usually very treatable. Sometimes their skin may also be itchy, red, and even start bleeding if scratched too hard. Pigs are usually more vulnerable to dry skin when the air is very dry (common [ Guinea Pig Health information. About guinea pigs (average info). Guinea Pig Life expectancy: 4 - 8 years. Body temperature: ~37°C to ~39°C (99°F - 103°F) Ideal Environmental temperature: 19°C - 22°C (68°F - 72°F) *NOTE: more tolerant to lower than higher temperatures Acceptable Environmental temperature 15°C - 18°C (59°F - 64°F

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Hairless guinea pigs benefit from a small amount of non-toxic aloe-based lotion rubbed onto skin to keep it soft. n Guinea pigs need their nails clipped approximately once a month. nIt is normal for a guinea pig's teeth to be yellow; cleaning is not necessary. n Consult with a veterinarian if a guinea pig's teeth or nails seem too long. Guinea pigs have a mange mite all their own, Trixacarus caviae, that can infest their skin and cause pain. If your guinea pig is scratching to the point of opening wounds, suffering hair loss and/or dandruff, this mite could be the cause. Your veterinarian can advise you about treatment and future prevention. It's a serious condition

8. Long Life Span. Guinea pigs can live for anywhere between 5-8 years in captivity. This gives you enough time to really get to know and love your pig and get them to love you back. It's never enough, but they have a much longer lifespan than other rodents so you have much more time to bond. 9. Daytime Activity Skin issues like fur mites, running lice, ringworm, and fungal infections are among the biggest problems that guinea pigs face. Skin problems can be uncomfortable to your guinea pig and can be life-threatening. Contact your vet if you notice an excessive loss of fur, flaky skin, dandruff, itching, and unexplained open wounds on your guinea pig

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Pododermatitis is the most common condition in guinea pigs, and the signs of bumblefoot in guinea pigs are irritation in feet, skin infection, bone or tissue infection, and inflammation. Usually, bumblefoot is not a cause of life-threatening but is extremely painful. The four stages that need to be followed by the owner of a guinea pig are. Watch for hair loss and skin irritation. Healthy guinea pigs should not normally have bald patches or skin that appears raw, cracked, or inflamed. Watch for bald patches that often appear first on or near the head, and which reveal red, flaky skin. Any evidence of unusual hair loss or skin irritation/inflammation warrants a call to the vet Wash your hands well after handling an infected guinea pig (for treatment) and limit or prevent exposure to children during treatment. Symptoms: Patchy hair losson the face, nose and ears, flaky skin along the trunk and spine or all of these. Lice, Mites & Fleas. Guinea pigs may suffer infestations of lice, mites and fleas

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Hi! I had a guinea pig a LONG time ago as a kid/teenager, and I've wanted another one since. The other is dry and flaky -- mostly along the edge, but spreading down both surfaces. When I scratched very gently at one of the flakes, dead-looking skin came off, the ear looks fine underneath, and it didn't bother him at all. His eyes are clear. Similarly one may ask, why is my guinea pig's ear crusty? Crusty Ear. Looks like ear mites. Ear mites, unlike mange mites, they can be seen with the naked eye. These mites chew and pierce the skin causing a flaky crust in and around the ear. Likewise, how can you tell your guinea pig is dying? See a vet immediately if your cavy shows any of. Well, believe it or not, the most common cause of flaky skin, excessive itching, or crusty ear infections in rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and other pocket pets is mites or other skin parasites Ringworm is a fungal infection that guinea pigs can be susceptible to. It can present in the form of hair loss or flaky skin patches in a circular shape. This fungal infection can be passed between guinea pigs, and between your pig and humans, so veterinary attention is required. In most instances, your vet will prescribe an antifungal medication To soak a foot, put the solution in a small cap, and hold the guinea pig, with the foot in the soak. Try a solution of a half a cup of warm water and a 1/8 teaspoon of epsom salt. Use a small portion of it in a cap a couple of times a day, up to three times.in a day. Try Betadine, a povidone-iodine solution

Healthy guinea pigs run around on all fours. Be wary of sluggish guinea pigs, especially those with flaky skin and bald patches. Guinea pigs should have smooth, steady breathing and their eyes and ears should be clear, bright, and free of discharge Pictured below are some examples or guinea pigs with severely flaky skin. This can be safely and effectively treated once diagnosed properly. Foot sores (Pododermatitis or Bumblefoot) Bumblefoot (or foot sores) begin as red areas on the bottom of the feet and then progress to erupting as open sores February 4, 2009 · Filed under Freddie · Tagged bath, bathing, bathing a guinea pig, baths, dry skin, flakiness, flaky skin, fleas, Freddie, guinea pig baths, mites, scratching I'll be the first to admit this but ever since Fred had his first bath, he has completely stopped scratching Here are some pointers on how to cut guinea pig nails! Your guinea pig. Tapeworm Medication for Dogs. Tapeworms are a common parasite of dogs and cats. In this article, we will. human toothpaste can be dangerous for your pet. Dog Has Dry Flaky Skin and Scabs. The appearance of scars or areas of dry flaky skin on the dog may. Best Dog DNA Test

Regular inspection of your guinea's hair, skin, ears, nose, mouth, and an awareness of what normal scratching is will help you to catch any skin problems sooner rather than later. Look for any signs of redness, dry / flaky skin, hair coming out in clumps with dead skin on the end, cuts, bites, open sores etc 195. Likes Received: 28. Harvey, my little guinea-pig, has a tiny patch of slightly crusty skin on his nose and I'm confused about what it is. Its basically white, looks like dry skin but its hard and crusty. He's had it since I got him last January and doesn't seem to be making him ill or anything but I was just curious to find out what it may be

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Growing up a guinea pig with alligator skin. Diane grew up dirt poor in the 1960s. After her psoriasis started at age 5, she qualified through government programs to see doctors about her psoriasis fairly frequently. But she felt more like a guinea pig than a patient Yogi's Village. 138 views · July 25. 0:26. Bailey This gorgeous girl came to me after her companions passed away. She was an emotional support guinea pig to a young teenage boy. She offered support, comfort and friendship when they needed it most. Due to her companions passing away he wanted to do what was right for her, and find a.

Scaly/ flaky skin; Ulcers, wounds or scabs; Itching; If you notice any of these symptoms, it's important to contact your vet. Skin problems in guinea pigs can be very uncomfortable or painful and tend to get worse over time, so it's a good idea to get help for them even if their signs only seem mild at first Step 1: Burgess Excel Feeding Hay. High quality feeding hay such as Dandelion & Marigold should form most of your guinea pigs' diet. Hay is also good for dental health as the gnawing action required to eat it helps to wear down their continually-growing teeth. Overgrown teeth can be the cause of potentially fatal problems in guinea pigs Flaky thinks the mandarin skin is a bit sour We spend it watching guinea pigs fill up their bellies! Yogi's Village. 171 views · June 11. 0:17. Goodnight munchies with Yogi ️. Here are the benefits of coconut oil for Guinea Pigs-. ★ Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for your piggie pocket pet. ★ Coconut oil can treat Cavy's rough and flaky skin. ★ Coconut oil is useful in cleaning clogged grease glands. ★ Coconut oil can work as a conditioner or detangler of Guinea Pig's fur

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Flaky thinks the mandarin skin is a bit sour Cute Little Cavies Guinea Pig Rescue. 148 Followers · Animal Rescue Service. Out There. 158 Followers · Podcast. Gluten Free Canterbury. 1,105 Followers · Food & Beverage Flaky thinks the mandarin skin is a bit sour Cute Little Cavies Guinea Pig Rescue. 148 Followers · Animal Rescue Service. New Zealand Cavy Council. 557 Followers · Nonprofit Organization. Out There. 158 Followers · Podcast Topsy Ojo was born in Tottenham, London. His father, Akin Ojo, a thoracic surgeon, and his mother Bola are from south-west Nigeria[1] where Topsy Ojo is a common Yoruba name Most commercial guinea pig diets have vitamin C built in, but it degrades within 90 days after the food is milled, so it is best not to rely on the pellets alone. Bald Spot, Yellow Flaky Skin, Short Hai

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Guinea pigs in damp cold Britain are particularly prone to fungal problems. Symptoms are bare patches of hair, sometimes with scaly, crusty or reddening skin.There will be scurf and dead skin. If you give a gentle tug at the hair, it will fall out - unlike mange. There is visible scurf and dead skin Is the hair near the crusty areas greasy, and do the scabby areas have some white dry flaky skin/scurf? Could be parasitic but maybe fungal as your friend suggests. I have seen a guinea pig with a scabbed area near her mouth which turned out to be fungal, but all cases vary Rabbits and Guinea pigs that suffer from a ringworm infection usually count for itchy, flaky skin, irritations, red skin, and hair loss on various surfaces of their bodies. Unfortunately, the infection can appear on almost any part of the human body, leaving the skin itchy and red Some guinea pig coats are also more dense and this can make them more susceptible to fungal conditions if the weather is humid however keeping a close eye on your guinea pigs and regular interaction will ensure that you pick up on anything quickly. Fungal appears as a flaky white colouring Post by teddybears onJun 6, 2013 at 11:40am. Hi. I know Teddies are prone to dry skin. One of mine, Millie has developed dandruff. Her cagemate Daisy is fine. There is no sign of fungus fur loss or mites. Millie does scratch a lot and her skin is flaky. Her eyes are flaky too

These microscopic mites burrow under the skin and cause severe pain. You may notice scratching, biting, hair loss, and in serious cases, seizures. Severe infestations can be life threatening. If you suspect one of your guinea pigs has mange mites, treat them all (they can be carriers while showing no signs) as soon as possible Ringworm is spread through direct contact with an infected animal's skin or hair. Affected animals, more commonly guinea pigs, may have circular areas of hair loss and may have crusts anywhere on their body. Symptoms in rodents and rabbits can vary from mild areas of hair loss to reddened, irritated, itchy or flaky skin Female guinea pigs can develop uterine and ovarian diseases including various forms of cancer. Spaying female guinea pigs is the best prevention. Abscesses. Guinea pigs form very thick pus, so it doesn't drain easily - this can lead to abscesses. They can occur on the skin, muscles, teeth, bones, and even internal organs

Like people, guinea pigs lack the physical ability to manufacture their own vitamin C, and require an outside source of vitamin C in the form of vegetables and fruits. If a guinea pig does not get enough of this vitamin in its diet, its body's supply of vitamin C will disappear quickly, leaving it vulnerable to a condition called scurvy. This condition can interfere with the body's ability to. Neem oil will also kill not only the live mites, but larvae and eggs as well so don't be skimpy. Allow the oil to stay on the guinea pig for 48 to 72 hours. Step 3 - Rinse. Do not allow the oil to sit on the skin for longer than 72 hours, as it can become an irritant. Thoroughly wash the guinea pig with the medicated shampoo Hair Loss/Skin Rashes. Loss of hair, dry scalp or scaly skin indicates a serious problem in guinea pigs. Here are some explanations for these symptoms. Lice and mites live in guinea pig hair and skin. Check their scalp and skin for signs of lice, which look like tiny white worms. Mites show up as small bumps along strands of hair

Guinea pigs with sarcoptic mange need treatments that get to where the mites are under the pig's skin. Take your guinea pig to the vet to determine if they have sarcoptic mites and get the right type of shampoo. 4. Administer an oral de-wormer or injection for sarcoptic mites.. Coconut oil is used as a medicine to treat the flaky skin of guinea pigs. It will also help to clean the grease glands of your guinea pig. Coconut oil is used to keep your guinea pig's hair shiny and as a conditioner. Coconut oil will also help keep guinea pigs' toenails beautiful and eliminate various fungi Barbering, or chewing on the hair, is sometimes seen when rabbits are housed together or with guinea pigs. Rabbits may chew on their own hair or on each other's hair. The stress of crowding is likely to intensify the problem. Barbered areas show patchy hair loss with broken hairs present (they have been nipped off) without complete baldness Excessive itching can also be caused by dry-flaky skin - dead skin cells, dandruff, dirty skin, so make sure you wash your guinea pigs, fleas, lice, allergies, fungal infections and so many more things! Keeps health checking your guinea pigs because changes can often go unnoticed. Image of Rory with inflamed, red skin Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, can live between 5-8 years. As cavies age, they are more prone to skin conditions such as dry, flaky skin, sores, bald patches, and abnormal swelling. Contact your vet if you notice skin abnormalities or notice that your cavy is sensitive to the touch in certain areas

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Guinea pigs are like any other living species whether two-legged or four-legged. All areas of the body can have problems or concerns that need to be evaluated, in the case of guinea pigs, by a qualified exotics vet who regularly and successfully treats guinea pigs. Below are some examples of symptoms that would or could require a visit to the vet I have a guinea pig and a bearded dragon. ANSWER: The decision of Continue Reading. Guinea Pig - Dermatitis/Skin Conditions. QUESTION: My guinea pig has dry flaky skin over his back and he is very itchy. I was planning to bring him to a vet for this but lately I have Continue Reading. Hedgehog - Good or Bad Pet? QUESTION: I'm thinking. Use the product on all pets, from birds, cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, rabbits, and rats, guinea pigs. Stop the Itch is a 100% Natural Solution for your Pets Skin Issues Stop the Itch by Astilife is especially formulated for pets that suffer from skin allergies and other skin problems like itchy dry skin, hot spots, eczema, sores, flaky skin. Gorgeous Guineas HQ . Welcome to Gorgeous Guineas HQ - home to the world's first and only range of Aromatherapy skincare products designed especially for guinea pigs. We've been providing simple skincare solutions for guinea pig skin problems since 2003. We can help you by: enabling you to understand and identify potential skin problems; showing you pigtures of common skin problem

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The guinea pig may be seen scratching and shaking its head and the wax in the ears may appear dirty and reddish brown (sometimes just described as dark). flaky crust . Under neath the crusts, the skin is hairless, moist and raw. On rare occasion there may be bacterial infections that could move into the inner ear or brain, causing. Guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin C so a good supply is essential. Fruit and vegetables offered regularly and a complete guinea pig mix contain ample amounts. Lack of vitamin C can cause: scurfy skin (dry flaky skin) and stiffness in the back leg joints. If this occurs they may need to be checked by a veterinary surgeon. Respiratory infection All pigs in the cage should also be bathed, head, body, toes, as they can carry spores for a long while before any infection actually develops, or is transmitted back to the pig with the current infection. Extremely itchy skin infections such as this can cause great discomfort to guinea pigs Best Ringworm Cream For Guinea Pigs In July 2021. red skin rashes, bald spots, itch and flaky skin associated with dermatitis, mange, seborrhea, parasitic, and bacterial infections. Formulated for dogs - medicated antiparasitic and antiseborrheic shampoo is specifically formulated for dogs over 12 weeks of age.. Only hair loss is where the patches of dry skin are. Christy Lives on a farm with 11 Nigerians, 1 Toggenburg/Nubian, 18 Chickens, 2 Border Collies, 1 Cat, 1 Rabbit, 2 Guinea Pigs, 1 Hedgeho

Usually, guinea pig will relax and rest its head on the ground, and some of them will be totally relaxed and spread out their hind legs. Stretching A guinea pig will stretch out while yawning at the same time. This is an enjoyable behavior to observe. Guinea pig is stretching and yawning just after a sleep or when it is feeling happy and relaxed Other things to check are flaky skin and ticks and fleas, when purchasing your guinea pig make sure you check for all these things so you choose a healthy pig that can live up to 8 years if cared for well! Physical care Long haired varieties of guinea pigs need regular brushing, combs used for Persian cats are good for this Best Guinea Pig Shampoo - 7 products covered in this guide at a glance. Reviewed - The Seven Best Guinea Pig Shampoos of 2020. Earthbath Oatmeal Shampoo Vanilla & Almond. J·R·LIGGETT'S Small Pet Shampoo. Kaytee Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo. Begley's Natural Waterless Pet Shampoo. Citrus Magic Foaming Pet Cleanser